Summary of code changes from Avination dump



b9d22aa8213b62eb0c368b345ccfc105367c1aba Add nudge right and left to avatar movement (faster reaction times when stepping left or right.)


ceccfe02d0e25c234560b6ef25306b8db4cd9875 Eliminate multiple updates on link/unlink
d1147136946daf14724183b3191119be44ff8b16 Drop all locking of part.TaskInventory in favour of a ReaderWriterLockSlim lock handler. This gives us:  - Faster prim inventory actions. Multiple threads can read at once.  - Fixes the known prim inventory thread locks  - In the event of a thread lock occurring, it will usually self heal after sixty seconds with an error message in the console


50ac61e17f4e164931dc26f01ffbe58dced9e772 In my crusade against facelights, I am striking the killing blow. Add a DisableFacelights option to OpenSim.ini to finally kill those immersion- breaking, silly vanity lights that destroy nighttime RP. Girls, you look just fine without them. Guys, you too. Thank you. Melanie has left the building.
a7f0af41ab157e09d84aca4ca9135a8aed0757d6 replace o with ; in oXmlRpcPort in OpenSim.ini.example
af13c80d6835d7440994e6ad50ff40a8e3aeb99e Remove getting the object capacity from the money module. It is now set directly from the Region Info (and the region ini file)
8e137e31cd61c21d672cec6507e081ed447e886e Fix the XmlRpcRouterModule so it reads from the correct config section ([XMLRPC] not [Startup]) and disable by default (since it's disabled in the ini by default)
d2d56494b221be4aa202ac0a965c5b697ac38163 Fix the XmlRpcRouterModule so it reads from the correct config section ([XMLRPC] not [Startup]) and disable by default (since it's disabled in the ini by default)
eb5c508f8b396ea65d5d80c763aaea70a46c4653 Add a DebuggerSafe option to the ini to help with debugging in visual studio. This essentially silences exceptions in the script engine. Disabled by default, naturally.
24056dc98ba94b32ac98cc0a3b1b85d5f8ef3de6 Adds example to OpenSim.ini.example for Admin Default Parcel settings
18ed68cd31383f1aff8fc1028a9f0ff5d20733b9 add nant distbin target this will delete all extraneous source code files and copy OpenSim.ini.example to OpenSim.ini
56fe4c24b8c67ec3b6a5a897c35ab19507bd1077 rename SQLiteNG to SQLite and SQLite to SQLiteLegacy this seems the least evil way forward since mono 2.6 and later will see increasing usage, and this only works with what was SQLiteNG MAC USERS WILL NEED TO CHANGE REFERENCES TO "OpenSim.Data.SQLite.dll" to "OpenSim.Data.SQLiteLegacy.dll" in OpenSim.ini and config-include/StandaloneCommon.ini (if using standalone) See the OpenSim.ini.example and StandaloneCommon.ini.example files for more details This commit also temporarily changes unsigned ParentEstateID values in the OpenSim.Data.Tests to signed temporarily, since the new plugin enforces creation of signed fields in the database (which is what the SQL actually specifies).  And change data columns in sqlite is a pita.
8938fac4fdd5ca949da8415f681b54872f330e57 add operation to "nant distbin" to copy StandaloneCommon.ini.example -> StandaloneCommon.ini
2c8d25a11029429aa7b146e3c2be57093046dd15 * Allows both old and new OpenSim.ini params for the XmlRpc Groups Service Connector
25bb80da7704ae84d0081e927134aa7ae3c4663a remove unrequired [Groups] section from GridCommon.ini.example, as per Nebadon
5f60eb136e274d94806adf6645c3ed3a69ed28e0 Improve instructions for [Groups] setup in OpenSim.ini.example
e0d533dc4ea95f88ed647fa9243325499e122e45 Add [Git] section to OpenSim.ini.example for Gitminster
5e1aab92f588e776bb6ff6c532c0099e87908c4f Make the inimaster option default to OpenSimDefaults.ini.
8e51ca3a7ba51ae1b38ba66ae24a958ccb405a21 Output an error and quit if the master file is missing. Also rename OpenSim.ini.example to bin/OpenSimDefaults.ini.example
656e64b3ed4cf294b371739b315d7f603421788b Change the help message to point to copying OpenSimDefaults.ini.example. Provide a mostly empty OpenSim.ini.example
c285f87702bb087f72ccbc7340bf82bde81e22a5 Fix config items. Less used / expert items go in OpenSimDefaults.ini The default shown is always the hardcoded default
939026d874d80d441ae22486bbeaf151aeeb305d Incremental patch to add config options to enable/disable the prim limits module to OpenSim.ini. EnforcePrimLimits is set to false by default to emulate the current behavior.
1efa87ba38f93ec62f63e53e60616a0a9b109e08 Format OpenSim.ini.example
c8f0c8ebc468eef150c6aaf079c48c92a58681f3 Remove old Freeswitch configurations
d5aceb6d95779b19d13eef9f2427c79233166a63 Append a prefix to the god avatar names appearing in chat whilst in god mode (disabled by default, config entry admin_prefix)



96e649189f24b6261d0bcdd6aa7f5a078b8d3f7f Add two events: OnAttachToBackup and OnDetachFromBackup.
f64d1cb3967b5352921b296348f618a62fdfa622 Add new event: OnChangedBackup
592ff1288dd1fccc1d2efde90e94ca0ab4a57652 Add a new global event : OnTerrainUpdate




b9546d12f230f4153b2c6e7e71520aa2d35c762b Change land packet sending back to what the careminster release used to use, remove the silly spiral stuff. Revert to double packets for improved user experience



8c1550b58e70b98bacd5fe9ecf710b59a4c43198 WORK in progress!! Now it reads the simple hull shape to use if convex shape is selected for a prim. Due to ODE limitations on convex hulls colisions, it creates a mesh. Being work in progress it is hardcoded to only read that simple convex hull for now. It writes a file named "lixo_lixo.raw" that can be imported into blender for examination of the created mesh (the last one loaded and also hardcoded). To play with put in opensim.ini "meshing = UbitMeshmerizer"


9b6e89457c692fd65a0a221ef7809cc0e4836fe7 Fixed LINEAR_MOTOR Z drive, Mantis #30

OAR and IAR handling:

3b38cc10de9082a037f1aee81877a30b727eea81 When saving an oar/iar, don't attempt to write out the data byte array if it's empty On Mono 2.6 (and probably before) this causes a non-obvious IOException
2603f9a134ca3a3e5ed823d4f670feeab02537e7 stop "load oar" reporting ignored objects when those objects were actually loaded just fine this fix also means that loaded scripts are properly/more promptly started here, the fix is only done in the oar module.  In master, the underlying problem was fixed instead but this is more invasive.
3829df10595911de9ed1ce2f7b6cdd205828f8d0 try to implement core load oar options
3724a38ab4694c75288cbf4ba848bd9894b5231d Allow estate managers (if estate_owner_is_god is set) to actually enter god mode. Allow god modification of objects if the object owner is the same god that wants to modify, this allows you to regain perms on your own objects after IAR import messed them up.
0993af08718eaf6956facd3f2ee77cef602de259 Allow load and save of IAR without a password. The password must still be present on the command line for compatibility, but is ignored. Avination's IAR operations are administratively done and the staff doesn't have the passwords of the users.


Permissions and security:

a87d7a12967b50fe83ebbaa7b57e531eb93158a2 Adds Land Banning.
51bb31156502c391ac84aa207fce125a4299d755 Add chat banning. Staff patch
956225f0e1a3441e47a74b8882cc975f626e8b36 Fixed Ban and parcel exclusion. Need to fix the parcel chat too
cbb3a8ab94f8df6963f8045a3ca3795bcbcfe0b5 Fix a permissions issue
04845c1898fee6a8b8563a8103b73cbe38525416 Fix link security issue
bb019945e8dfb14fcbf4db62561e488bebda7ccb change permitions again
d9c48e70a9a01f56135ede2cef9ec45c7dddf567 Fix a major security problem with osSetDynamicTexture which allowed the deletion of /any/ asset.
59a536743354ffaa12b23378f559d2d59d7d5304 Changes OSSL Api permissions for the case of UUID list. In 0.6.9, the UUIDs would be the IDs of the prim owners in whose prims these functions would run. This changes it so the UUID is the SCRIPT CREATOR instead. Further, osfunctions limited by uuid will not run if the creator and owner differ and the owner has mod rights on the script. There is still a danger in passing moodifiable scripts to others, as they can insert a harmful function, then remove the mod rights to make it runnable. As before, care needs to be taken, but where it was modable prims that were the risk before, modable scripts are the weak spot now. In cases where prim owner == script creator == script owner, nothing will change.
890f3cc54cc57883a110b372530bf2a7d5b37fff Changes osFunction permissions again. Allow_ with a list of UUIDs now again refers to prim OWNERS. A new option set, Creators_, is added to allow selection by script creator. For existing installs, this means no functional change. The warning from my prior commit doesn't apply anymore.
5c02fb435db171daf6d1ef360340137b3b0fd467 Security fix: Allow only textures to be fetched using HTTP texture cap
63353a0687ddb8e530d95ae197e99c1408f057e6 Fix a perms issue when wearing an object from inworld



Added llRotLookAt
1abb70cc73c997c08a416fecf689b83453f853d0 Add glue for llSetVehicleFlags(), llRemoveVehicleFlags(). ChODE: Add associated methods.
e442c2a3f9dc1823c00ddc1c81802fdabd7883dc Prevent llTeleportAgentHome from affecting gods
aa695e92f7d3b56e6e3371be021d9e6acf91077c Reset update flag when a SOG is deleted. This fixes llDie();
71adb37fa87f0ad8fa42c8156529bf72814fde58 Fix llRotBetween
1abb70cc73c997c08a416fecf689b83453f853d0 Add glue for llSetVehicleFlags(), llRemoveVehicleFlags(). ChODE: Add associated methods.
94c417c90c9e4d91ea0c09fc5a3ac2541e09655d Implement missing llGetPrimitiveParams parameters
af2d20c5fa0403c6cae1008eda3179acc4694d7f Fix an inconsistency in llSetPayPrice between SL and OS behaviour
80e4068b3e85625234270cd7f3735cfd1b4e83dc Fix the delay in llGiveInventory so that it only takes effect when giving inventory to an avatar (this now replicates SL behaviour)
db5ea850f66308038b16c4adcabd9e0d529ec947 Fix llLookAt so that it doesn't "roll" the object and more closely imitates the behaviour in SL. ( )
309f440fc04cc965e31232947bed698864308356 Fix llDialog responses so that they can be heard throughout the region. This now conforms to the behaviour in SL. ( )
e3dac1292ef000daadda3e264354d8df0fc77c22 Implement suspended updates - When an operation is occurring on lots of prims in a single group, don't schedule any updates until the operation has completed. This makes things like llSetAlpha(LINK_SET,0.0,ALL_SIDES); a *lot* faster, more efficient and less buggy, and also makes unlinking a lot better. Linking is still treacherous.. this needs to be analysed.
6c1665bf46f691f83e93561cfbcdcd4d3f3bd954 Fix casting in llParcelMediaCommandList so that it actually, you know, works
e962c44749ca63dec9df7de1c74b03d9b59c3f20 Fix support for PRIM_SCULPT_FLAG_INVERT and PRIM_SCULPT_FLAG_MIRROR in the llSetPrimitiveParams series of functions. This makes it possible to mirror a sculpt by script.
6e2cc98eacf48a24ae19433a3f6c2ba9693c5b9e Fixed llMoveToTarget() and Rotation Lock/Enable (ChODE/ODEPrim only)
117fd629d68ef8ab373b70fd5e9e6a643e8eaa65 Allow llMapDestination to be used in any event if the host is an attachment. This fixes Mantis 0000098.
b9c40320f108a84d7841cdc9e98009cf650f930e Fix llAttachToAvatar. This addresses mantis 128 .
49d7d8534ccd037f4690c5ac6aecd66a460960df Allow moving an avatar as part of a linkset using llSetLinkPrimitiveParams. This unlocks an awful lot of poseball-free content, and is a step towards resolving mantis #59.
c7a2e1b2d40dff80bf7b65ee01b9e7916de0f5e4 llVecNorm() now returns a zero-length vector when one is supplied as input. Addresses Mantis #4752
236c0f8e8b5f9ef86c8614b53e5f404754c9e8d9 Fix llSetForecAndTorque([0]) stops linear motion. Mantis #187
cd9506e8428da7b984bdd833e6855534a90f3b5e Don't know HOW we missed this, llSetPos was broken in child prims (and in the llSetPrimitveParams family), it was using the global coordinate as a start location. This resolves mantis #204
0eda6714f332b2883e109312b134b102b732bcea llRequestSimulatorData DATA_SIM_POS : Divide by RegionSize, don't multiply. This resolves mantis #215
723015e4f0b30b520a6b8e4aa88bacb74cca64c6 fix ( llGetObjectMass was bad for sitted avatars not checking for the null physicsactor
e6181941432640e4bc7c46fb740c04d04d94032e Mantis 6015 new LSL function llGetAgentList.
aa695e92f7d3b56e6e3371be021d9e6acf91077c Reset update flag when a SOG is deleted. This fixes llDie();
71adb37fa87f0ad8fa42c8156529bf72814fde58 Fix llRotBetween
1abb70cc73c997c08a416fecf689b83453f853d0 Add glue for llSetVehicleFlags(), llRemoveVehicleFlags(). ChODE: Add associated methods.
94c417c90c9e4d91ea0c09fc5a3ac2541e09655d Implement missing llGetPrimitiveParams parameters
af2d20c5fa0403c6cae1008eda3179acc4694d7f Fix an inconsistency in llSetPayPrice between SL and OS behaviour
e99341d7df66f73286b8a440991358cbca1a8399 llDie() should not work on attachments (results in an incosistent attachment state)
80e4068b3e85625234270cd7f3735cfd1b4e83dc Fix the delay in llGiveInventory so that it only takes effect when giving inventory to an avatar (this now replicates SL behaviour)
e442c2a3f9dc1823c00ddc1c81802fdabd7883dc Prevent llTeleportAgentHome from affecting gods
db5ea850f66308038b16c4adcabd9e0d529ec947 Fix llLookAt so that it doesn't "roll" the object and more closely imitates the behaviour in SL. ( )
309f440fc04cc965e31232947bed698864308356 Fix llDialog responses so that they can be heard throughout the region. This now conforms to the behaviour in SL. ( )
e3dac1292ef000daadda3e264354d8df0fc77c22 Implement suspended updates - When an operation is occurring on lots of prims in a single group, don't schedule any updates until the operation has completed. This makes things like llSetAlpha(LINK_SET,0.0,ALL_SIDES); a *lot* faster, more efficient and less buggy, and also makes unlinking a lot better. Linking is still treacherous.. this needs to be analysed.
6c1665bf46f691f83e93561cfbcdcd4d3f3bd954 Fix casting in llParcelMediaCommandList so that it actually, you know, works
e962c44749ca63dec9df7de1c74b03d9b59c3f20 Fix support for PRIM_SCULPT_FLAG_INVERT and PRIM_SCULPT_FLAG_MIRROR in the llSetPrimitiveParams series of functions. This makes it possible to mirror a sculpt by script.
6e2cc98eacf48a24ae19433a3f6c2ba9693c5b9e Fixed llMoveToTarget() and Rotation Lock/Enable (ChODE/ODEPrim only)
117fd629d68ef8ab373b70fd5e9e6a643e8eaa65 Allow llMapDestination to be used in any event if the host is an attachment. This fixes Mantis 0000098.
b9c40320f108a84d7841cdc9e98009cf650f930e Fix llAttachToAvatar. This addresses mantis 128 .
d1c8b083b8d44417d67fb401646eaa7215ff0851 Fix llRot2Euler with a mathematically sound implementation. The only difference between this an SL is that SL resolves a figure of negative PI into PI, and does the equivalent in the reverse (llEuler2Rot, -1.0 becomes 1.0);
49d7d8534ccd037f4690c5ac6aecd66a460960df Allow moving an avatar as part of a linkset using llSetLinkPrimitiveParams. This unlocks an awful lot of poseball-free content, and is a step towards resolving mantis #59.
90c5555d6d542a0c8605759c0036af1c83601ddf rewrote hanging llParseStringKeepNulls()
faaef1b498a09d9f12a77c46391f2379af8ec7ac minimizes temp garbage for llParseStringKeepNulls() and uses common routine for llParseStringKeepNulls()/llParseString2List()
c7a2e1b2d40dff80bf7b65ee01b9e7916de0f5e4 llVecNorm() now returns a zero-length vector when one is supplied as input. Addresses Mantis #4752
8c26c8bbc6d4ee34b5b9255d3807fb4def88367f adding the 'wearble' case for llGetLocalPos. Still not working cause the offsets are not updated (always <0,0,0>)
7270cd0ade15ac7175e8394e085e48955ccb280c Second part of the fix for llGetLocalPos; get attachment offset in the root prim of an attachment. This function now behaves in line with SL.
236c0f8e8b5f9ef86c8614b53e5f404754c9e8d9 Fix llSetForecAndTorque([0]) stops linear motion. Mantis #187
ce8b9b41815f518488e123a16e0ef85f7c467631 LSL compatibility fix. Add 0.1 s sleep to llSetLinkPrimitiveParams so fade scripts will time correctly. The -Fast version works without a delay
16e90809a92095f1d0f3a54ca3a7def6dd5ae3b1 Remove the (wrong) implementation if llPointAt. It never worked on the LL grid and is officially deprecated. There is no way to rotate an avatar programmatically.
cd9506e8428da7b984bdd833e6855534a90f3b5e Don't know HOW we missed this, llSetPos was broken in child prims (and in the llSetPrimitveParams family), it was using the global coordinate as a start location. This resolves mantis #204
0eda6714f332b2883e109312b134b102b732bcea llRequestSimulatorData DATA_SIM_POS : Divide by RegionSize, don't multiply. This resolves mantis #215
d8f9b98c4ab700efcf4016b605461053c3b50fba Prevent hammering the grid services with llRequestAgentData requests. Cache the user information permanently, and the online status for 20 seconds. Also cache negatives.
48c52d6e4868640ac87fc748ac9ac533051a1e62 Fix a dangling lock issue in llRemoveInventory
7aac4d650f1e9d8b5ac071872f28b39e83143ccf Fix the llRemoveInventory recursive lock error (again)
839b08c32be1dcfee9c89f31a2dd5358e2ab6e88 Removed the NotImplementedException from llSetSoundQueueing, because the function not working won't actually stop the script from working, firing an exception will.
3ffdadef7014334666d0d42ff8bd9bd83b3c6505 Add support for attached avatars in llGetLinkKey()
0ca771c1850780d0be87b5f16f282b46f9bd4936 Provide a better implementation of llList2Float
46412f49313472f1665f864e3b631fcdeeff70da Fix llGetLinkKey and llGetNumberOfPrims to play nice with avatars in the linkset (emulated)
ec305a48252b01e35a3ef4c2908fd229ccc7077d LSL compatibility:  Don't throw an exception if an invalid key is passed to llInstantMessage, instead shout about it and apply the usual delay. This now matches SL.
d0c707209abf50902d4fb748138d8a52070ea3ed Prevent an exception if a string passed into llXorBase64StringsCorrect is not a base 64 string. Return the empty string in this case.
5f266fd57131193a9ff37b03f214aa0476e2e3aa Change the results from llGetPrimitiveParams to be the same as SL for the prim position. This will make attached resizer scripts work like SL. Existing resizers may be affected adversely.
dd7f9ed7bf3a6776ccdb1efe06a820f51ef6af1e Implement llGetLinkNumberOfSides(), needed for 1-script sculptie foot shoe scripts.
095e3aae670a706406414b6ee069872463ec83e7 Allow llDialog without any buttons and add the automatic OK button as it is in SL.
506192e4663456d1d35976cc854e2a675660463a Make an invalud key string in llTextBox and llDialog non fatal to avoid breakinf sloppily made no-mod scripted items.
a47fb93b7419c08549b27dc0d5c27896ecf744c7 Prevent a dump in the llGetLinkKey method when using LINK_ROOT in a single prim
711db25dfa22ca2a82743e1d688b6c0b92ba463f Allow floats in the list for llSetPayPrice and silently convert them to int,
95a915efd88d859c3fc29576e599c6912522e6dc Fix border fence for physicals. Fix llRotLookAt() for Vehicles.
5ce296e08de8875da6feddd4a9edf4b16558009d Workaround to allow llHTTPRequest to POST data to Lighthttpd which doesn't support Expect: 100-Continue
61b7ec5fb552d045343590c773565968d1cdb6c1 Fixing AbsolutePosition to correct llSensor in vehicles
ba7a2277633804eb2d5e449efa0895e9f43a4ece Revise Materials properties; Fix Double-Click Autopilot; Allow non-script sit positions >= 0.1M; Add llLookAt(); Comment out spammy bad adjacent sim message.
d92069fb8b0a4f1ca51a24599ae308458c424e19 Add llLookAt() kinetic. Reduce StandUp +x offset to 0.3M.
3c075aaf46a9e8b9f601b664ae277ffa12ac3e0f Reproduce a corner case behavior for llListReplaceList
63dcd44e8727a4e264feaf2d981c70bbfa209811 Provide an SL compatible llMD5String function across all platforms
ffbfc146899e00585eb8dad481323dae1511b484 Make llRequestAgentData shout an error instead of crashing the script when an invalid UUID is passed to it.
188bdfc87860dbd5d6d616337c203c55c7a0b80a Ignore duplicate llHTTPResponse calls to the same request. Prevents response corruption. Only the first llHTTPResponse call is obeyed, akin to SL.
35d29ef3e3539b03164289481fbf305ad7565dfb If llHTTPRequest results in an error, still attempt to get the response text. If we can't (which implies the server is unreachable), return the StatusDescription as before.
b6dda231f2d6be6ac7684048a11f1f0516ed3067 Corrections for Avatar Auto-pilot target; add llStopMoveToTarget() for Avatar-attached.
1a31f7b579753bdcb5f52adc16a41eef4b14a25f Allow modifying a no mod object through llGiveInventoryItem if the object sets allowed drop. This makes breedables feasible.
c39b391b6ac52e13fddc1e3362cce681cd35b1ec Many scripted items use long lists of llSetLinkPrimitiveParams rules to make prims "teleport" or jump large distances. When teleporting to 10,000 meters, this results in 1,000 SetPos calls, which severely rapes the physics and update system. This change modifies this behaviour to only provide one update after all the rules have been executed.
45548873bdb399a5d798b36a8208ca4cd8cfe06c Fix llGetParcelPrimOwners so that it returns LSL_Strings in the list rather than C# Strings
9c1f7995820d9d480450774575ac469ff5113b0d Implement llGodLikeRezObject and llGetUsedMemory
a41051f1dd69d4e774a31e3d930ae1b412b0e0b4 Make the last otem in a list created with llCSV2List findable
797982ee11fd117e74ff3b09c7b74c1973062c8e Implement llTransferLindenDollars
68bdd0b7fedcfa8546e3071b32a0e8451dd8942d Fix setting seated avatar position and make llSameGroup work as in SL.
47d0a50a19bdb13a29fdd75879e095d710af3d4e Add the proper result code as per the LL announcement for llTransferLindenDollars
07c26111afa99280e18274817de8cd752474cad7 Fix llGetLinkKey to report avatars properly
f1846045a6663c0530524d7c91d1ed17bf449c07 Add osNpcCreateOwned to create an owned NPC. Those can be sensed only by the owner, can be destroyed only by the owner and only the owner can save their appearance. Added "NPC" as a flag to llSensor to sense NPCs and exclude them from "AGENT" results.
e9b9eb6a4c6eaf161532994414f524e823d15120 Replaced llRot2Euler function.
4e0bb49394d303c7c7707f85b02e47b7c2053201 Fix llLookAt the right way
2d3381b795611a8857077d1effb41323c2cb8658 Implement region crossing of sitting avatars. Edit mode and llSetPos work but unscripted default sit anim is lost. Still some Gfx glitching. Physical crossing doesn't work yet.
1e1270166f6d574916ada7b2bd5923115bd07052 Adjust sit target and the llSetLinkPrimitiveParams sit position hack to match SL.
c0b8f3d0bcc71d31cd92bb47e10a7d6a96d7900e Add permission checks to scripted object movements, which didn't respect bans and parcel settings until now. Add llSetRegionPos() function according to LL spec
c82709c0d6c72852d8614651f9cb31df09fff883 Implement llSetKeyframedMotion. No persistence, no region crossing. Yet.
e5e5b94cbe6076f74d5ad2358d020f7d4f7ac18f Make llSetKeyframedMotion prims waut at the borders of down sims and try again periodically.
aee4ca2f1cfa2aaee88ebbf72513d6a06cefeb65 Fix vehicles going physical stopping llTargetOmega parts (boat radar)
0fb50a8a9edbd5a0eda6eb05d5246b16a8bc4eb2 Implement llTeleportAgent
f11ab97747652a054c13c6e05de9c49801d1a5c3 Fix and hook up llTeleportAgent
0ed4f24b3432d282f2f1517d403341cde069af29 A stab at making llEjectFromLand work in all cases
c2a73a26b550c523ed0f87c45caa7382bfc16667 SL compatibility - return only points on segemtn, not ray in llCastRay
97f0cff3885e00e7e56a6c7a5c59086d241c1f2e llListSort SL compatibility: When sorting strided list and the list length is not a multiple of the stride, return the original list. Also, enforce that sort is ascending only when the ascending parameter is 1, and not when it is != 0
f2653b9b8e956e1372fccfe6aadd798d89a27ec2 Teleport users to the cornfield when they are teleported with llTeleportAgentHome(). Don't try to teleport NPCs.
05cdf9bda910ced0da29474b8b40a58e8a423d69  more changes in undo/redo. Basicly moved control to llclientview.cs. later we can move back to a dispatcher function on SOG that handles the several cases( in a viwer independent way (?)) and calls current exec funtions. made cosmetic changes replacing decimals by hexs so bits are easier to read. Changed behavour of  case 12 and 28 ( 0x0c and 0x1c) to make identical to 0x0d and 0x1d ( scale only and scale plus position). DOn't see 12 and 28 in use... cases 1c and 1d still broken
139c0665cfdb5d0d2085609b7570914ec271124a Add AVATAR_MALE flag to return values of llGetAgentInfo
3de3b9e63c07bc4b8e6c76d60167f9ead8a07f49 initial suport for ExtraPhysical parts parameters. Reading from llclientView to SOP including SOPserialization (not to databases). No action on physics still. No send to viewer, etc
838818270785c58d7b2df221b8b94397aa3cdb04 Implement llSetPrimitiveParams for physics shape and material. Add llSetPhysicsMaterial support.
d1daea0108a9d18876426c608ad6ea70d10c48ac Allow llTeleportAgent to teleport gods when not in god mode
807bb85ac28af3ee6352bdf27db3aaeaf016265e Allow llTeleportAgent to work in attachments
87fdb2ed7e27e9c161a4d10d9c5b9859dcde5b2d  llGetMass and llGetObjectMass (and push estimation) always use object mass as in current SL ( push is what makes sense or impulse will depend on what prim it is and not object). Added llGetMassMKS() that just returns 100 x llGetMass() as it seems to be in SL.
c4a9eae961030280473f6df77e59cb53865535b6 make llGetGeometricCenter() work as in current SL. Now this is not real geom center but a average of positions relative to root prim ignoring prims details, so no need to use physics engine.
f05a977afaacca2df4406f2d4aefed960a4b7f1c  Let llCastRay use ubitODE raycast if avaiable plus a few changes/fixes that should be checked. PROBLEM: it will not detect nonphysical phantons :(
723015e4f0b30b520a6b8e4aa88bacb74cca64c6 fix ( llGetObjectMass was bad for sitted avatars not checking for the null physicsactor
dd745f60c201aee7ff48ba81d567e7b38a8f186c fix llGetCenterOfMass  ( checked with ubitODE only)
84b5b3e89b4814c29b7782578dfcd6fa2f0c77f9  llGetGeometricCenter...
be176b1e4948059e041d06be2caea1eb10b5ee68 ubitode fix inertia for same cases. Added a nasty lock on llGetCenterOfMass and simulate
e6181941432640e4bc7c46fb740c04d04d94032e Mantis 6015 new LSL function llGetAgentList.
0fb663272abe8e78b15a10359a91974db003662b make llGetCameraPos and llGetCameraRot apply to avatar that granted permission and not owner
ea47b0362548101d201f3bef26436d3420d791fd  Added a invalidCollisionSoundUUID so that scripts can stop all collision sounds with llCollisionSound("",...). UUID.Zero means defaults should be used. In case part has several scripts with confliting llCollisionSound result depende on exec order. Specially on reset the efect of "" depends on reset order, it should override the others. This is intermediate improve(?) since collisions sounds seem to need a deaper revision.
28e5abd9176aeba3b5004d07748ae88cccbcd57a Fix llAttachToAvatar and "Attach" viewer option to preserve saved attach positions.
853449d5bc5a0ca3a49b76019ee995a4d392a4ce Make llTeleportAgent conform to Magnum SL Server and add llTeleportAgentGlobalCoords()
24e8e5d8188dd2e8656feb5e43193e7475fa2acc *UNTESTED* extended llGet*PrimitiveParam() to support avatars. Some auxiliar code in SOP.cs
4027c8e9c9999f1b2fbb9ee921aa02525d569318 Fixed llGetObjectDetails(), OBJECT_ROT for sitting avatars case, plus 'cosmetics' and added some parts costs information.
7bd274b3d34b5f7cbdc4e4d9e9f6915392b004b8  Changed t adding the avatar dependent sit offset and not subtracting, so not to break inworld contents. SL ported scripts will show a sit error around 0.1m. Added respective compensation in LSL api to maintain coerence. Fixed several bugs still on SET/GET[link]PrimitiveParams[fast] and llGetObjectDetails()
29abb7d62af2d45598b077fc9abb3ed11149f414  reactivate physics raycasts on llCastRay() until it's clear what is its problem if any...
c87f0ac2261d1aa5226957aff63bfc8ac0efaffd Fix llRegionSayTo the right way
7ab8bc0a60e88a8c7099829ff8cf70d2450432a2 don't  recoil  attachments doing llRezObject()
7eb95c9ed90939fc243995eaaefed90bf45c37ed Bring casing of llSHA1String in line with SL
4f04ec5fc26892f3ddc72741e6b600cff19c27da Implement the buggy version of llXorBase64Strings() for compatibility's sake
ce7864632bf239a44321cc5806a95a78e0f259ed  added llSetVelocity. will refuse to work on vehicles and on attachments ( this last may need fix)  added also some code for llSetAngularVelocity  but not working still
652ac5f66bacb048628bc953497ffe4256676f05 more work on llSetAngularVelocity()
acec9da95c2faa861ee37cc5e820118fc4649c80 let SOP AngularVelocity set physics actor angular velocity if it's physical root prim and not a vehicle. With this llSetAngularVelocity should work and also llTargetOmega will do the same in this case. but for now this llTargetOmega is being a normal physical rotation with damping, and stops with selection. Thats not like SL apparently
4917637ce618f8489111b465eaa1c9aa214d1649 Fix llSameGroup to work according to specs
88d68e68c19107701ca8fbfb73413e0ea978b862 Return world rotation on llGetObjectDetails()'s OBJECT_ROT
1c51ae662c3cff284104ca643479654c8f61d2ff Release http-in URLs when llResetScript is called
bfa22e2f52780d532db9b8a59f9751390d072c2c Make llCollisionSprite not throw anymore
67f18655d50914857a1fffe75995155e7a6d5b8e Allow llList2Key to also act on System.String
a91ca984d57a4177ff31898e384ee85948d4eff1  llClientView: try to have only one thread per client processing  RegionHandleRequests. (code assumes packet handle is called async as it is not)
2998a2df6a6c56f52d56d85bcec869e4a76ad169 Streamline and improve llGetMass d3904ff48464fcde5266aac08b5c95227acbbcb1 Add a transaction ID to the money module path for llTransferLindenDollars
20773dcfccc04d8af14e27f87746711bfaba07b1 add a Check method to flotsamAssetCache, so to check if a asset is in cache without actually loading it. Make use limited use of it in avatarfactory textures check. Also on llclientview HandleAgentTextureCached that now should work. Other asset cache modules for now will return false, so are broken. baked textures logic still unchanged. *UNTESTED*
27b0914681f715d2dd270030ac1bfa5f726bf787 Prevent a null ref in llGetLinkPrimiteveParams. Still not a fix for the real issue.
b70d50edf25aaef63292fa164e01ebb69025744b  fix llGetRot and parameters prim_rotation for attachments. Only on  LSL_api to avoid side effects for now
b3939a431cc28a5e3443ea1abcf1b4dbc48d7d3b Fix llSetRegionPos and detail behaviors of llSet[Link]PrimitiveParams[Fast]() regarding prim positioning.
2464e65c8aa58a2e4ca3a53c3b570270626d1a77  llSetPos on child prim, send only a part terse update and not a group one
47f18caa22fe6bfc6020c80d61c92e4ab8efa86f Remove the return value from llGiveMoney (it was a LSL extension of OpenSim) and make the function async so the script thread is not held up waiting for comms to an external server.
e785242c49dc5ff9fb64e26086d554a127415dde Reintroduce the return value of llGiveMoney. The grid will crash and burn without it.
789e9901ddadf8c10a6296225a3fa50197ea43f0 Make llGiveMoney async again. The return value is now the constant 1 to make scripts work properly. Scripts will no longer receive a failure indication through this return value;
128910a68139080fbf5ea53db9c756496b605fd9 Make scripts shout a error but not stop when button count is overrun on llDialog
4904d4013803b0128c52b2f9bdd5e94972b05c2f Add llGetPhysicsMaterial
a8faed6f76e5bb7936c1bc2b4711b5eeb143173d Implement llSetContentType using the new OpenID auth support for authentication
57c8d82c9e3d55581982a75a02d1f54bc547fb50 Fix llTeleportAgentGlobalCoords
eb55e69d4ade5bb825c65bbda7cd71564fa4f51d serialize sound parameters for llLoopSound
4707c488282732b56bc7121544960d3bcb877e20 LSL llListFindList fix: check types as well as content. Items must be same type to be found.
0e809ab2658d9aff51d7a12754630ccfec977b79 LSL llListFindList fix: check types as well as content. Items must be same type to be found.
20b3cab5d1cb1bbbe951a90ae6de7ffb495e6375 take agentUpdate checks out of llUDPserver (disabling useless debug) and do it only where its supposed to be done..
ee4f61fe34b2ec716893c9bbb2899122054171f2  review llLoginService for var support
93b9a92990ba1f3b73e1ba920edc9809916be2cb add missing stub for llSetVelocity
abd664045307fde0cf81144b54e64a364c0e5786 allocate llRAW LookupHeightTable on demand and release it, saving a few 512KB of memory
ece4088a452d41eb524f5bb184deca563ae3b321 add missing llSetVelocity stub
4e5c19595c663d29e881a08ac5b0325301473b93 Fix casts and calls for link primitive param setting for avatars
8d2a37c5a48fbe822ebe138b65c33b25c9899e4c Implement seeing busy status in LSL
a6a6bf007a2fb0e33daefc0ea7c4ad968a85d08e Move osFunctions into a new Careminster script interface
d8962ef4151043babe8d5c33c332bf49b020b119 Add two new osFunctions: list osGetPrimititveParams(key prim, list rules); osSetPrimitiveParams(key prim, list rules);
b3cf5ccf6d7fcfa2cb4a1405962b8fba73ae0119 Clone cmGetAvatarList into osGetAvatarList for more generic use.
8d5cec5e0d8edb9fafce4df3235c05dbc46b9240 Remove cmGetAvatarList()
97d83c87ec27f355844016281ce1be156fe7cd3f Rename cm* function set to ls* (for LightShare)
704da8c8238835c63e8ca560fc7778603e9f6795 osGetAvatarList: Use AbsolutePosition instead of the position of the physics actor, or the avatar disappears when they sit down.
663e25fd3a67654ea60f91850302f2f17496ba59 Pacify osGetAvatarList to provide LSL types instead of omv types
a47aa46962965717ff038e2e74d31e1bf5de2276 Add osNpcPlayAnimation and osNpcStopAnimation which respect ownership as well
94fa6cb071bbb3e883c11a47f970b6d3101b69f7 Fix threat level setting on osNpcPlayAnimation
d7c742a5f9ee87336a9c962c772a07afa38498c5 Remove osParseJSONNew because it's "object" return type is not useful for LSL
f2390f7c72c70912da8c5d4626064996d42811bc Plumb llSetAnimationOverride
140c0b3bb8c81e722f6ead0588fb2cf7c33d1b6c n llPushObject if pushed object is a avatar use its rotation, not pusher rotation
07074d068b21e6b93efa86d294cbcff527c826fa  dont do recoil on llRezObject called from attachments, as seem to happen  at sl
e8d67af3e17a0e2f7b87bcc4e22fd519c549dca9 change/fix rez position and rotation on llRezObject and llRezAtRoot
Change to maximum response packet for llHTTPRequest:

Mantis reports addressed: Fixed mantis: 10, 14, 30, 53, 59, 98, 128, 158, 187, 199, 204, 208, 215, 217, 228, 229, 269, 854, 3318, 4588, 4657, 4671, 4724, 4752, 4775, 5965, 6015, 6311, 6327, 7720

7cd44c1a818615ca0e267f64c74593ad0361350b Fix prim linking bug, Mantis #14
e38e8ae98759e403175016260edd27772b5c9e4c Fix mantis #10 & #14
e4114799c3b25cd54d409a686175f39d1ec5b25b Replace CSJ2K with fixed version (Mantis #3318)
c77444a8215748633812e67adea8c7ff66a5480d Fix where OpenSim.Grid.UserServer.exe fails on startup if no previous config probably appears to occur because mono (and possibly later) erroneously returns a value of 0 for BufferWidth and BufferHeight in some circumstances
a69cb5e3901eb9aa7ebfa65a5787e023136a2b19 Address symptom of Mantis 4588 (though not the cause) by moving the avatar dereference inside the exception catch
9209657f93fdebe1df0e18e3807ce996bae99e06 Apply patch from Fixes a bug where the viewer didn't recieve the uuid of a chat broadcasting object Thanks crystalsgalicia!
3bd2ec7b2e9eeaaff62872c5a61b6cee358f51a1 Apply Tweak to update appearance calls Fix for deleting inventory items from a folder. Thanks StrawberryFride!
117fd629d68ef8ab373b70fd5e9e6a643e8eaa65 Allow llMapDestination to be used in any event if the host is an attachment. This fixes Mantis 0000098.
b9c40320f108a84d7841cdc9e98009cf650f930e Fix llAttachToAvatar. This addresses mantis 128 .
49d7d8534ccd037f4690c5ac6aecd66a460960df Allow moving an avatar as part of a linkset using llSetLinkPrimitiveParams. This unlocks an awful lot of poseball-free content, and is a step towards resolving mantis #59.
fc715a092c9b48ddfbf75eb35e1a052885aecbff Fix the sit code to ensure that we use the root prim of a linkset as a reference in the case of an avatar sitting on a child prim. This fixes various camera issues and fixes mantis #0000059.
d743a221e88626bf8b7de8427c98e54df0f523d0 Fix scripts in rezzed objects not starting (Mantis #4775)
c7a2e1b2d40dff80bf7b65ee01b9e7916de0f5e4 llVecNorm() now returns a zero-length vector when one is supplied as input. Addresses Mantis #4752
236c0f8e8b5f9ef86c8614b53e5f404754c9e8d9 Fix llSetForecAndTorque([0]) stops linear motion. Mantis #187
cd9506e8428da7b984bdd833e6855534a90f3b5e Don't know HOW we missed this, llSetPos was broken in child prims (and in the llSetPrimitveParams family), it was using the global coordinate as a start location. This resolves mantis #204
0eda6714f332b2883e109312b134b102b732bcea llRequestSimulatorData DATA_SIM_POS : Divide by RegionSize, don't multiply. This resolves mantis #215
c5c6627adb79644b93c5871243a9eeeff553829c Implement CHANGED_REGION_(RE)START and also fix various CHANGED_* constants which had the wrong values (checked using LSL in SL). This addresses mantis #217 and mantis #53.
a636af13e77aae588f425b7bc9504854a7ed1261 Make sure the avatar position gets moved along with a prim it is sitting on. This fixes mantis #208 and (maybe) issues with chat and sound coming from the wrong place when sat on a vehicle.
330343505ca2d6d109e89b4767f4351ab9bec91d Implement CreateNewOutfitAttachments. This addresses mantis #199.
7bac069976b31ecb39c2d667b51aaa555f8207e3 Mantis #229. Fix Global sim ccordinates
0794c6a941c9c98be32c05cd372ce53773a6e32f Implement parcel group access control. This addresses mantis #158.
603b3a1606396e355416eae838f6bdaa5051bf1f Fix minimap issues. This addresses mantis #228.
cc8864b0e3ae0ee594813eb0a1115eeb5765291e Get maturity level from access number. This addresses mantis #269
723015e4f0b30b520a6b8e4aa88bacb74cca64c6 fix ( llGetObjectMass was bad for sitted avatars not checking for the null physicsactor
e6181941432640e4bc7c46fb740c04d04d94032e Mantis 6015 new LSL function llGetAgentList.
38cdf77cef4964bb9eac9ccefb30334cd6737e9d in CreateAvatarUpdateBlock() change updateflags to 0. Original flags seem prim related only. This does fix the wrong viewer side move of a avatar in prim edition mode (anv mantis 854), with no apparent  side effects .. may need more testing
f433ee317be85fdf49bad84946a2e771ee1d6204 Attempt to fix Mantis #6311. Honor a destination folder if one is given
efb9b7014e928aa9be8200d18248518bb503ad7c Allow default animation to be stopped to be replaced with another one. Fixes Mantis #6327
29aaf5564f52c0c532910764e4218eb6891184ef Mantis #7720: AssetXferUploader was setting AssetID to UUID.Zero. Before that wouldn't matter (item would be a terminal object) but with the introduction of the item cache, it matters, because the object in the cache was being modified to have AssetID=UUID.Zero. Also keeping the item cache consistent when item properties change.


Add non-scripted sit and fix scripted sit.
Add the ability to send messages to users ir regions via remote admin
c4fad3d88715206b62caa2d2d01be35a817cf4a1 Fix up a linking issue
5a3cd9f1d0480c57585b629a4f9cc8ba08dec7cf Decrease min search length to 2 chars for map search.
5dedacca3c9692948f29f5198dd444efe7c8526d First attempt at mult-sit on large single prims.
cc8246206d5044aff0b306a4bcaf4b321fb826c9 Second revision of Sit and Stand for unscripted prims; Comment out spammy debug messages in Interregion....
0149265ee83581cf2fb150dcd5d8734c02926261 Improved avatar responsiveness.

Key to first character in following information: y - mentioned in summary n - not used in summary

Change log entries yet to be summarized: n 28aa8010b2b47b73c6b867ff8f6284f98f12f37a - Lower TIME_MS_TOLERANCE to 200ms - Allow m_updateFlag to be reset to 0 in the event of a terse update being rejected - Re-add a synchronous SendTo for certain types of packets n b7f1fc116eb37a651a80bc09df11fa47540a1df9 Prevent a nullref if a recipient of a group message gas left the scene y b9546d12f230f4153b2c6e7e71520aa2d35c762b Change land packet sending back to what the careminster release used to use, remove the silly spiral stuff. Revert to double packets for improved user experience n 889ce36afa67c521f3e50e4833a894ffd39af490 Added some [DebuggerNonUserCode] modifiers to functions that throw EventAbortException() to ease debugging on Visual Studio n 247c66b3fe792692468ede6a516d85c6c9852d23 Swap the locking of m_EventQueue and m_Script to ease locks on script inventory operations y d1147136946daf14724183b3191119be44ff8b16 Drop all locking of part.TaskInventory in favour of a ReaderWriterLockSlim lock handler. This gives us: - Faster prim inventory actions. Multiple threads can read at once. - Fixes the known prim inventory thread locks - In the event of a thread lock occurring, it will usually self heal after sixty seconds with an error message in the console y d5aceb6d95779b19d13eef9f2427c79233166a63 Append a prefix to the god avatar names appearing in chat whilst in god mode (disabled by default, config entry admin_prefix)

32c464ad1f43cbee9492108c1bec7f874a20cd47 Fixed animation sequencing: SitHere, Falling, Stand/Walk etc. Login Init Av Animation at Stand.

n c81f37cf82c3a9d2aae92d5f44734fc5098c5b75 Change osTeleportAgent parameters from long to int. That numerical range is not even supported by the underlying type, so there is no need to ask for a type the script can not even supply. n de927adf2709f50d0fe85a1c59e7677d862d0d72 Add the dummy “Size” property to the list type y b9d22aa8213b62eb0c368b345ccfc105367c1aba Add nudge right and left to avatar movement (faster reaction times when stepping left or right.) n 63b6b9cdce6382e2285b1a9d76e68a0ac10602ef Added animation support for my last commit

ac2fcbe224d4877dccc4d73e9c58771e40a4ae1c Improvements to rAdmin admin_shutdown and admin_restart. Both methods can now accept a parameter of noticetype = dialog in order to display a blue persistant dropdown instead of a short notice. Added an optional and configurable delay to the restart method, defaulting at 30 seconds as before. Both methods can also accept a noticetype = none dialog in order to act silently.
22c325aa5ae06b897e5eb10404c0aa3727f8237b Remove GetAssemblyName and friends from the SE interface. It's now handled internally
a27d33cb634c78425eaa34cb5efd113e131baa51 Remove the old remoting-type interregion code for prim/script crossing
9888f95068373f1bfdb289e85560a7d873d22696 Convert multiple lock()s which directly hinder script performance in linksets to ReaderWriterLockSlim.

n 2e6dce434f1fd20664a60e464e589798287dcfe3 Enforce physical prim max size on single prims. Also convert a lock() to ReaderWriterLockSlim that i missed in the last commit n 129de260329791529904c02c3515d40879d7d214 Cause better packing of ObjectProperties y ceccfe02d0e25c234560b6ef25306b8db4cd9875 Eliminate multiple updates on link/unlink n fbefa8273be70d90404b37230c168fd031288e31 Lock updates out while linking and unlinking y f2891e77383f70d807f4ef1ceefbf9a0f2bf6a84 Remove extra forced updates. They're not needed for each prim. Really. n da414fd509a6adfa0499b71172e1c789b3cf7ca4 Change locking to not mix explicit Monitor.* calls with lock() n 2fe75a62bec2f06155bf5f05b6f558d028f6b12c Skip single prims in unlink selections

1e222d52e6219db4ad32338b952a94eebb0f7799 Change EntityManager to use RWlocks
172e2f4e7609c278d02ad83ca207fd79624db587 Fix to existing ReaderWriterLockSlim implementations
ee9d46c8255840473ed62c3b37270b35af1a9027 Correct AbsolutePosition calculation
e3f229225c5a1506090bfcffcce6d423a566f1fe Enable scripting interface for windlight
d092977f4a933baa990cb239d91c1bec860698e9 Windlight configuration option in ini, and migration
2a6dbd068ef48c7605f44153dcfea6b215749bed Last bits and bobs to clean up the Meta7WindlightModule

n 5ffd59e7b870acb74ad7c6be4a1f49b62b013f21 Kill a NRE caused by an error message trying to print unavailable data

b8b4517211d332f76c022075f81cfefd41877d14 Removed excessive call to UpdateMovementAnimations which prevented GroundSit; Corrected cause of 'sit on roof'.
6483470ec5e9000fb6a85bbdfe5b79be6f336a74 Fix GetWorldRotation(), and a host of related Sit fixes.
6dbe25360ec3dc3c998378da8b422751d3e032a9 Add cmSetWindlightSceneTargeted. Add restrictions on windlight script use.
e3c14660478bdd3af8c792b4b6b48ffffbbe19f9 Fixed a nasty crash in StandUp() that occurred when the part got killed with an avatar sitting on it.
69b551c51686bca58c478f517f6ccfa561ad9730 Allow 100ms for scripts to run attach(NULL_KEY) on detach
0a29842caf5dbe711490b9b323ae922c418c6c30 Include ChOdePlugin
b53b87166940ca0fca4ae2190649e18102c886ec Add a data path for error messages

n b575bf25245102fd43d025081b249cb730b865ac Added some null reference and deleted group checks to certain functions to fix region crash scenarios. n 7f699fca9a34cd0f3525534bdbc04c8b8ee975fe Add the body to the LSL List Size property

e7439efc74a1cc0daedc51eb25ae66cd03db70b5 Recover out-of-region objects during db load.
59f683066a60a99111cc032ee122dfe709c78440 Set version back to core version (base) and suffix CM. Please DO NOT CHANGE THIS in the repo. This is the Caremninster repo and the number follows CORE. Always.
43c303e27a93f07022ed0b151ca6945e34169ee9 Make the GenericTableHandler work as intended
7371c7662a05d2c1dae1c110905817bb873cf934 Fix for landing points. Only one scenario is not fully covered by this change, and that is people who teleport from neighbouring regions, who won't get affected by the landing point.
a6c93ce875c9e563de791002b309a3285266d597 Make sure that we're not bounds checking attachments. 'Cos otherwise your hair will end up on your bum. Seen that before?
19a5e606b38372e882c13e27d6459ee703e07570 Convert some remaining legacy lock()s for m_parts in SceneObjectGroup to ReaderWriteLockSlim, hopefully fixes a native crash
8ad8bd6282210c8ce0c00704edb3c55654ad2fc2 Fix up the new Sirikata cient view
06f639b8f345e075259d8b2ebfa96b9ed2174766 Fix a timer list locking issue causing XMREngine deadlocks
8f0d6d6b5c2a66681cc80f33d10b0635a1257b25 Fix an omission in LSL that causes a viewer crash
9602227eb6d26cf76d8c88ac86558218ca11e918 Add a small delay in NewAgentConnection to fix an issue with Hippo (and possibly other cleints) getting their data mixed up.
3f901d313bfd11070d5260f867c8a73c14f2d109 Vehicle Linear parameter adjustments
71fdc24f5c3d5805e185aac949e38f3c8058e03e Add virtual method StateChange to ScriptBaseClass
53d3f46add698dd862c018e614778c1c19b0eda4 First stage port of the XInventoryService
0907d5d69e10ba5be79a6d03366ce3cfa59c0bec Finish conversion if XInventoryService
a2aadb78a919323d62a5b4a44c0899b63641788b Maintain control() event stream
884410501e50f0abb09ef1339ac74e22c2dfd39f Allow renaming of items that contain no-mod items
6772c9d2b6d05c985174f514aa8df2aacd33a201 Comment the asset deletion handler. It can be abused and is not currently needed.
496a8a4f7ca5422daa30913595b6b1a03fa8a59a Fixed an issue with PayPrice sometimes being shared between multiple objects
66692f90e3b70ccdec8c148342578cd54acc4406 ChODE Object Linear Motion update
862caa72a80b597ccbf1ae82300af89f9103dbf9 Fixes terrain editing. Changes ThrottleOutPacketType to task instead of land.
9e37d246240db077fe7a4e1389f5220d72d6542c Prevent empty ObjectProperties packets being sent
0c5850237ec68158743117933d2ddd6e7df62c28 Small fix for a spurious exception
8c2061029331e323b5c1c0414bbda417cb6c4674 AngMotor update 1
48134af6162249885740bad80a6b1bbb618bbc6e Motor angular decay fix.
044979066cf66e4dcd2c8f4be90337555dc0b34d Fix two inconsistencies with LightShare
9568718addfd8e5d4094a456127ca469987f1f7a Angular motor adjustments
d6eff8ebcffc1231ea533c83764aa3b39d4e5750 Change a condition to actually make linden land reclaim work
efd481085135f60d8f6d3e4615591a26ec3f05f6 Disable blocking teleports within the same parcel for now; it's not implemented correctly. Will review soon.
7f61de8f57d9f01e532dc37a5ef81153ba40fc24 Allow particles and texture anims to be persisted to XML. This behaviour is expected.
393a7828584a0bf8564dd351015238365e51b984 Fix the crashed session notification from the userserver.
83929c69e35d156d99be46a6ee50b0d3fe5c9f25 - implementing server 1.38 functions
5caae0293ab0f69cced21923c36db230698c7970 Fix bug where approximately half the time, attachments would rez only their root prim until right clicked (or otherwise updated). The root cause of this problem was that multiple ObjectUpdates were being sent on attachment which differed enough to confuse the client. Sometimes these would eliminate each other and sometimes not, depending on whether the scheduler looked at the queued updates. The solution here is to only schedule the ObjectUpdate once the attachment code has done all it needs to do.

n 4423630f1e77d7bb5a2b01f7ba9ed539d0825de8 remove milliseconds from console log again

fce9e499e4682edf6db7b4f9c5546524b4a25197 - parcel blocking, region crossing blocking, teleport blocking
689514a40a52d71f9cfaaedbb295a57b1d7c728a Cache UserLevel in ScenePresence on SP creation. Change IsAdministrator to use that stored value.
f6f6ef1532517972b973d8a500818dcd50873352 Dynamics Integration Part 1
1379ae4310b94afd1a7a1d9964db26146ca5c7b2 Fix Rotation Lock. NOTE: This version had poor border crossing control
819806261026cccd68dee649f11938ae5bf10029 RotLookAt repaired; debug msg cleanup.
a1cd3b5b88cc2cc3fcd552085dc9ab46f9d9b10f Change GodLevel to UserLevel so gods can teleport freely without having to enter god mode first

n 6df969894c1943dceeefd3765951daaf0a2eb94c Fix AbsolutePosition for autopilot/sit.

69b5ddceda1fd418712fb7ada0443555dc82b231 Unify a previous refactor of object return with the older solution. We really don't need two methods doing the same thing, but differently.
3ea72eeabb12cff4f71523f501450a7df38a17b1 Fix sit with autopilot.
add47befacb0397f2a0b5c9455ed1e658616aba4 Update acceleration to 0 on no tphysical.
e0b287961f51d776f830728c5e0fdaba5f7e53bc Change land overlay to send group owned status properly

n 7d917e7c5c599549d2a87451fe3d6ca2bf6e62a4 Rename Meta7Windlight to LightShare

e2a521742a737aa54e43dd934c0a0d5f2e380e8f ChODE Only: Corrected Heightmap load to iliminate crack at 255M. Added 'fence' option to prevent physical objects crossing region border.

n f34cc6b46949033803c79235b9d82da9bf9634dd Add a much cheaper agent count retrieval method. This is obsoleted by 0.7 so it can be reverted then.

7a3bb266ebc057a1af589fc642bfeca08de72c98 This commit adds some randomness to object persistence. It's a Work In Progress, I am working on improving this to a tiered approach.
e7be131b8990e5397e13c5049caaafde4c0c447c Add the ISnmpModule interface definition to Careminster release
335c1b44206531bc6c0996157884d6873a580527 Implement PSYS_SRC_INNERANGLE and PSYS_SRC_OUTERANGLE
20e3de1f0a1434d51cf833b6418e983101438568 Add CHANGED_REGION_START (alias for CHANGED_REGION_RESTART as per LL Jira SVC-3773)
e80e04c5fd3892cf3c988baaa00aa8ccfa330256 Increase the amount of time we wait for a teleport to complete. This allows teleportation to a remote region without a local connection to the asset server without timing out.
d834a2c3da1aa97887e087e5a265e73a914c5f7b Implement cmGetAvatarList(). This returns a strided list of all avatars in the region, including their UUID, position and name. The radar is often the most taxing scripts on a sim, this function can help radars reduce their impact by 66% by eliminating the need for sensors.
0f3314c04ccd07e0ff9b5be69903b0a72dd73115 Backported GetTextureModule and IAssetService.GetCached()
54cedfe4320573ac302b11716e293086110a4f9b Changed the GetTextureModule backport to work with the 0.6.9 codebase
7701ea27983be851a3c9d3954346018e07680ae6 Add Scene.SnmpService, which is of type ISnmpModule and, if nun-null, can be used to send snmp alerts
0b2b2daf23dbf7a51f3d568903548cd964334ce2 guarantee that a script engine's GetScriptErrors() will not be called until after its OnRezScript() returns so that script compile error messages can be retrieved
c6ba50b7e29789937170c6efdee5386bce54ff3d Adding ColdStart event

n 4433f53f72c6be11ee0a3453ceec403b5de567fa Drop unused Alert() method from ISnmpModule

fac55bc78b70a1f8a3a53b222d9df515e32e82ae Change ISnmpModule to use scene references

n 1636f535ba1915732927054be36b909b67a6de6c Committing sacha's partial work (from orpheus). The GridBrat needs to learn a bit of git

b7457a0a5d70667d741c03483ef00955f604c16f Update OpenMetaverse libraries to those used in master as of commit 9a781e7 This removes Mono.Security.dll which might help with Mono 2.6.3 compatability issues (notwithstanding the sqlite problem)
43acd99bb38de4568614e8ae88ea2daa6797f37d Slightly tweak README to account for the fact that first-time standalone users may effectively set up their avatar as 'master avatar' in the region configuration stage.
68a4f897b4f39e46c291d180db5062725130392d This GetScriptErrors() change allows initial XEngine to run in background thread.  It should block only for the case of being called by CapsUpdateTaskInventoryScriptAsset().
1667a29c88905e6734c1402a51a9365209114e1d And some more rez modes that weren't covered before
80024c023ad134416038b68a29d5e583f5d5e8a0 Remove the event trigger for the attach event from the attachment module. The script engine already triggers this internally.
de63b60748e33fb5089a463b7a114bb2de33bb5f Avoid duplicate script resumes. Move resume calls to more logical places
780630d7c05f7306ffceb52db0eda1401112f426 Fix a nullref in attachment handling. Add some debug to find the attachment state issue
7eda9364fd93906d6657e720681e8c079cb2ce1e Adding LinkUp/LinkDown when a region is started or stoped. Those two events could be used to compute the region availibility
31e0704c8d7f6100153ddedd64be7f2ab1ad9311 Remove debug output, the culprit has been identified
85646b157ce0e07ef37e41de72b553bb377243e1 Adding some more SNMP events and some refactoring
56f60a04d943c3270819ac66a3ae80773b6352e1 Add an additional serialization call do the detach procedure. This call is executed only for it's side effects, which are to block until attach(NULL_KEY) completes, before commencing detachment.
71f42f185a48ef96391b39fa0197c1a8b793e969 Plumb a data path to initialize an attachment from an alternate source

n 27b3f23ff3c7b040885784b46a90e9523e633e93 Remove some usings that stopped compilation

899d521ab41910e09e66849a5c086d7ae32d01a4 Use the saved script states
81ff5eaba09e7569ef5359874ffcfc7f8855f0b4 Make scripted attachment states work. Finally. Also replace two monitor locks with RWLocks, hunting the 10^3 bug. Not successful, but needed to be done anyway
06661708b4b2ed33116839ced93d43ca0f0909a0 Add a parameter to prim inventory update to prevent event firing
5c23b4aa56a9de1baceb833ecba67f66274dca49 Fix vertical attractor
f3c21524be94dac139e15b0cd80b1e79570f7916 Fix Av jump motion S/W
9c79fd630819412f4db94c86caea73200933db5d Treat a UserLevel of -1 as an unverified account and refer them to their activation email.

n 959cd6022504fa3ffe2f69c66ed94827f6ae6951 Duplicate OpenSim.Data.SQLite into OpenSim.Data.SQLiteNG. SQLiteNG will shortly be changed to work under mono 2.6 and above n 7ce0ec874a31d2567bee43afa0cdec24e002dc1d Change SQLiteNG to work with mono 2.6 and above using the Mono.Data.Sqlite.dll Include the library so that Windows builds correctly It appears that Windows is okay with either SQLite or SQLiteNG Incorporate the latest fixes made by Diva to OpenSim.Data.SQLite n 362007e5d352d3eafcc260a2270fa8833d2bbf05 minor: correct the assembly information for SQLiteNG n a90054aa16c8e968a6866cf850d16fde0b20957d put SQLiteNG classes in their own namespace to avoid confusion

b46380e373d9757174738ea3bb7dc2be6dbcb68b dispose of the DbCommand used to execute migrations after we've finished with it rather than within the loop disposing of it within the loop causes Mono.Data.Sqlite.dll to get upset, and it's the wrong behaviour anyway
705b675d281aa9e93e2ad9929783822a4fe234fc get region prim saving working properly in SQLiteNG it wasn't working because of debug work that I'd forgotton to take out
955db6e4bee8973def97340018316825fb46abb3 add Mono.Data.Sqlite.dll
d8b604b550c76610187d929087bce3b08e7018c5 take out some debug logging in the sqlite db adaptor
0b8b302aa0f2ee25be5cbdfefe232459e6e5b778 Fix a bunch of issues that crop up after the naive porting of the new sqlite db from master to 0.6.9
8966ed9c82c8199bf0da61815d04d485d67aa34a fix an issue with user appearance where the new sqlite db adapter expects directly specification of byte[] type rather than base64 strings
139f425f4cf4c720681a10e9cd5399fe0ed3b86c take out some more sqlite db console debug lines
881fcb7def0ef1ff81c6de10137abcdca8bc7679 Allow retrieval if admin users in scope mode
7ad36d3d75bf50a02b4947a63fa03bedf9f196e6 Adding DebugEvent Trap Adding XMREEvent Trap
0fa57cac3fc05988bf182920c82fbeee0be075cf Fix sensor cone for sensing avatars
175f3f992ab487add20253329bef481a4d20f8aa Make the IUserAccountData properly unpack the god mode data, so grid gods work again
87664017773227d07b39382efa2aa94f22bbe6c6 Adapt CM to the new CHANGED_OWNER handling
9c8d7d34b39c6351459989f02473b6f5200d14ee Fix a bug in owner change notification
4df87631ede57316fe41ea6c5edcd4996deac625 Store given items in correct parent folder. Fixes items given to offline avatars not getting lost.
80bf3934af8a5cbeb4ab29f93c7b2a83c80f1de7 Add folder version incrementing to XInventoryService. Fixes offline give for avatar->avatar
c86259c6710c8ce5c97a7a64bbb96dac35440aec Fix scripted give and interactive give to offline avatars. Both folder and single items are now supported. Magic Boxes, yeah!
dbce360566dd20d2b0f2ad649ba7a1dca9a27d36 Fix full circle sensors
da849aea780b83e3b954ef26772c11ca8c4c2371 Allow regions to get the list of the other regions in the estate
4f93d30790c8392c6f91cb1818d1c16f89169ab7 Allow reloading of estate settings into a running region. Move sun update helper into Scene, since that is less evil than exposing m_storageManager to the public.
ce86d39c70882a4beb04a23565121b05a4325a46 Add "reload estate" command to sims
97bbce92a865279de3b240eb07b6b54490d02942 Add events to the estate interface to let interested modules know of changes to estate settings
07e0732a10928e317f3245a8a1b4e2c12f294556 make the events more useful by providing the source region
49efec2ef17ece206f73acf1665bf973a6204b87 Strip estate message sending out from the estate management module and the dialog module. Convert it to an event on the estate module interface. The old implementation did the same as message to region, a button that is right next to it on the UI. This implementation prevented people from adding a more sane one in a module.
efc32415414753adc7f3f170e2d7a339095212db Add perms check to the teleport home client command handlers.
e0f9b1a69994be3e5771ebdcb0f2c253f67150db Removed a test for a "can't happen" case. ParentGroup is never null anymore.
65775b87e5000a07634240ab8ce39aaecd30d1e6 Add a XMLRPC method to remotely set the login level for the LLLoginService. This requires a special XMLRPC call, which has to supply the credentials of a god user (User level >= 200). Disabled by default. Also Adds a configuration option to set the initial permitted login level.
733a07e061cdcb6095677758a264ba976bb94b93 Plumb the viewer version string through into AgentCircuitData. Now all that is left os to figure out what black magic turns AgentCircuitData into AgentData and then copy that into the ScenePresence, where m_Viewer is already added with this commit and waits for the data.
2d9a20529d6818093747eb764d86efa11f3874d5 Plumb Viewer version into ScenePresence for initial login. It's still not carried along

n 02dea4ce580a08a9a4119ed063ed36704bb44825 Remove the m_Viewer variable and make the property a shortcut to the proper field in AgentCircuitData instead

add7abc1de2fce8db4c6d01cc4b5305bafa4bd87 Fix Mouse+WASD makes Av rise; Fix PREJUMP.
2fe669448f8cfefe2ef6e046faec3c0e709a41e4 Greatly improve login time for users with large friends lists by requesting all unknown UUID's in one go rather than individually
3cda854ef312a71f3ceab6cb8339a0d2d2fce803 Fix overlooked readLock which was left open
14a86de115934e981e5c3e413821861434ccf5e8 Fix another ReaderWriterLockSlim issue
98bd3e1f3498600e9299252723a8365ce8fd77fd Don't convert UUID -> ToString for every friend (Minor optimisation based on profiler feedback)
7705012ee7b016f8e163c5e9586fef724b233932 Optimise the heavily used GetScenePresences; eliminate the array->list conversion on every call and transition from hard locks to ReaderWriter locks.
9079ad5ceb3cfb9ddb0c255289b288be40f6567e Add some debug output to GetAgent to try and track down our presence problems
8f838c722da978da646fcef59a5af767840832bb When killing a zombie session, don't send the stop packet since it often has the effect of killing a newly connected client.
6bc7e3429f9ac6cb57fbaa695223c3d76c189f77 Provide interface to prevent the client close function from sending the stop packet
c25c40a3f913f623cbcb3c7dcea0cdbf65f3c2c2 Following on from the last commit, the stop/disconnect packet should NOT be sent when the user logs out. This eliminates the annoying "crash on log out" bug, and allows the client to commit important information at the last moment (attachment data!)
eb5a95d26bca4840f5a082156c0a37afed166fb1 Prevent an "index out of range" error on login

n ae7c30a0f38b2b99ceef0a31968b13a76c164211 While examining our 10,10,10 issue I discovered that several threads were locked with each other in an unusual place; I've moved the piece of code inside a lock[] context and so far it's looking promising. n ed1cfb52454410e5d03b11966fdff54d9950a28c Missed a nullref in the previous commit

1c040d8c1ed5ee1ba1e80aa1d248a9b06d1790a5 Fix to the scenario where we send an agent to a neighbouring sim (via teleport), then tell our neighbours to close the agents.. thereby disconnecting the user. Added a new CloseChildAgent method in lieu of CloseAgent. This has been a long standing problem - with any luck this will cure it.
bb0806c61e545b6509843ed0258475e47d4bb273 Don't send kill packets to child agents as we close them
55f124745ffe743a2d93c2ef93cb5c2f4fe06178 Allow remote admin to be used on a different port from the main region port

n fc76b5f58950b747cfabec19a4349216a48c9c13 Fix a nnll reference issue in cmGetAvatarList() n 6933b48a7e94511f1de969b28a61d834888fd2f5 Fix a nullref issue in SitAltitudeCallback

5532341bf9e477a007e81bdbcc6477923703e2a2 Initialise m_initialSitTarget to ZERO_VACTOR for safety's sake as per convo with kitto
76238715e3c8f4ba22cdd6dd09a282a0b52bad4d move linden notecard parsing from LSL_Api.cs to SLUtil so that region modules can use it backport from master
1ed7b591b2f49f9fb5def956d0af896cbdaef750 automatically delete %temp% directory after running tests this prevents a huge cruft buildup

n 8d832e32317466a9acf046671ca73eb72606117e Upgrade Newtonsoft.Json.dll from 1.3 to 3.5r6 Actually using the one built against Net 2.0 (labelled Newtonsoft.Json.Net20.dll) since the 3.5 build is not compatible with Mono 2.4 (though it is with Mono 2.6)

5fc990d9e78498afe8221a97fdd1f0dd5e7e314f put out full exception stack if something reaches top of base http server OnRequest() on both mono and .net replace Newtonsoft.Json.XML since the updated copy got accidentally reverted by another commit
fa8def5e709a5136722ca1ffa0e7b46aacaab8c5 minor: Print out port that http servers are using do this in callers so that we know who is setting up these things
8b5d0122007b2a78544b742c35c628c35cdea552 Completely prevent full update packets being sent after kill object packets If a full update is sent after the kill, the object remains as in the linden viewer but in an undeletable and unowned state until relog This patch prevents this by recording kills in LLClientView
e9bac02fec9c789a6305b031f9ff5eb46f2076b4 Completely prevent full update packets being sent after kill object packets If a full update is sent after the kill, the object remains as in the linden viewer but in an undeletable and unowned state until relog This patch prevents this by recording kills in LLClientView Backport from master
1c63f6cd850a76b269df81aa89de17429c65ad60 Don't append ACKs to zerocoded packets. Although this should fine in theory, I'm seeing the viewer ignore or fail to parse ACKs appended to our zerocoded packets. This should cut down on viewer->sim resend traffic
427ae1087fa67088afa23bcf533c63b52b62ae42 minor: correctly print out missing item id when it can't be found rather than a NullReferenceException
147c2d6f80c6b911839e890cb42cb63020269afc Change the way the object perms are propagated to attempt to salvage some older content
d28da5e5ce4e36c7a0b052fb5d2f04105d95176b Refactor scene presence list for lockless iteration. Lock contention will now only be for simultaneous add/removes of scene presences from the scene.
af5eeab7cf86ec5b8a90aa435d7068ef954dc504 Ensure that the first update sent out for any given prim is a full update
59546a348a4a47e21c5d05e53e1a2b15da10ce7a Change the way the object perms are propagated to attempt to salvage some older content
e589a31bc4056ed5fe20abb917d6c1ec6d1db2c4 Only send dialogs and notices to root agents, not child agents Small change for backport
72b96e81213c0dd3d586f552bd2cbd9221c5341d Add the SitGround flag back in
8048a8a39daf98b1068e84473e3e29ce0323e6f0 backport some IGroupsModule method doc and an extra exposed method from git master
a6c7995b71ee1886bf94b2c63d0a603525a0667f backport from master fix for attachment display this fix stops two full updates being sent on attachment rather than one.  Sending two can stop the client displaying attachments properly
f90d81a864c8ae1cf8125839bc883dc0ace7f214 Just because there is an agent update handler, that doesn't mean there is a pre agent update handler. Null check these separately.
32c43bf59a3b9c3cb0b9eb1d52f664997e39a50d Partially implement share with group option for object inventory items If serverside permissions are off then this works as expected.  Previously, it was impossible for more than one person to edit such items even if permissions were off. If serverside permissions are on then this works as expected if the object was created by an avatar who had the required group active. However, if the group for the object is later set then the contained item is still not editable.  This may be linked to a wider bug where the object is still not modifiable by the group anyway
66a833796c6eb6c7db75fa001370b3ee7689b9e7 check group membership and powers with the groups module rather than just the client's active group id this resolves the earlier issue where notecards/scripts shared with group could only be edited if the user had that group active
d6e1333810b41407378a534a720128b498e0aada If a transfer request is received for a task inventory item asset, then route the permissions request through the existing CanEditScript() and CanEditNotecard() methods. This implements the 'share with group' flag for notecards and scripts in prim inventory since the PermissionsModule checks group membership and permissions. Other than that, the code in PermissionsModule duplicates the checks in LLClientView so there should be no change other than allowing group members to edit embedded notecards and scripts. For all other asset types, the permission checking code in LLClientView continues to be used, pending refactoring of suitable permissions code This means that 'share with group' will not yet work for prim inventory items other than notecards and scripts
ac5373427f99d259a55147e097a8a76050a60db6 Comment noisy "CONNECTION DEBUGGING" messages, because they push more important stuff off screen too fast. Clean this time
ba49319c077bc5e7b998674aaac62497e757706c Prevent a null ref
66b4309f342d92cf7aad4a367e417cf569e244cd Apply Mike's TokenBucket fix
7d6680b38a1220d6709cb189c0a2c430731f58cf fix hanging output throttle arithmetic
c7d812802fcb2531c49f0fe4f4971571f332183d Adjust Scene.DeleteAllSceneObjects() to not delete objects attached to avatars.
e7bf6afd3afa5fc4760b417e0c0e079f23d20f59 Get the user's DOB back from the server response properly.
2f409116db570be77fc75df188a4044250dce226 Stop IGridService from throwing a fatal exception when an IPEndPoint cannot be resolved, and add some handlers to deal with this cleanly; a condition was observed on OSGrid where a neighbouring region with an invalid (unresolveable) hostname would prevent a region from starting. This is bad.
992efdc28325fb87776c9bac777342a0379ebe8d Fix a nullref in EventManager caused by RegionReady not setting the scene
d4b4cbf5a5fead727b5e2e48f69d2016eb942cff Fix create selection getting overwritten by multiple updates for the same prim.
70f779041334e7cf3642c334e9800362afde7895 Split GetAxisAlignedBoundingBox into two methods to allow calculation of combined bounding boxes and offsets
f57f2370f1737e997e8871d5b05a426e9ac19ba7 Add a method to get the bounding box and root prim offsets within it for a group of prims.
bf233ea0dc564dbae3896d8b5ac355fb2f247a00 Continuing refactor. Refactor DeRezObject to deal with multiple objects
eca15cfbf25134ddc8bb752abbe3a6ba01bf07a9 Change the handling of CreateSelected. Only send it on real creation, not for each prim coming into view.
f5ca70127347b20f9bfbb81fe777b9a602bfef0d Comment and remove JScript support. Mono 2.7Dev and 2.8 no longer include the needed libraries
c900134f911b7f11c4fa25c67d55c112b1f56033 Lock the object queue when dequeueing
6668c789d34bf9b068df5821973fdb75cf129b75 One should not lock null objects.
0209033dd9e2d4b4e4554d626d2e00388268e080 Gosh, fixing another nullref issue in cmGetAvatarList. I deserve spanks.
90c814a7cace3bac3df451a8b184c32f462c4da2 Fix nullref in cmGetAvatarList() (ported from 0.69)
70aa965c2678f91e45986f50a89588339a904f04 Add a forgotten security check. Make the new functions only work on prims owned by the host prim owner.
293f775fa56c8bcb3986373e004f54e549168be6 Always provide at least 2 packets of a texture (if the texture is larger than 1 packet). This fixes compatibility with the newer (broken) SnowGlobe and Emerald viewer(s), but also matches the behaviour of SL.
20e6b7a320df97c69c9f23b2081c376951c39bed Next OSG test. Cowardly refuse to save the state of badly behaved scripts, instead of forcing the issue.
dda7185b437fbbbd8ec7871b910a04990069a829 Change the admin kick message to something more generic, "OpenSim Manager" is not really accurate
8eb70f9719585f26f4dc610b383d546bda091655 Fix bug where prim items were not loaded in the new sqlite database handler
fad5158ab4ab01a179eac80c92df301157fb8319 Add a call to SOG.ResumeScripts() after region crossing / teleport
693b5d08381a7672b3ebeb693ee50a82e8e59125 reapply fix for double sending of attachment update on standalone region crossing
912f0c7fde1d3ec159b9f9b61136a2ac64e7d9dd Stop some hud components disappearing on region crossings
052445806911288b49c36065575556559fe4963e remove references to OpenSim.Framework.Commuications.Tests.dll since all relevant test code has been obsoleted this allows the tests to pass on my local system
8b3b89ecf40ebe4e78ca77ccc5e14b2632829119 backport xmlrpcgroups cache from master
4921d5ac2dc1f439b7820a22c89fd8239ff33bbc Make the text mode remote console really work. It can now be used to send multi-word commands with proper quoting, handles arguments with spaces and allows interactive use, e.g. user creation.
491d898db8303c829d1e43f5c63afa05d6f6a445 If a script is deleted before it gets compiled, don't even bother to try compiling it
30d3ea3d4be1bed3001e2bda5890cce183c4f388 Give attachments the same priority as other avatars in BestAvatarResponsiveness policy
85c20e149364dba6f171db1d2018c2149c6b102f revert group membership checking to older code pending resolution of reported performance problems
57a60282f5746a3aa73c0cac34059fbdbd319c0c Don't filre CHANGED_INVENTORY if a prim comes in from storage
e337c9130f8e25f81d9d9c9d98da8dee89f38aeb Make local teleports send CHANGED_TELEPORT
03a48f87e418e79ca780b29a696e5e878213e7ef Preserving the link numbers is a serializer's highest duty. Prevent region crossings from screwing up complex attachments by preserving link numbers.
3ea11fe2e6593fe0455a7c5bf842deca307f373e Get rid of spamming SOG debug message
3d319d6c3ff2bded0f4b6c730f227a490dd2fb2e Actually update the SP. EXPERIMENTAL
520b0e131c43e97d4a08c8ed93a32228ab61a99e Try to make prims stop moving. Reset velocity, etc, unconditionally. Although the phys actor may be new, the prim fields could still be set and the slimupdates system would continue sending that data out.
62763cc0fb80caae199ea03d2cb8d031924c111e Report current position instead of position at the time we sat down
1532dbca0ae54ee6427153d7beec95b8cb52e1e3 Guard against a potential nullref
ef1496ca2d22ad3d24bc9b53830a49f5a9c550d8 Add "alert dialog" for sending dialogs to users from the console
958c6c6fde45e41433452f44bf8e2e925153a24d Add rez on water surface.
6d8da699b275cf9a52214de3b22256533b7bb784 Add "AvatarHeight/2" to the Home Position when set to avoid having the avatar fall through the ground when they TP home.
76b59b8df776121708b7ff93312c25c341b19ea6 Make dataserver() return a 0 when agent id offline, instead of a timeout
95c763201f6f777557bc1c88e4bcbfbfd0aeebda Set the offline flag in inventory offers
797767da57be98da24bd91b61eb5b35fc242bb3c Insert a space after the comma on the ToString methos of lsl vectors and rotations to match SL.
13a0b65a804349e41b8e692727068ac6580c0d35 Modify avatar responsiveness policy to send roots before children
a1416612a9f9e0d5cbe1c1f02d313e9be020226d Update all clients sitting on a linkset if a child prim is moved. This prevents avatars being "lost in the void" until they stand up when a child prim is moved that they're sitting on.
9d251b1dc518522979b73fdadc0329067b669149 Fix the StandUp position to calculate as if we're still using the child prim id.
973537f819c361344273009364b53e73c05e0739 Ensure no UUID.Zero region ID is ever written to presence. Add a Migration to add a LastSeen field of type "Timestamp" to Presence for MySQL
53905cf919bc0365ba2f77d1cf0c06d0239c0418 Bump the migration version, ot it would never happen
3ea4e5ccbe123c2ba6d8c47b7e870bfd90754f20 Correctly update the LastSeen field
3428196631bb13f04d04208af9fd28a432805ccf Guard prioritizer agains null values as those produced by a bullet dying before it can be updated
87590491b52e8ca0211274c17a83482534f845f3 Fix Physics angular reference frame.
962dade15596d0aeff3baba0b0b85c17524766c6 Cause collisions with the avatar to be sent to attachments. Currently ignores collision filter. Physics collisions are still dodgy, so we don't get the events we should be getting.
b012e963d7fac1b877cf1a4738967538f20332b2 New viewers don't set the "save offline IM" flag anymore. Set it serverside so messages get saved
2cc1f14b0c938cff51b7bbf3f13a51b306f87e1b Replace the imSessionID, which is useless out of context, with the scope id in saved IMs
cbca58401ab67035c8c9aa20a0cf4bccd8cc8bef Add the object owner UUID into the binary bucket of object to user IM
f186882c0fbe9675a000417e27354e323315de1a Also make prims send the proper position. I hate it when people comment out things just because they're "not yet used". Grrrr.
8a0ec60c8f518a4c3bf3e91d02ad75a07ab40b76 Unhook the dwell request from the land module (and therefore local storage)
afff74a8351586e0e7ecd7dd1cdfde1964830a6b Add DwellModule interface
3101d530647cdf401b6078dacf6d7ceb063b049d Make "Allow other residents to edit terrain" default to FALSE
94ece2789d87d0c836bdaaddb825020968f737e6 Add some libraries for XGitminster
8daa149c367d6d3f51d41663d6e518af3354addd Remove the prepending slash from the default git repo name
6274317e63e18785a2c3d96514ca371e0a04cf71 Fix loading of attachments on login
5b6485481bbabc2cbe37af00fe55656c12db4b9e Add extra Gitminster config options to ini.example
70d3b9aecaf5bf2447b43a1359c631eb60ca66aa Add a DeleteAllSceneObjects(bool exceptNoCopy) method to allow  NoCopy objects to be retained when the scene is cleared.
acab2a159d150072aa9952100aa6722cbd51c1ea Return objects which are NoCopy instead of just leaving  them when cleaning the scene, if exceptNoCopy = true.
bd19cf739a03e255b0bf46021d3fab6ea0148afb Fix a bug with DeRezObjects (check for a null remoteClient)
ed5dac7e82adfe639a2057ed5d531418277869d7 Fix another nullref issue in DeRezSceneObject
d188ed8ed86661a79b68f5c43ce0a94dc51308f0 Return everything at once, it's more efficient that way
8f0adfbfb264532d55c0f0bab5bc508d36ad365e Trigger the RegionLightShareData OnSave event properly when the profile is saved
49272657d7085471b85a4735968495bda31f599f Make RegionLightShareData serializable
c3e806a2eac31c4dde67586f0404c796628ba9ce Add a new accessor for the TerainModule : "HasChanged"
9f00f141fe679b13e93240589f7d8b7f519e012b Restore "AllowCareminsterFunctions" as an alias to the new "AllowLightshareFunctions".
ef0ac7c4032ebb369479c18a4f2cc432b613234f Deal with incoming land objects properly so they don't just stack up
19f18c8a1b6377fec44ebd358bb4d810d36bd586 Make drag copy and copy-on-ray handle friends list perms properly
9c553cd254b5b27f3ddcffddee9684aeb4a6298b Fix more perms weirdness. Preserve "Locked" status across gives and rez/take. Preserve "Anyone can move" flag in most cases.
d570cffa39e9ca6417ebd1c05cbdfea1d3beabd2 Fix Copy on Ray, Drag Copy and other little things. Removed the wrong and nonworking ownership assignment in SOG, which messed things up before. No longer trust the client to send the ID of the person something is copied as, since it allows to run a script with someone else's permissions. Properly adjust inventory ownership and perms.
a817f6b48c27fe5e950846d687edcd4d375a3c6c Remove AgentID and GroupOD from the signature of SOG.Copy(). They were never used, but made for a very mispleading read of the code in the callers.
4fa1d4896c89d9907fe49f3ad718444b63c03ec9 Change the way IRegionModule us referenced by IEmailModule to allow later conversion to new style
827d9be48f8177b5975df68208a8cf7c730b58f0 Fix the sound issue. It was caused by missing assets; once the client has made one request, it continued to wait for asset before requesting any new ones, until the TransferRequest timed out. Fixed by adding a TransferAbortPacket if the asset cannot be retrieved.
3e908023b2f7e9edb77687089f2363a77b13d1fc Force IM timestamps to current server time to prevent "Saved on" headers while the sender is online
a5a1df68c29b2d78279bcff60ce66fe97772d0c6 Provide the interface for StoreAsset to report success or failure
06fa0388750b939ede9e3d7783e41a574e101397 Return a UUID.Zero if the asset fails to upload
6f4d4543b94f28160d697489e591da6614f0c8fc Make newly created prims be named "Object" and make newly created scripts have a default touch handler. Compatibility patch
3cd717d929d641b8e34d2212165af8d32fc8978e Comment the "Notecard saved" notification that pops up when a notecard is saved into a prim. Sl doesn't have it, and for good reason: It also happens on scripts in our version. Which is wrong. Better no message than a wrong one.
8dc7c0849eecaea09ce3571bab28b44c17bb3743 The other half of the asset fix. Implement an exponentially incrementing retry timer for asset upload failures. Total queue time in the ballpark of 24 hours, which should be a reasonable time for any grid admin to get their asset service back online. This should stop lost assets.
92edbd3e4745ea9007cf6ae42a38fbcd653cc848 If an emergency pos is required for a new root agent, correctly preserve the z co-ord instead of accidentally resetting the incorrect x co-ord
3940a4dbc7ffb4eab319ea9c2f1f787ddeee65e8 Avoid a spurious error message when taking a friend's no copy item
d5cbe4cb75a40a5b98d92d7fac504943edf428a1 Remove trailing slash from HTTP URLs to be compatible with SL
3d5d44279b99e58cb4f2db3532df522ad3b5cccf ANother stab at LSL compatibility
1cb7695fb0bcdcbdbb6f2a410fd9f337438afef7 Catch newid == null which is what happens if the asset service is offline (seems a connection failure does not throw an exception)
38384cc79c04fe9b97070104283be02511c4e12c Report asset upload success if it has previously failed
071d601dcbd812bf2e3b163a53323ab5e00a315e Cache all assets on upload so that the client can still retrieve the asset if it enters a retry queue
60c15d7c283a7ded6d7e7b6c40b77b2a6b7218f2 Fix a dumb little sign error that makes a LSL wiki example fail
a7c4cb95aade11c302c9d1113f720467233b8600 Fox another scripting nasty. Stuff no system.string objects into lists
beb5259cd1ae11464e2affaa19788361979fbd0e Remove GetEconomyData and the economy data structure (unused)
c87e6a289c5ab93025bf03f486629fd5aa00aaaa Clean up IMoneyModule and adjust the other modules to the changes
721d8a72987cea267ce9d32dfb91a288019107b2 Re-add the slashes at the end of the URL. Too much depends on them
86a82e6ecb564c4b3126d3472482d713213aaf31 Now, fix the slash issue the right way. Our URLs now work like SL's
3d495b709ec897970b24ce48d6a8495d520864d4 Implement a timeout value in the SynchronousRestObjectRequester. Default is 100 seconds.
2b49cb922799aadcdb93225d74735fcf7da94bbd Make sure the AssetServiceConnector times out within 30 seconds. If it doesn't, the client will get bored and give an upload error, instead of granting success and entering the asset into our retry queue.
39ae1def85fcaf56761c88ad0a000e659941162c Re-implement the Undo stack as a List; the old implementation was buggy
fe2b044d38f3bd3aa669334d34567fd991a67b3e Fix Undo!  Made a lot of changes to Undo state saving; it now considers that groups of objects can be moved and not just individual prims..
4cd5e642319b31e1da838ca6fda97ae2992b2c79 Use SendTransferAbort in a more sensible place
edcfaf60c99b7cde324621c2ffcfbb16e4eb4c5e Fix IMs the right way. This sets it up so that timestamps are actually in PST (to match viewer time), does correct storage and retrieval of IMs, corrects the session ID and makes sure IMs don't get marked "saved" if they're live. Removes the group IM save option, which our group IM module never had in the first place, as saving group chatter makes no sense at all.
3368e3853ae931e8e7137dc10a410265b4afbd5a Check cached asset to make sure it contains data, and if not, re-request
f3e902092af7924f5104ffef15937820df532108 Add System.Core assembly reference to two projects so that TimeZoneInfo can be used
7665013ad8c7ac876955dc803619405dfa2af71d Correct positioning of timeout modifier in the SynchronousRestObjectRequester
5b68343361cbd000a2f024b37797ec235abb7207 The majority of the Undo fix.  There is still an issue with Rotation which i'll address next; however position undo and scale undo should be working just fine now. Also removed some residual debug logging.
c616335019dc9419460407930af4e40e84663efa Rotation undo fix and remove a debug chatter i missed. Still not working: Individual child prim rotational undo and special cases where the root prim was moved or rotated (all the children then need to restore their offsets). Coming shortly.
8849b9af8bd3260152dede0ccf61fd98137ef6c5 Fix single prim rotation undo.  All UNDO functions are now working correctly except for when the root prim is moved or rotated as a single prim (coming soon).
be5dd04150bae69745de3cf5efde3d5be288dd71 Bring "Redo" up to date with "Undo" so it works too
e947d04038f7b42929368d9f7b6d440be139e675 Undo fix is now complete. This commit repairs the special case of the root prim moving or rotating independently of the rest of the group.
0116b80795af199c8a68c6ba536c208ea82253d3 fix a potential division by zero
8aa5f30082f667fc23ccfdb839e04ba8b72f872c Make taken items go back to the folder they came from
cecd660388e0cda34115be44955758e8221a77d1 Fix an issue where the SynchronousRestObjectRequester will fail if a webserver does not report a content length (-1), but the content is still valid
cea856cfc294fb546332bb86abe9f70d791013d5 Fix the synchronousrestformsrequester so it will successfully handle a response from a server which does not provide a valid content length header
7f0f11304f0979355d75538ab7326b687b62e76e Add scripted controllers into agent intersim messaging
5f4105d48c9776423a730e6480a2587bd64550a5 Removed the CHANGED_COLOR event post from the Color accessor in SOP. This is not the correct usage of this changed event - it's only supposed to be posted when the /textures/ change colour or alpha transparency, not the floating text. This fixes several race conditions in scripts ported from SL.
31cbd6d113c8039c70f874479039cb3eaf689c2a Add CreateSelected flag onto objects rezzed from inventory
89c1c5c35a7665315e66e46276d1b6066f3cf2b8 Revamp the permissions propagation. This MAY mess up. Please test. Change the slam bit from 3 to 4. Assume the old slam bit is always set. The new slam bit is a "changed owner" bit, correcting a bug where an item passed from the creator to another with less than full perms, then back (sale test) would arrive back full perm. Lots of in-code docs.
7ab103c96f3e82cac592f20d61358e1928da8e27 Rewrite collision dictionary handling, cleans up deleted obects/avs. Fixes occasional collision event failure. ChOde only.
c5891c14c7547dc0cbbf1bd5bf3a0d2923616f25 Bail out in AttachToBackup if the group is an attachment
0c445239a68688311d6fa7405ef13ceb3e773930 Remove useless quaternion parameter from AttachObject sig
bebbe407ee166a0aa22f0ec8d14ada780924f9af Major attachments cleanup. Remove unused AttachObject ClientView method Clean up use of AttachObject throughout, reduce number of overloads and number of parameters
d665f0ae66adc82ada320e3150a580be2fcb928f Detach attachments displaced by other attachments
ddfff55cc76144607086fbca03c86df57a271ed0 Preserve attachment data while a prim is in world. Allows attachment editing on the ground without losing attachpoint and position
50d56c54a383f636aec67a6c3e98ddcd9f32f859 Detach attachments displaced by other attachments
8d2b4b7b487f7a35b610d894c03619e638866473 Fix a few permissions vulnerability. Owners could cause permissions escalation on items contained in prims using a hacked viewer
3f91805afbff1b69ebebcee4ed2593671cf12e12 prevent hacked viewers from being able to delete arbitrary items from any prim. Allow friends with perms and shared group members to move or copy things out of prims
2e5f200b3b571575c6fefe58d2a4a37bf0745303 Fix showing CreateSelected on all parts of a rez
61f9b3c2cf1c39dd0d1c58eed7d322d29029c2c0 Bug in 0.6.9 sometimes restoring script state causes region console to crash due to unhandled file lock exception. Attempt to resolve by wrapping several instances of file create / read logic in using statements and added some error handling for locked file exceptions. If it is IDisposable, it must be disposed! The close statements are unnecessary but harmless so I have left those in. The end of the using block will close and dispose automagically.
4ae04dd0a8de4d3597ef96d951f5573fedc4e847 extend exception catching for DoCreateChildAgentCall() from just WebException to Exception on feedback from Chris Hart.
95d9c773d94573026907d112a7ce82cf362bdd61 Stop occasional permanently high 100% utilization when the server is started with many scripts
9bf6179d24cc7fd63643627914272adc78385f1e Fix scripted give of items
e06b7ee3689bdfd8d71ef3199edb2fb220ec5c21 Make webloading more robust by addign retries
d1040c9ff9b47b143e456d06801bd6be148bb1b9 Replace the screenful of code i deleted.
373ac901560b3aaa4b531512152da9206bf89dcf Allow Megaregions to start properly after an unclean shutdown
c41d418380789255de778499c426d293969760f5 Allow communicating with blue box dialogs across a region border via a child agent
d52fb4d2e944db4a31ddafaefcdda3690f1c6bb7 Shorten LLEmail delay to 15s. With the external spam protection, we can afford to do that
ef6565470f587a3b5b065c8278ddb9d9b1691250 XGitminster: Update config options; commitFrameInterval -> CommitInterval and a new option DisableNonEssentialCommits
fabe2206db37be39a90254da8a7fff973f2dd977 Ensure that packets do NOT get delivered to a client before the modules that can deal with the client's response have finished loading.
c088397ec72916dfb2914b44f2be8df827fd89d9 If the client requests that an object be deleted, and the SOG/SOP is null and/or is marked as deleted, just send the KillObject
c263fc54ac04ab494a62b6157623d936d966940c Add a state change method to the Async commands handler to allow timers and http requests to survive state changes
54da64acacec9703b95f375aab58890766cc16a4 Remove exception badness in the LSL Types. Who ever came up with that.....?!
191bee2ed0903b23f5d93f79650daf7662480b17 Remove the null checks altogether
fd66ee57f3b091e6e4b6c619645595b300c94fbb When a god uses mass permission setting, the V bit is cleared from next perms, rendering the item unmoveable for the next owenr. Make god mods conform to the rules, too.
1d6735f0ece1adda715d35ed8e62e9adbddbe4d2 Fix the XML serializationt to provide an empty script state element if the script hasn't yet saved state, or can't save state because of a loop
c72c84b4559ea164bcb77c2d64a046729662bf04 Refine autoreturn a bit
fb89d0ff4eb4636a6a70fd45c85b935e0a6b388a Allow megaregions to be used in M7, should we so decide
7ebabf185ef96c193f6afbe3bdfcdc92c0a2150e change the delay to 0.2s. My bad.
9ce2f95f37c6234c9750c611106730c65ec6f1f5 Add config option securePermissionsLoading which will stop the region from loading if the specified permissions modules fail to load.
83aec1ec94e6c946862794d3e13bc9541d1e10dc Fix a little infinite recursion i added just for sh.ts and giggles. NOT.
64cc76bd7922e32b0799023faed49904694cf1b4 Fix up the name of the default permissions module to match it's config name
da5b7e199a5c2902657a747b14552be842b284aa First, change DefaultPermissionsModule so it returns the correct name...
bfd883f5330d18def06d3bf7ca4ade00e2c1b4cd ... Then, make sure we also check the old-style module stack before we throw a tantrum
81186e76b68e9f6ba8c03a48fb5f7a43b0eea7a1 Add an m_enabled flag to XmlRpcRouterModule so it won't try to bind the xmlrpc_uri event if it's not mentioned in the ini.
516ec4acd01d70276329d251155775cedf7b8941 Eat a lockign exception that kills scripts. May bear more investigation in the long run.
7871dd606eb8c827101ee4ee3c64d00139e1a0b4 Allow gods and estate managers/owners to be unaffected by parcel bans
f9280374d2e44f66145718c880119383c2dc2a71 Bannination fixes. Objects in nonpublic parcels were muted by default. Gods were muted, too.
d5f497478a371107c568844321a4663bccfbf527 Add config option securePermissionsLoading which will stop the region from loading if the specified permissions modules fail to load.
b860c8021e2fcc2522c931d7e503299079924743 First, change DefaultPermissionsModule so it returns the correct name... ... Then, make sure we also check the old-style module stack before we throw a tantrum
763dc8bb76396aeea515b2c7c745cc2eb3a510a9 Add an m_enabled flag to XmlRpcRouterModule so it won't try to bind the xmlrpc_uri event if it's not mentioned in the ini.
e3184753a6956078a2e34c449d5e30843b5d7f94 Log the UUID of a prim that fails meshing and set the prim to phantom during region startup
f04d51378f864d2eb522678b3fb1e239f746bd35 Drop the RestClient timeout from 15 minutes to 30 seconds. This does not address the problem, but it will allow the regions to recover in the event that the remote server goes away.
6e3c79f31e4a552ef81e73156d3f84cbcfbdb2cf don't mask current time reads (since we don't mask the corresponding subtract)
1d1da5069ca91282228f453476bee2444138b230 Catch a meshing exception caused by corrupt or missing sculpt maps, and mark the prim as "mesh failed" so it doesn't try meshing continuously
ae99c1393d4555d4cd26249b149078e4cd3d439f Fix scripted sit offset in child prims
e3cea888fba0afbb97e55b1a2aa8335f78a4ac26 Fix some more issues causing regions with corrupt sculpts to freeze.
d9ae8370632810ae10bc1ca4e7a2c51431200d0d Allow specifying default region flags. Correct a typo.
d57bfec702fd6eb067ab5d46cb791690ae81e10d A god is a god is a god is a god. Right? Right. You're a god from 200, let's show it!
5ff9db7388b5b05e49092d8ee59b3d1b5c963e78 Clean up some messiness in IM sending. Having offline IM enabled now no longer suppresses "Inventory Saved" messages.
0020dbee23bf0bab979225dbcdcc9cbcbe72f27b Remove StandAlone from default hardcoded config
f1c51c8bb4c634cedf9eb57a1bb339d3e8052b10 Scripted sit target fixes
463fbb4990226661238f1cc30587a5d1e270d44f If a user has no home position set,  tell them so instead of leaving the request dangling
a48c4932108c68156ee62e9e39da618e55d85902 Cost Reduction : Removing verbose message....
4a3321077163f4e93ac67609428c0e6fa4d31b9e Send attachment updates only to the owner if it's a HUD
cb3b124df9213bf12383a5625ac4e545fcc91b87 Fixes fresh hollowed prim collision shape.
8bdbcda2b70ede033c38a604af573554dd2776ad We already have a record of killed prims. It just wasn't used by the new JHurlicane code anymore. Use it to prevent sending updates after kills.
7368992ee9bbf1aeb5034715e693c82d8ddd4b97 Actually cache positives
d7fe9f7b44311df517a8755dd6cf5603b380c3b8 Prevent users from becoming stuck online. This affects only 0.7
a390541e1c114db419d9a2eb1ac576a582c35e67 Allowing the expected purge trash folder... Please validate !!!
5da272d0425cc6a971b60a1e5fad556d4d66eb52 reverese my last commit
42613ec53602093335ebe3ce5127d797318bdf23 Allow the trash folder itself to be passed to PurgeFolder
696c2c429b3240d775053444943dcfc69c1b814a Change XEngine to use the new constant
3ce335c6f865e1b42fbefd44f38f9a2da09ef853 Fix StateSource constants, provide RegionStart
c48be64d9ab82676a2c1894193db42f0a849ae4d Remove posting region restart event from SOP, as it's now in XMRe
52e2360e9178394664d6925e14da8468cbf90cd5 Since i've narrowed the fault down to one function, add some spammy debug to try and fix ghost prims on HUDs in future. Note, the console only gets messages if there is a problem, so it's harmless.
03da22378e23ae5c74d320d09878e7e2fa7756c8 Estate managers should be allowed to add and remove new users, groups and bans to/from the estate settings.
a783f048a37e759e522cf73d482d6478ddc348d6 Make the landmark properties and search places work again
fa11ac8c851d4471640dfb0381ca285d0e5299d7 Change the (hackish) constant to match the changed enum for attachs
c554de75010a442753cce29ee06d2b60d7b4701a Correct display of landmark about info. Also correct region maturity rating in LM info. Maturity is NOT the parcel's setting, that is only for the image and text. Parcel maturity is governed by region maturity.
4f80d75bf3fa6de226203c6752e7a8e53fda8108 Add a CHANGED_POSITION event so scripts don't have to run expensive loops to check for position changes
19debab060b246f61d633b06d926a068001f6510 Fix the general alert message so it doesn't get sent to child agents
413b0525db81ebc39a3a79cc2763553058056a5c It seems hippo disregards velocities in full updates, so also send a terse update when an agent sits to avoid drifting off
97f8175090837ef4399975d6674aaa542fbf408c Delete some files from bin that should not have been committed
cabbd187e7945329c2f0700180f400b11096d33c Fix the distance from which autopilot is negated when sitting on an unscripted prim - and also add some more Velocity code to ensure it gets set to zero in all cases
4c5788c4c0975dbf3af58e2184a90965fcf0e893 Add search URL to Login Service
a6048518b7afb27cb523c0074d38c849ea0b6884 Repair lsGetWindlightScene, the constant was added to the list as a uint, which is bad - convert to LSL_Integer first.
19ab4c950880beb3ac88a172b775c3973782ec3d Fix a rather nasty issue where the Backup() process causes objects and avatars sitting on them to be pushed to the corner of the sim.
b771965f287af0cb5d46e4f652e9912dfaa40682 Get rid of some debug chatter that someone who can't spell left behind. ;)
aa54e8d95eb920869da5c885fc536cfb1ffca90b Increase sit distance to 256 meters, but leave the initial autopilot process in the picture so sit position can still be raycast by the existing code.
a1f2be5e69ef04a8520229e161bdd0527badb844 The real fix for unscripted sit positions. This one doesn't fuck everything else up. Promise.
1cde77293e993c3a7329ea8e1fa013c8d7b898e5 Thank you, Marck00, for a patch that implemented region distance sorting for fallback regions. Applied with changes.
ca2a4bbded8c33125c5b96bb3b715e3f3925ddad Add debug messages to attachment receiving and cowardly refuse to create them if the owner can't be determined.
680e801bf229d54dc57dbca24e841f7f2e8f43d4 Print a console message when we deny access because of no valid parcel found.
32ccc19a6238b2b0f4fa81efdc3115dd58578b00 Make fallbacks work, the destination was never actually updated with the fallback details.
0f9eebdfb1e948bc1ffb148322e668b5a2f560a6 Change prejump from hardcoded true to default true so it can be disabled. It completely destroys roleplay jumping
f0bad66d414e1c42875bc82d533cc7cd66af8a89 For my own sanity, fix a bug in xengine
1ead2ed5eea379c500d2657e7bed8908b376e336 Add a stack trace to the error output on the recursive read lock warning on my RWlocks. Whilst recursive locks are safe, coupled with other issues we're experiencing with the TaskInventoryDictionary it implies that somewhere the lock is not being freed possibly due to a merge error somewhere, and thus it needs to be looked into.
d0a22fb359b8c911bff5a892d35e67ae9bb777a6 fixed ground texture issues ( it seems )
1582e05ac78ac46708de84f5d35f79c935febd5b Fix a nullref issue in the AgentSetAppearance packet handler when removing the physactor from the scene
af60b8ac16361f7b60318a93bf51f094375d0c26 Set triggering the texture and height update on a two second timer. This fixes the texture rubberbanding.
a5a60df6879acfb5efc1f1f4a8c2cb257a4ef89d Change chat packets to bypass the throttles. This should alleviate chat lag
d00a954d35c21581dfb7d06122ae329891bc7103 Log the state of the prejump flag
fa393cb13a6008ed82c13d9f2bcec96dd8e21cae Fix Omega getting overwritten on startup.
24577876be9affa844f0361058bd9f93e244bdc0 Add some console debug to help fix a threadlock issue.
df9521caf3aa983fd1d7e1c92b6b51e0c82cf7ac Add ini.example section for the MOTD module.
b43a731beb24dccf273aefc0e601841ea59b6fd4 Fix a nullref exception in the prioritizer
a32b0ce0ae28ff42d30e25530dc286401188b89c Fix a possible nullref in BestAvatarResponsiveness policy
0344395776c22cbef6392129cd11feaf34ad4218 Skip conversion if fields that are null in the database. This may uncover errors elsewhere.
a1074cad5c6da38a67f79e3498574c5a7e0d3dbb Short-circuit the grid server lookup for RequestSimulatorData if the region info is requested for is the local region
47838e5fb39596effd4d0f7e1021ab68e69cd9d8 Add some maptile options, change maptile generation from OpenSimBase to Scene to make it more configurable.
b1790ba56ec4ee61a2df6747b1fa42ae0c37da15 Delete items as well as folders in XInventoryService.PurgeFolder - this should make emptying the trash work properly.
47080834346b2528a65e5b4d5e59130206b0cb83 Use the database mthod directly to delete items in a single sql swoop
f7c4be1fa194323554128b6aee82dfa68448a5ef Forward-port a small improvement to the land out connector
8613336674141c223eee464575f1df239056c338 Don't allow oversized search reply packets
a0a25bb8ca846c87b3e8e0de74d4fbcc985ae456 A stab at making a better bounding box calculation
071edaff491c318ba4164b4c4783e425222dc570 Suppress error messages about scripts not foind if they're in fact disabled
32ddeab5e37b6ba11eaa8322ad6473b52f21d55b Add printing the default script engine name. Report real exceptions when there is an issue with the config file, as a typo could cause configuration to silently fail.
b9e12ed3b7e6f33a824129ce6e79519140a34aa2 Add a method to delete left over / dropped attachments
5a05de0eec5cba9500fd4803e2bf2ffb54d92265 Call attachment cleanup when an agent crosses out
512a13dbe7a8dfa36a662f64caf573f467173b95 Call the Cleanup when an agent logs out, when an agent leaves and just before an agent logs in directly. Intentionally not calling this from MakeRoot as that would mess up attachment transfer in teleport
4e324ae3cbf5c4ce16900bd5e57d8671c1de0cfc Call the cleanup after saving attachment states, so that the attachments don't get killed before they can be saved
314d1171efd6d45686ad54944e9bf53ec8cd0b7f Lock the attachment cleanup so it doesn't go into an endless deletion frenzy
c13045b25e6424c90642613d400ab6ebf2744064 Correct a logic error in attachment cleanup
1bcb2e788fd895a7d8165797c29e6f2a652eff8b Change some e.Message to e.ToString. Don't use e.Message, it doesn't carry any useful information. Error messages are useless without location information. It looks more elegant, but is totally pointless.
dc1baf802545329fc78d5fa36174e27025629527 Change object cleanup again. Make scene object directories more robust and prevent deleted SOP's from sticking around
1096f43f0d3db628b463d4494c98ad496cf1f039 Prevent an object disposed exception that made forms comms unreliable. After starting an asynchronous write, one should not close the channel it will be written to synchrnously, that leads to grief.
47818a2db303eefaf59f7c98d03112bfb1371379 Fix a horrible bug in SG, where iteration of scene objects is carried out in a fashion that causes the delegate to be invoked once per child prim for a given group.
8ee31d97a84632e4b6144cf81c4fdcd1e764df7c Remove CRLF endings
4cf5ef3cd4c6712f74615385a03217f5d4cecb80 Kick the user from the region in the circumstance that the TP home failed - ONLY if it was triggered by an estate ban. This makes baby jesus cry, and should be fixed to search for alternative regions if the home region is unavailable.
b973fe52976c909197c360d6afdd62952e3d37ae Adjust the "Magic numbers" we use because we can't reference the actual script state enum to reflect recent changes.
2232e6f27300032188a7a1eeb77c56e84cd51d66 Improve sim health reporting. Output error message if heartbeat thread is restarted by scene. This may help to find out why this recovery mechanism isn't working.
09fba1609493b5ad60ab95fb6db4b368a1833fc3 Prevent Meta7 plants from being treated like dropped attachments and removed from the sim.
db015963a9905b1af5d4d1d42a6384b5644a3617 Remove the annoying "Script saved" popups when saving scripts in task inventory. They cause spam when using recompile scripts in selection and are redundant because that message is also shown in the script window message pane. These popups were a legacy from when we couldn't drive the message pane and their finest hour has now come.
0f40ec5c65f1698d2bb32cc28960b3651c1f7dac Implement UploadBakedTexture cap
713c6668273ebd853db7f3f69185c9b4f119f702 Show when appearance is sent to an avatar to help track down failure \to display avatars
16814dd8f18b51f5dd8841ae341847e117bb83b3 Fixes to JUMP system.
457160afc3cc0878b068486a7cbb8a41a5f18520 Fix an issue with rezzing scripted objects.
e5936071711e35f9edf44d8393b8ad28ef4023db Remove "Dwell" support from core and replace it with calls to methods on IDwellModule
00a23eea0ec5d3607cf9cd021a3a182da258686e Reflect the ParcelPropertiesUpdateRequest into Scene.EventManager, because modules need to see it (Search!) even if it comes in via CAPS
f4f9a2cb4590fe56e672242b4c5697078785e793 Don't turn off the sale settings on child prims when linking, and on copy of prims anymore. The behavior now matches SL and can be used to link vendor prims for transport
8886afd31961e1a838cb15df863ff9155885e0c6 Fix yet another cause of "Ghost attachments"
c719e016ed9bfbb56fd8c571b9b7b9622bcef566 Falling animation fix, comment out instrumentation.
8ab4b277c1e1d5470a0322ec49dde665f3cceadc Fix some issues with unlinking
7a1b1dd419d458cbf46ecdf48872497186e67355 Make AddRestoredSceneObject reset the IsDeleted flag so we can take an object out of the scene and then put it back in.
5e5260ad1b677f5ee85e065e0011ceb71d1c299a Prevent child agents from being blacklisted in the kill record.
d299f8b55cb0e3848dbcbb941a5789d52459bc44 Fix a small left over buglet and also add checking of the physics actor position on backup. This way, ant object that has been moved will be checked for ghost prims as soon as it is persisted.
cc290abf7a2bd651205e8978a095cb83ffeddcf7 Adjust the code for ghost prim removal to new information from Kitto
1f74f013b23a8bbcc94d79aa57d35e1929b662d6 Don't fart when deserializing a prim with no ParentGroup set yet
d50a072336f584f8e484160ba50042020f35d112 Suppress the strange "Result not Dictionary" messages that happen when a region queries for a nonexistent presence.
a0c87b5af6bba104fe50de3006b5dd515a8eb833 JustinCC is evil. f7b28dd3 broke script persistence. This fixes it.
9f7aa7deef82fcace272002b06dad6c0929e999c Add LandServices to make landmarks work right in grids
3a760ad12bbb8fa3e48dde533744a1f2dd1c7871 Overwrite the core version of the string parsing method with ours
7229bc4fbda804d41525356027269ca9a665b0bf Refactor script create permission into the perms module
33bd4fe789529e339db8954b29cf49ca7f7a0268 When clearing the addin registry, respect a custom path
1c1f3080526ed3e4845b4e98488d1d0c327dabb3 if you can't edit a prim's inventory, you don't need to see the asset ids. Prevents stealing IDs of animations, sounds and textures from prim inventories. Prevents copybot from gathering the wearable UUIDs needed for pirating things from vendors.
83b16612ce13ee89f139df8fdc78ded14cb6a69e Experimental locking of taint processing
34e8bf45b6f44c7e9c1e8fb824215214f6e9244c Restrict inventory items added in a transaction to folder belonging to the connected client.
41051b3cc68f1b7cf92538bd2affbf4c838f1a1d Prevent setting arbitrary groups on your objects.
841c84831fedcfa40e0b0fa9c99990f6754591fa Try to prevent threading issues in SP.SetAppearance by locking it
3d75e9addd50b9416a221282d7e24fc44ebda3a8 Lock the iteration over the inventory items when saving script states
9522881404e9496cb68d97fae537d60bbfa5233b Fix a potential key collision
ac7a4a7d38454c9c2263b54f847b28a5a7567b83 Fix an inventory fetch issue
7ad1b60ecaa64ae693be48df9a32cb93bb22e76f Enforce region agent limit as set in estate tools
9f7f266f583cfd47f3c66aa56b0ba26e634e8d91 Replace CalculateMass with a better, contributed version
b40c91777cf272b485da0cdfba2ffec868cfc7cf Replace CalculateMass with a more accurate version, contributed by Ubit. Thank you.
b4fe6da4eb5152e2023410f47aa1fe3cac715673 Add the Warp3D dll
50b03d08a8cdec9359adcece5b4645a6dc821d26 Add linden prim renderer and update libOMV
6ba7ee6b2e25f52d6f63c08e22f90a3990fc28e1 Update libOMV
e55e93c994befde561c467b40768a21dcf72892e Avoid throwing errors when adding existing meshes to the render scene
1a47ec082ed541a3af0b7e8bb7d18f564f64335d Convert worldview to GET
2db0ac74c72f18d1bceb15b8a368777e42b366c0 Implement taking of coalesced objects. WARNING!!!!! You can TAKE them, but you can't REZ them again. Only the first of the contained objects will rez, the rest is inaccessible until rezzing them is implemented. Also, rotations are not explicitly stored. This MAY work. Or not.
ba0afa53d30566381d5757fb5a7b1ce55fe4521a Implement rezzing coalesced objects
52dd547863c0cdd22f53f0efcaef11ae096855a0 Make SendKillObject send multiple localIDs in one packet. This avoids the halting visual behavior of large group deletes and eliminates the packet flood
ff49a21eca5b084bf0df71f69bce98db0b2f0094 Fix a security relevant issue with take / take copy
c2971a6398f21cb3eb6c9cad46348a035eb2a0f5 Add group invites to the list of messages that get offlined
2804c97a39ece1352bc8ce8cf3672307798417df Change the part for sound playback to be the root part / object UUID instead of the child prim because using the child prim plain doesn't work.
3eb68c319e1211bf0d4e251931f23d44ac88e63e change default next owner persm to mod/trans to match SL.
537905d81b1d1d4c573eb56f41afdc39c1eec5ef Add a setter to OldItemID so it can be deserialized
efc555ca225f05d1adfa8ed75f5802637bd76a9f Actually set the PrivateBinPath in XEngine so relocating the scripts directory works
ce3594f7f2b5a4af2d92d6b2c812f7241c61e82b Change substring matching to prefix matching in region search. This affects both map and login, as they use the same method.
fa7da00cc3113bf57d12bdec84ebdf748cae07f7 COnvert some funky K&R notation to proper (MS) style
301a926015f0bdc1c99c814f18b7a0505bd59869 Change some exception to use ToString(). e.Message is not sufficient to fix errors. Please don't use e.Message, devs NEED to see the dumps!
c3ddf461880ded2bff0f9ca6bd6b956fbe4c23d5 Prevent database lookups on every avatar movement when land is set to group access. Fixes a massive performance degradation.
61137eac22b222720a24fa248f22b58c439c0560 Add PRIM_NAME, PRIM_DESC and PRIM_ROT_LOCAL
cf78f3fae311be4aa4c0ab37d2a7c8b6679fb22d Comment repeated add and remove of avatars from the physical scene. It's no longer needed.
a51a545cb9489f3b02ed7a9a7691c5b5dd557bd7 Fix attached sounds from HUDs erroneously being delivered to other avatars
bd4e3b0aafd86d47bf1976ed7d83103dccee2a47 Add a default alpha layer
dbd1a68b581c80b50f243ce6896e96b8ed0461dc Fix a LSL issue and a prim naming issue
d5d0e81df2415203711fc418ac901b007f1e6607 Admin Server can now bind to a private ip address
636ca6218d2ad63cdec7f0b68d84a565542c1fe2 Change the default of the new bind_ip_address RemoteAdmin option to so it reflects the prior default. We are not in the habot of changing default behavior without good reason and making localhost the default would break most current use cases.
c2bd6ccdb8f9a5063450f684c31d75df537ff5e8 Fix playing sound from HUDs
b8924167e004cba5e9b426cbb0b2619816ee6858 Fix creation of a duplicate physics actor on chained drag-copy operations, the main cause for "ghost prims"
82e534a0291c2a2c54ad95991d7b8ed6b6524839 Fix avatar to avatar inventory gives across servers
893915ce0b88348bc7e2053e8942f76ad7ef830b Fix child prims returning after being unlinked and deleted where the root is not deleted
4db60a5a40580bf5aa56d80c319534e2e312a306 Fix the inventory transfer module to not cause duplicated text IMs
15da52d73aab37ba32447d317bab89baaceb38ba Prevent temp-on-rez prims from being persisted
ccfbce3176b429b0e590a8fedbf32185a6014c55 Remove "OpenSimulator" from startup message
dfe11566f43a60aaf0dda466a9425d8a1cc1d2e4 Fix parcel bans to work only on the avatars they're supposed to work on instead of pushing all avatars, even the ones that are allowed.
d206721e2f8833f6c95fa9fda350f0187c24d34f Add option SeeIntoBannedRegion to allow band to act like SL, where you can see in but not enter. Defaults to false, so no change.
fa64f2e56e6f3375c1417172b134eacb1a00f16c Although the Allow Voice setting is per estate rather than per region, apparently it is required in the region handshake to let the client enable parcel voice controls. So, send it.
aace455249b2ea8c033871f39f23409119760932 Prevent teleporting to a region when the egent is banned in all parcels
9462a1861b3a10467370380d11cf2e82a91c4ab7 Fix excessive forward motion and flailing while descending a slope, prevent adding motion while falling from flying.
0f152bfe8c6e9723da3abec3eeef83d0f2d18796 Diva needs a spanking! Serializing OldItemID breaks script state persistence in agent inventory.
7a9c57a81ec979564b089429bb93655912f823a2 When detaching a scripted item, always consider it modified. Script states will have changed and for real usability, we need to save it. It bloats assets, but that can't be avoided.
c2ac5dc35822fd85751b1da4a96a0062e600b55c Can't detach an object from within the script thread because it will throw. Use FireAndForget for that.
4f15b8d4e6be1e1fe88ad32aa43595861d1005ad Change the way attachments are persisted. Editing a worn attachment will now save properly, as will the results of a resizer script working. Attachment positions are no longer saved on each move, but instead are saved once on logout. Attachment script states are saved as part of the attachment now when detaching.
0049ec16f56eab51c812eef5e2e4396f23d91507 Prevent leftover attachments from clogging up the pipes
80d3998001b35ccf249218561817969ce78bf900 Recalculate prim counts when a parcel is deeded
2e5ae1b013e2960f6651bc8cf2d74cfbb181012e Fix gesture and viewer preview sounds not playing
47f04689953b9a84a9e718a5e7a75fe9fc9028aa Send parcel data upon becoming root. This will make streams play and build flags be set properly
f3e4000a552e5dcb7d3f3612badb622e1d412055 Send media and other parcel data to client on login. Makes streams visible right away and starts media.
1cf8eb8a90749b215bc4e8b7beb37b927e101dce Start implementing Freeswitch in ROBUST
83a427a8f9ef0ea99beab3f7f196be1f064879c8 Move Dialplan and Directory from the region module to the ROBUST server
5f8a0f3d1f4cd9948ced87e312bcd0c4a616ef2a Add the remote connector for freeswitch config retrieval
7e9a3019ac719b88defd69bded0f9b801194fe85 Fox the buglets in Freeswitch. Grid mode works now and there is no reason why standalone should not.
571becefb652869fa844188cadf8aca1fea774ab Fix some crashes caused by the addition of the CreatorData column
4a54b3318b202d75bde2f1fcde3e80114df91d2e Fix more potential nullrefs
b3a71c6df1538c61247f7d4711aba4c840508db8 Prevent an overlength button label from producing a debug dump and aborting the script.
152256792084639f67ec085fe4d19abb95b68e1d Finish the RestartModule and fix some bugs. Add new console commands: region restart bluebox <msg> <time> ... region restart notice <msg> <time> ... region restart abort [<message>]
c14592d4baf2308dee90abd93cb9029fd69e5d85 Export the module interface for restart
ee9aca9c5270e22407c3aa4aa96c76ca92f90bb9 Add the ability for gods to impersonate users. For this, bit 6 needs to be set in the target's UserFlags and the impersonator must have UserLevel 200 or above. The user can then log in using the target's name and their own password.
33c023bf6a0dc5445b6ccbecfff080032f279f2e Allow group lookup during tp / login to make restricting parcels to group work.
cccfd1db3478d20ea63c009b01bdc3479c046cbf Add marker files to the restart module so external scripts can be used to kill a process that hasn't restarted properly
385a6c4b344200ef183ce63edacec77fb18bcabc Convert the scope id in the im session id to a URL variable. Fixes offline group notice attachments not working
0b41606e7348d84348ef6eb4a4eb4ab1e64ed629 Instrument TI Dictionary to finally find that pesky script-caused deadlock
4765fd9cd0d30c97c4ddfc706aa5daa55e57df32 Remove hard limit on prim owners. The new LibOMV autosplits packets to prevent overflow
0f1fc7999417a2e1188de26d4ac9c881ea7bb684 Implement god summons
2bee150aac6d4996140ddf1f9bd09ba444901033 Implement health monitoring of the packet receiving and sending threads
4d104cf6fe92720ac42677ee3b394c11a9d12d4e Make gatekeeper's address check case-insensitive.
0acfe80f21bc74b31c9e0f245b2f27359f005376 Remove the most spammy XML dumps from the FS voice module
b08cc63003bcba51f9c735154d41f290f5c56010 Change inworld restart to use blue boxes rather than notices to match SL
0218845c2e86acdbd2cdd62175154226f20a1c1e Prevent the restart module from barfing if it's not configured
ec01936d38f6a082ec7f9d5ba4a07d8150d73ea3 Change the way sim health reporting reports sim startup
ce1aedf474559a39138e0009aadb2c1a481762f6 Add a missing interface memeber to the new HG stuff
e913e1690e0e4a8da26103e1159d5ec6aedfb43b Fix health reporting. This will now actually monitor the threads properly and not just the http server. It will also restart a dead heartbeat.
b94092517365fd557ca85142d315e746056dcfeb Improve health reporting
4407c4700ff67a0c64918765b8f6cae155ec015c Fix status responses in remote admin
bf695cccbabcc4c18ca26fac17922a1b79d25c33 Fix spurious Av move when clothing item worn or removed.
8e3bacc691926340c049e2082b46e4d22a72b6ff When linking something, immediately persist the linked set.
da91a2ab7eaea0b66e0a019f4284d780612b24c6 Convert the agent asset transactions module to a new style module. Refactor to remove the property "MyScene" and the pointless circular refs to the managing classes. Converted the module to a non-shared module. Reformatted source for 80 columns. Removed the special role the module had in the old loader.
f41dfbabc8e31ed9e38e50cdfa9963ac05b1648c Simplify updating of agent inventory assets. Make newly created asset IDs random rather than using IDs known by the client ahead of time.
96446adfa4dd91194c6ce6383927cdece8bdda1f Monitor the UUIDs used to create and update wearable assets. Reject any changed texture that is not present in the user's inventory full perm. This will prevent "UUID snatching", a copybot-type of attack that can cause clothing makers to be forced to destroy and replace legit items in order to invalidate the copies.
4b979362e9076344c9e96698f6cf8605945ffe61 Add some safeguards: DOn't send someone else's HUDs, don't send deleted prims Removed some unneccessarily wordy core comments
9b9ce8fb27f45009406e088284e4488749f3902e add more detail to the log in case of FORM Timeout cause nothing relevant are in the services logs
b1a5c0398551e4051f84d8bf3acf46b18fbe739d Lock the attachments dict so it doesn't get out of sync when iterating
b960a05e67b4aed543e37f4e041f0d5e5cc2d7c0 Cowardly refuse to keep running when no application plugins are loaded. Prevents empty instances from hanging around when Mono.Addins messes up
a4f7937eb338df588c02ce44200876210d0d58c3 Add the interface needed to revive calling cards

n 549f90c5b51939fa40439a65baa15f8664529958 Update calling card interface

b9f54fca5d4c395c7028e06a0dd7ba9551b23563 Allow TPing multiple people in the friends list in one go.
80b84e4bad9c468763d42feaa7e75146dc320f66 Prevent sending of attachment data to any client if the attachment is not actually attached to any avatar. Another stab ad fixing "HUD hair"
f28dc77ab4f0abeac942b25d3547f43184d5cf2e Plumb a code path for the entity transfer module to ask a destination scene whether or not an agent is allowed there as a root agent.
d3b081744ecb67dda7447e102e92739158a06d16 Prevent objects that are worn from ground from vanishing from the scene
9f9af315ecfb84c3c46f0c94b512b170b1d97da0 Correct Sensor axis for unattached daughter prims.
d36b880022b5efcd1c6d98d94a868575d2f6f184 Change some lookups in he Land Management module to make group permissions work better. Add a generic group permissions hoot to the scene permissions system.
6b374fa54767a22c1d236470c8a19ee59b44d937 Revamp the viewer -> banlist packet processing so fix a number of bugs. Remove the too coarse CanEditParcel method in favor of a CanEditParcelProperties method that takes a GroupPowers argument to specify what action is to be taken. Also, make the method to set parcel data much more granular. Permissions in a deeded setting should now work.
6528fc5c643a88374b6b35620b3f17bca6c6959a Fix a small bug in ban list handling
62e66b17bcc6e9dd856a0d46b3097f452d865a3b Make sure the material is set on physical prims
835e4dbc2cc5bdeea0bddfef2c15092720f5a10a Add locks on m_killRecord without breaking things like justin did
d7622cbedc3a4423ce5192f959851ba360c46fde Fix notecards that end with an embedded object causing an exception
7a78de8105f328fce44027f98f5e702e94f0beaa fix 'system.exception: unknown type in list.size: system.uint32'
5fccbe21d68f681b9a5aa0f2ae535a7d61a9a3f4 Update materials parameters.
2f84f2171fb7e17f6c336a4e6db9a04ad822704a Make prim inventories a bit more sane

n c9aa420c2d87da6285007ca52f0defbe60239c91 Restore CM loking after core extract

cf37b3b9434ca940fa635c0e951fa9ac7c07175a Prevent a null ref when an avatar login doesn't go as planned
32cc569b008e4d847530577081528c7baf51d8bb Fix up some locking issues in task inventory. Don't use any prior versions in production!
42d44c00f38d6c7f5a67920ff375ab20ceb24fe9 Change the mute list parts of the client interface so that all data is provided to the module
b16f4024dbf89e2a9a30232fe0be452c0e722b90 Update child prim group positions in moving vehicles
8186bf25253924e80c640ba03432d3b6211a4d41 Remove some code that was meant to fool the viewer into thinking SLT. It never worked and it turned out the issues were really in the backend.
f2dd324bc8fd7ef4be7426a660d7548e53c54962 Fix linking link sets to rotated prims.
dfc0c8dca6fb3d2673d948401e6c8dfe8a25b114 Remove the restriction on communication across scopes. This will allow cross-scope users to IM each other.
64209c9be1cc8c88bdf8f5c9cb3c1ddebd8f23d2 Fix av/prim eject problem.
dbaaccf92af588eaa07be7e97057decf79f0668e Copying a ref type under lock doesn't dissociate it from the source. Use a new list to do that.
2cb2bff9b2ab68c325b0142da0b37730be9a12a3 Implement SendPlacesReply
24a997eb7ccb59f2c7bbc52cd1ddb9a7801e6aac Add MessageKey to section Messaging, a key that prevents injection of IM from external sources
6820deed34fa87bc9b02376b382bae902052af9f Implement Scope ID lookup on GetLandData. Stacked regions were not handled properly
5545b03168fd2444d15e930890761713b4462d0a Fix scoping for prim region crossings
04e450e2bc065bd6049939129d0eacc851e014ba Fix child agent scoping
5432dfd53a19456c28f37379cd89a888d2c615d0 Allow cross-scope friendships to work, and also allow other cross scope name resolution
e15ab75d620a3d90c22bcb1c33679feb0666922a Add permissions hooks for object transfers
d1b6b4d28893b890ad9766aebd52a3227162cdaa Fix god mode perms adjustment
1ab9cd0997b30eae24b0fc609d7d8598e5a549fc Fix a couple of security issues
c271bbcc8af1549666f6a5299a4b9ab9cf1c86d9 Preserve the script running flag when copying an object.
72048169c0f8aea6806f987f8ef932798f73a8aa Taint SOGs the right way
2c6a410e903767a9c4f18777ec0d9fd862fe531e Partial permissions fix for boxed items.
7f99a8c900251c59bc7cb7d8309a14ad5360de42 Fix direct item give permissions
f59b55d930b4a715d2ea5b99d2b3f5494073b1ae Dont' trust the viewer! Fix a permission slam error caused by trusting the viewer too much.
e4bb8dc3859c49811c0a7b70ada5dcce79094923 Guard against invalid light color specifiers from the database
69666be28c5700b94be54d6165c9f59d681a4f4f Implement kicking, freezing and unfreezing users in the same sim via profile god buttons.
139e84c0b2033462bdfa91b186fb77432474afc5 Fix slam bits being lost when editing perms in prim inventory
fe2d9be0cff649fad7fee78b257686954262e3cd Implement nonlocal god kicks and freezes
a30bbcbb64e9b985b0db4c4b795ad369d7f4cda7 Temporarily reinstate prim counting in the update loop to make the production systems run
76f39d326e88f0793daf5d1f0d19654d596d572c Add a new ViewObjectInventory permission to decouple viewing from +MOD status
ddb4de139ccd6eff117ac322e94b323bd91212ee Change gesture activation to not quash any other flags
4f8ba53f86281484963124bc9900e8bb9d388fbe Prevent activation and deactivation of gestures from clobbering the slam bits
bfa5b7850cde25f679ea09f491cf357d6b2fee8f Fix drift of static prim.
17787e7c87c82f266c9b9d5f525cf3c5bead6ce8 Completely nixing flags from the client causes wearables to break. Fix it so we let the lowest byte through.
dbbf43663e688b136d806965edfb82b4cd9e3e91 Add a careminster API to scripting again
649d9ef93445439f6e222802757e1bc7d08d919c Fix script data not being reset as it should be
aa6c097cca1c75219aae4103041a303292663dfb Complete country support
3ecf712e4dd5318442e7c853eb43299840594ce5 Add userFlags check to isBanned. This checks bans against DenyAnonymous and DenyMinors.  Note that the ban doesn't actually work yet due to some stuff mel's working on .
11c742a5a8b1edd97923cc445aa43e0ba92f1bce Make bans work for teleport. Now teleport will complete block if the user is not allowed on the estate. If the user is allowed on no parcel, the teleport will also be blocked. If the user is allowed on a parcel, but not the desired one, the user will be shifted to the closest allowed location.
dd1980c24c280a4cc3fc08e0a06ed8c9d0db583c Add an interface for a region's user account cache
0e1d28a86277537ead2f35c8a5eefc7dbd596d8a Clear user account cache before checking flags on login. This will make AV and other bannable flags work in this case.
3b8b606eeb98c57295ef69a62bb7f069094fffe7 Add TeleportFlags.ViaRegionID to the flags sent on login when the region was entered by hand to determine whether or not to honor the landing point
1f19bd5f90c6d8db0c2780cab922bbcd2649eaca Also set Godlike flag. Might be useful
c43b892f3a644028391fd02a6c29cb88de5b356f Add a TeleportFlags member to SP so we can tell how we got there.
eca82d90c2116645a7f03bd0ebd37d41b6eda826 Change the way landing points are honored
1143e022b41c835bf0d587c2ddd6a70504d78d42 Make landing points work on local teleports. Constrain owners and gods to landing points when coming from off sim (matches agni) to prevent landing in floors or other prims.
8568c6a7c038a8f49b926d44ca5324c741c80c98 Implement "Cannot teleport closer to destination" message
2a9e712cb4381c585505cbe5aa98092a41a617b5 Let gods TP in wherever they like while in god mode
b13eac99963bf4db480f13429895b0131ea07a29 Make the estate setting "Allow direct teleport" override the constraint of local tepeports to landing points like it is meant to
7492131bb60129f5ce875ee376fc10b477e3fc5f Fix bumping into sim borders and check estate bans for walking crossings
566eff17de31b4ffc1aef85c6047ce9e4e8bf5cd Comment a very spammy debug message that was being output directly to console. My last fox that makes bumping into sim borders/bans work makes this spam endlessly.
657c14c5db8b0c882484926ba76aa64ec757ee07 Fix up QueryAccess to also check parcels
3834000778b121a963ddbda8d5c2a9a2cd554569 Change the way ban lines work
0ea8046545bdbc9da4904413882bd54c1b7b6d75 Change the way ban lines are handled. Remove a lot of useless stuff designed to physically move the avatar and instead just re-set the position. Ban lines now work fully.
9abaac4d60ed2ccb90d63c65517ab269000a7f06 Correct chat source location for Av seated on daughter prim.
d91ee131b944619de52448c1c0a3b87c6e5f4b9e Make the new style stuff compatible with the older revision
13d4fedf7a7822ed408693863d4db00a5381315d Fix a discrepancy vs. SL with parsing x-query-string
87ed39c9534809e2b3edd88b22c7ecf126b37e2b Significantly increase the total number of URL's available.  In second life, the limit is 15,000 URL's (one per prim), so i'd hope we can manage 1k.
e5ef993f2b7ee8b7777d8a413d815c3e8e2ca786 Fix cm/15627 : Don't block the entire URL on duplicate requests, just that particular request!
4a56038d11a82cb9b6a0e11cfe935e6c52948bd2 Change the timeout on WebUtil to 20s to help make more tps succeed
722ae4f031738350be03ccd299b240acfe8d5b9d Add a missing constand and fix ToDoubleList to not eat the last memeber
595891409cbfaca670d23e0f37710eabe6b648bd Add another flag
9a9c9644acb4135d168b239f40fd07aafe34f190 Repair x-query-string
e8ba3d3a101a8b797021a9915b02c1bbfdf33448 Prevent a nonexistent inventory item from throwing an exception
f62cb1fcbe9cc90375bb270e71cbbd22ba6eb933 Temp fix (or is it a fox?) for map weirdness
ba03e2e262191cc37da7cfaba544336aa9e85bd4 Add the country functions in the careminster API
cfce0aa4482c50e3046ae44fe76d71fb70c82201 Change the QUERYACCESS method to eliminate spurious access denied messages
3f93db83711956dbef8870d5b997e3bc12d16c46 Streamline ban line processing. Remove remnants of old advisory messages. Centralize ban checking and prepare for adding a "ban and eject" function.
c79f79fc8487ed2c4a7e1b77679f6e0d7b8fa17d Add needed dummy to sample money
5a78161e74116050b063ec679e1c134ad4a2f16e Restore heartbeat thread
86decb2aa8727a0c2ff51dd5c9a12d122585df3c throttle group notices to max of 4 threads at a time ...otherwise it can create hundreds of threads and hang
04dc43f591b8059ece94901ae32cf5485e8e9273 Prevent attaching things you don't own from inworld. Simple solution for a complex issue
efd8d03c59296a4179331573016bb2e3fd5cfcc7 Prevent giving copies of no copy scripts or transferring no trans scripts through LSL
11105d38bdd8eb3eb3eb29eac7f054a2bdc22baf Fix a few little things
0719ffa6fab128352868b65a4ec48e40357ecc5f Change protection from being teleported home to extend to incognito gods.
4a5560a86eb4c3afa07820f9bdfbfb9708439900 Change avatar picker search to work properly when two name parts are used
f54ddd88a2d615a7d577671cd38e66e60994451d Up the timeout on slow requests to 3000 to stop console spam. Make sure request method and target are reported correctly and drop the txn id as it's empty 99% of the time.
13aae75ad88b69c319f86911bac81096510975c1 Prevent god users from being stopped logging into a region
7b11a83c08928166cc3286cc03265180003690c7 Don't send a windlight profile to clients if windlight is not set for that region. This should restore normal day and night cycles for regions without WL settings.
4d4765aa28d4553ffa2893eea201eaa27867a022 Since we've plugged the leak, now increase URLs to 5000 since the limit is being hit in several sims
a073ca57dab55c1b143935f7622e8443e41f71d1 Add a definition for a region flag to omit a region from traffic counting
3cfaf4c2251a4f10ecfd37377f2254b4032ffd10 Adding a helper function lifted from Aurora. Not for core.
c330f89fb1954ba2a784cd5bc421965b7594d60c Add some more fields to Estate settings and make them work. Run alter table estate_settings add column AllowLandmark tinyint not null default 1, add column AllowParcelChanges tinyint not null default 1, add column AllowSetHome tinyint not null default 1; to make this work.
edf9f3d6305cfca07f9f0f99558a9adb139cef59 Raise the position for lures by 2m to prevent the target avatar getting stuck in a prim.
78a7c6cace0fb8cfaee695eadb2d10fcbf4e1f38 Remove the forced landmark and home poermissions because they are now in the database
bbbcb453989625587b4c5ff00b50480d5a524e2e Fudge the group join permissions for god user in god mode. Allows to join every group without an invite.
3dc9b0ef1827f8d21396475870094c5debe394d2 Remove a spammy debug
5ef490b5add0f2cb6a30b519d6199148f62603b0 Switching vivox to https for production use
8338b74d3f023c825cca8d59b90be44a52faec10 Add giving lists of items to another prim
553a195493db93f9718c1e48b408c1e6839bfde0 Fix issues with UpdateRootRotation and also increase efficiency
2d2a1acfae712585f1f00ec8d26b5aa4c00482fc Upgrade terse to full update on root rotation change. Not entirely sure why, but it seems that the terse update causes the first prim to rotate improperly on occasion (only temporary, it's fixed by the full update on deselect, but this will prevent confusion.)
f7276dda027c6ac8d500f20e44a3a7a0218a70b7 Flag root prim changes for persistence
83c78029e39848113939d5c2c386db42876136d7 Make the login service's call to the sim time out quicker so we have a chance to try fallback before the client quits
95e524dde100aa14d71a49ee5d5f0cc4b5fa45f7 A stab at making CHANGED_OWNER work
4256693a9e05478e8fb5aae7063f4b024ff1d23b Make CHANGED_OWNER work for deeding and god-mode in-world change
33dd74e410bcd95364d8029a3f2a21b522c9f9d2 Add support for the new display name related functions in LSL. This does not implement the display names functionality as such, but it allows scripts that are display name aware to function as if the display name were implemented and set to the avatar name.
5db8dcb5635ed39c299ff30516fb237767a041a5 Fix agent animation updates
276181053147eb3ff0831ce1e730dc4819b16763 Fix the cert validation handler so that it will not block other parts of the server doing ssl successfully.
dbf52b8cd1690e9df3501295c8c99d35988781d3 Correct the delegate for classified deletes
ec0aa7a90b578572fc45f27b5113a174ff37643e Fix up client implementations
282e116f948d431b570f7c17425cfc0a8ea767a2 Honor agent limit for region crossings and teleports
e713b7e3bbfdae81add08b2ef48ea7f79812f4e0 Try to repair attachments ion the fly if they are detached and reattached.
98fe37051a6844851245d4cd5460326873eb9759 Set the attachment data on scripted rez to allow toasters to work.
8a398ef02d60b3f9007bc76fa404ddffa6c458d4 When coming in from a legacy region without fatpacks, start scripts the usual way
61263e2ce3534b0356af9b608c84bcd96015aa34 Some private changes to the prioritizer: 30m steps instead of 10 and disable the broken frontback math. Much better user experience.
3f7050173d589a40706ba41c0c9ad74e01d7d080 Attempt to make teleports more reliable. This may break redirection on login
5591abf9d11126eb80999fecaacac1eb1c43db26 Allow attachments to track the user's camera
763666e2d6e82dac4ae1514df8dcbe376c6f4cac Enable compressed (gzip) fatpack transfers.
1fbf4c83004345891f7e09834a2fc35c33387ed9 Remove a spammy debug I left in. Disable TP cancel button at the point of no return.
dbf623a3d29cc594b3e3a5188ce58189d5ce65d8 Add commands to delete objects by name, UUID, creator or owner
c164be1ee56399a0c87ba5a70453a53f1d90e988 Fix bans so the region owner and estate managers can't be banned by renters
d3c3feb6b185f4f3fd960e7a8579cf4eacb58dc1 Adds an optional module to enforce prim limits on a given parcel Takes into account acculmitive prim allowance when multiple parcels are owned by the same avatar on the same region. Does not handle prims that are moved by a script or account for temporary objects at the time of creation. other wise handles all tested cases including: Creating a new object from the build menu Moving an object from another parcel duplicating an object via shift move rezing an object from a script
9daad867174e0ab0ddec707697b83b37c9208777 Convert the prim count module into a permissionsmodule
d773d89145141d2f81bf018f4f2bb4502329788c Plug a hole that allows selling a copy of no copy objects when using hacked god mode to fool the viewer into thinking it can set that sale type
344815ab79b38bf0f761fc2b001d745811aa0088 Globally throttle script channel 0 comms to 5/s with 10s burst to prevent lag griefing attacks
6bac16fd884a51a7874348928d45c883f9d5968f Fix up handling of the estate dialog to prevent duplication of ban list names. Allow more than 61 names in ban list without crashing the viewer.
f9203ca7e0a3493b35dabbaadd629decc55d3858 Add a message packing library to binary-pack AgentCircuitData for faster teleporting
e847d1d83f36a6d8e87fc9271c960b43c6ab6812 Lock m_requestMap properly to prevent some nasty access errors and the resulting downward spiral
1f17960e6772c48abf100ce59a660662648df825 Also fix the locking of url.requests and tidy the locks in general
74dd619575c2e260ba680312a87249e284f3d2c9 If a response cannot be obtained (the script has no handler) return a more friendly 500 error instead of crashing out with a null reference and letting the connection hang
8a46484a59507218a8271713b5d2b3b01b1fae23 Make public interface methods in MySQLSimulation data virtual so the CM data layer can inherit from it
fdbcd2fbf99e162a4d8fe9c24a149bafd4b75c48 Add a missing virtual keyword
8b42f824d3ccd487e1d0917b155faa75fd311927 Add an event for an orderly region shutdown that fires once per region before the SceneGraph is torn down.
d5841e07c2063ea8ac6602f17b8c30ae10a319b8 Create a method to force the script engine to save state from outside
62e0c960363e0949bbc41b072a0dfffb90d19762 Allow disabling the legacy backup mechanism to avoid the object clone if backup is not used.
932db1c3742415bd089620ca4eba9ed8ac857d85 Add PayPrice to serialization format Xml2
b000d9ba724ae12ae27c49dd94e36d4592bd6c26 Some additional protection, it seems that responsedata needs to be locked, but I can't immediately see where it's being accessed from another thread. For now, this will protect the server
4d324f1b74deb1bc08b02ad1fe781d46cff43ccc Change setter on changed flags to public so modules can reset it
61bf2bf2ddce323255d7d009274d8da5a2da54c9 Make Buoyancy a prim property
458a8c6d0b1c54e3d395c28605a5b6bce45881fd Persist Buoyancy in inventory
163ee8216873f963efd3ea42dd007b095214bce0 Add some flags to control content in search better
1b7fec0842a91705f053cbded365f6172b09d554 Remove friends debug spam
d2fc23c0344c2e537bc487334680d37d01675b5d Stop displaying "Sending windowslig profile to client" when WL is disabled or there is no valid WL for that region.
30482e7ae5ced953a7fe73fe4f6df3b09f943f4a Don't store the default WL profile. This will prevent "valid" from being set on the default profile and hopefully finally fix day and night
06d5989f4d44de2dfedbb3858f706940a56361ed Fix parcel prim count and max reporting. Viewer already multiplies.
cc69d12d542cc7cea66e7b045b97c27c43d205bd Fix a raycast issue
0e52010c0eafff64207649d3f53ccf734a072e88 Thank you, Michelle Argus, for a patch that adds reading the agent limit from XML properly.
96174595da269f50d37c88c213ad00b79a7c7c83 Fix LLTextBox to work with the updated libOMV
c2de0c930c526157b464ce7a7d17a37042a3676c Fix failure to find avatars due to trainling spaces being sent by viewers.
5c012cac54f92f2881005a50fd3eb103f0f2ea07 Add a timer to monitor the heartbeat. Restart it if it's been dead for 5 seconds.
04eaca2af85bd8261c426e4c1049a73b4badf072 Ensure that packet headers get parsed correctly
434091d3f4913a0fd9b229471d3d65369327e0ec Allow removing users from search and avatar picker
0e9dda91cbaa0a4431772daeb338ecebf0d2268d Guard against a bad login leaving us with a null queue
6ab5ca2bda9966d00470fc9f6967bce4eca663d2 Guard another nullref
1129b8062985f0252bea26c5e67b957a41cb457d Fix a rather stupid VS warning "The operation overflows at compile time in checked mode" - doesn't make much sense to me, but for some reason it doesn't like 256 - 6 when 256 is a constant...
e15917f4658789096902625dddf226dd218a23c2 Fixed a movement regression - Kitto's jump code is no longer needed (plus it's an eyesore)
363a99593d69c55f084f3438c335d38262beddf8 Change the asset connector to allow connection to different asset servers depending on the first two digits of the asset id.
300d357573a272ef0042ebbe0912ab88de958f65 Fix physics proxy position when linking and rotating the root prim only
1ebfd2fb686960dc22082f57e2d9660a3d13d3b1 Fix tree populator
f4de1a6d9b54a85da08de3daadf094c562f88011 HACK: Remove advanced property resending until it is fixed properly in core.
2f6cc771542e5ce6fb39c16f8d69f3f15f611b6c Adjust CM version tag
1d379a9c7b59f95ccca1149fad6e5e0107040f6e Make WALK animation state work again. TURNLEFT and TURNRIGHT are now rebroken
c9fae6f8a2f0bd80343da43d14927cbaab0cc0c7 Disable Flotsam groups messaging module in our config base
fd0e65b0b17c2985d4dd8199e16fbc84d9929dad Fix up the animator and ScenePresence to like each other again
8cca9fe23cd2b8d785e844d123e3c565efc23e97 Allow updating the movement animation while flying. This fixes falling, splatting and ground sit. Walking to a ground sit still doesn't work.
4a6160e7ad6284de8eef48892c6a6e133d4ddc2f Fake an AgentCircuitData if none is available rather than crashing out
5f025d20fe9aa8449f446f33d9147ddb27e2d5be Fix ground sit autopilot
9b6ce41b0e52a91d1f84b158ae5996957df636ba Reduce severity and remove duplication if a common log message regarding baked textures
175d74e68c72be653f6c05241e3400168f7297a9 Fix the offline message module to revert core changes and restore avn specific behavior
e431d5dae485e1ba9289548498b791a051f63e28 Plug a security hole in the inventory service
ce8419fdd0d3384a9df037d9df1b5d7d8960d1d8 Fix link order when linking sets to sets
bda7b3dffe320f358a2e34b738c23371bb7e302b Replace our patched up, broken an rebroken sit code with the code from core which has now matured beyond what we had.
506653ff0031cade99d496be9ce733a0460c8597 Some trivial changes to get closer to core
cc8e693fb9c00b24ccdde586324bbcc30ac218e6 Remove unused and broken OffsetRotation from ScenePresence
0f279b1187e0c518f5feb08a2824d1f718154a67 Some more changes to catch up with core
9c6025f928302b0242aa1887071e5e3f96bae90e Adapt to the core SP rework
8fb6ae379ae830da0b52b1825ec74fbcded5981b Change m_falling public to a getter property.
534560df8c9f59eb416cb7415ac7055c459da339 Remove backup optimization that was causing prim contents to poof
69322b84cedd667d8dc3d18e475ae8c15a7fad50 Fix up failing test to compensate for changed sit target offset
d40d0e45964444e0a95e400c5d14e0fc647058a6 Fix the ability to move the seated avatar via LSL
063920e0a2e746f73d5088889951fa45ac10ec38 Fix misaligned sit animation on scripted sit caused by the default sit animation being run after the scripted one.
81fbe7ffb16cddd568a5d4969782a9b679f10d4d Implement nudging support for strafing motion
008b213ec092aafa59fde39c3e150bfebdac23fe Fix turn left and turn right properly. Works for both built-ins and LSL AOs
a081df75e283cf3c7ae07b598d0fca868a0110a5 Prevent linking objects while they are deeded. On unlinking deeded objects, set LastOwnerID properly so the parts cannot be transferred, circumventing no trans perms
efc6c6db7ce3602660c566f4beaf529d5ea9ec71 Fix taking or returning locked objects losing permissions for owner
e9c386f6a61124b14219496c9b1696b1819f93d5 Force a sim exit when hearbeat isn't restarting successfully
516c3dfbbbbc361c8cf52e9db15c2cd099d7913a Remove some debug code that had snuck in
ec8c93aa5e1d0af2c0adf38156b05e85421f4a81 Implement ChangeInventoryItemFlagsPacket handling
19d6aa2bc98cbeb6df089d89d8fc07a08fbdfec4 Don't allow position update on sitting avatar. Don't bounds check sitting avatars as they will be crossed by the vehicle and not individually
35800d6a8639c033aa9934b493320ec0ba961fda Reinstate setter for OffsetPosition to allow setting the offset by script while seated
b7c9eb4bf78b831c920f6a6f1aed4df903b9e4f4 Don't allow deletion of a terrain from the database unless we have one to replace it with
3281b993620a4db85ae26d3d080a2549ae5f405a Strip CR from http responses and limit them to 2048 chars
2a8a46a32d49fa6629ae3c35365456e0625e3ba5 Fix CHANGED_TEXTURE and CHANGED_COLOR.
6362df1202aa1b44dc576128bcd6afd597046792 Serialize the Volume Detect field
5b07370ec4634ca4925e8674a8808e35183af04c Remove erroneous message about hyperlinks when entering an invalid region name in map search.
09c043fe524f1b62c9e4286197a3f0cf70eca791 Adapt GodsModule to core changes
5490a3e549c2c1753bf562cef53ad70250731081 Fix phantom and temp flags not taking
d6486fe14a77b74235eaa9e1feab36f923dc6ee9 Fix task inventory giving
f317953290f7240768bf52238541663134ac76ea Fix up intersim give messaging
ccba04f3451c5034669bbd999cd9ab2a3e8bd5a0 Fix intersim object give messages
b45923983381d57e8befbdfb1953ebc349ff7d8e Recover from an internal mess-up in the outgoing packet queues by creating a new queue object.
603ad905e19f9ebaab39a1b926cc41093a224151 Adapt to justincc's remote admin refactor
1e4842eabad7ccd1429161b98588220da1d8b657 Remove superfluous try block
4eb3622bfe0c4cea0700c99a824b4c726f36d35c Dummy commit
cf97809ff128406ec340b0101ab275e9912bee67 Reverse the last one
f025387f10397203a979a389b8bbd7148c5616a0 Set adaptive throttles false by default because it doesn't play nice with AVN code
00b36eb0fedc8de0d3a3ce9461828970fbd50fd8 Restore the Avination way of position and angle calculation so resizers work again.
db98698bbea1777fd3ba50d7c441d581a733addd Prevent spurious error message when client tries to move a null item
323ffd7a893e76f097487c1ab461923d996dc1ca Fix a regression that causes data from the attachments module to fail loading
943b37b8e66f21cab9c52e6f5120d86085d0179c Send changed animation event asynchronously
afab4b276ebc87f70307ac65e158bb3489d7634b Remove spammy log messages when querying sim health
8418288e26a8373536fc1993cb3d8ca8a8518a44 Make m_attachments private
d18a9f22e798e239bf989bad2e261283fd737b73 Prevent a nasty deadlock on teleport
6d1d1c0dbfc01891b2b18ccf3137f995ecfda367 Comment debug spam
df65245671cbef2f2da5b8bb78aa02be409b1469 Spin off terrain save into a new thread and make it so that it uses the old values for places where NaN are found.
8a9a8ed5c903f3f685dfff2fd81a2c9594a12584 Fix hit testing link sets properly. Fix raycasting for LSL.
c4f1906b0ac568dcb45824308baa9852cc399ce8 Make raycast more efficient by checking exclusion flags earlier
04806e02edca0a0a44c2dd2adae0a1bcad57181e Add PRIM_POS_LOCAL as an alias to PRIM_POSITION for setting the position. For SL compatibility only
5b28e2953061a4a02a4e7c5c1f38b22fca305cc7 Fix camera orientation for sit targets to use the prim actually sat on. Now SL compatible.
f2855d36686a20f2a40f138c9eb7f92d2b56b6c6 Add setter for Acceleration on physics objects.
41f6d6a5fff5251764db5f637fa197f1bb14a7cd Introduce a LightShare kill packet ans send it when needed. Currently only understood by AVN v0.3
ad1c6442cdc198cb390e8afc38fffc90df526351 Remove a debug spam
bf4d727cd596415431a35272e21c68190d9b5374 Fix permissions being lost and correct slam behavior, removing icompatible code inherited from core and dead code.
32b8fa4a77fb7837b8f583243babca225eac6277 Prevent spurious "CHANGED_POSITION" during region backup
045f3b8b110780953953b0b5187be69ea75b7c65 Clean up GetWorldPosition
e9296721c74e8d33017efd3974491d62d0a5011d That needs to be callable from elsewhere!
23ce1dfc27cfc57eb9726122132ca616cc457312 Remove a dangling command registration
db482cb7ddbc7657112006052399fd1c27ee36f3 Fix up asset stuff
31dc5aa7287596cfa89112475bcb120f00cde228 If dragging a script that is no copy from prim inventory into agent inventory, stop it first in scene. If deleting from prims, move to trash rather then making it poof.
70157a4ec53bc75ca6acf781600d4901c32ace8b Fix some syntax issues
38ae4792494f6de71fbd3876f0c2449e7c49e4cc Make sure to prefix NPC names with "NPC:" so they can't be mistaken for users
69c0f252a4ddeb137446e7db3fc1e0f7ffed7554 Force the group tag of NPCs to "- NPC -" unless the name is completely blank.
efe51fd5cba9bf3ed1cd37f71f8af888dbf0a386 Don't try to save a NPCs attachment states on NPC delete
d5c5bbe0a171aa35d4a0612317b25c8b4b2a7f51 Update teleport routing to match Avination
0cf59534ff7b043e4a62f6bd0d4ef404bfdf8a42 Update teleport routing to match Avination
5d9e135b5cdf23325448c14086e1a40d0ea6f948 Remove ViewObjectInventory method unsupported by core
aa2cde2493d5cd01686ab29e25be8f110112a860 Disable unowned NPCs
72247bdaef1cf76e4f51b41bc7413a0837f7a332 Allow SmtpClients and other SSL users to work with our cert handler installed
068b8e1f9b3f754426e76e17cb926fc1cd5d9dad Disable using an agent ID to clone NPCs. The griefing potential is too great
d6b9504c84f620f0205f2f1fcf024fda7e68ea5c Add methods to allow the groups modules to query online status and last login
747c25e92083c6a71b4163a9336c91cffa67bfb2 Spin off NPC deletion into a thread to avoid it being done on a script microthread. A stab at fixing exceptions.
5afb70b9feb58b17261bc6f04f9c923c0da588e5 Fix prim calculations so that > 32767 prims are supported
08b6b3bb48fb9872fda04c06e7ba82b25c811ab6 Add some logging
8fcb9bf418e1d074f0bc6cc83f7cb946b77f96c0 Correct some SQL syntax
090bf7acca33996786d4a1245c7954d7f9784105 Correct a coordinate to make the viewer like it
696fbdfa24595fef5c26f5d3a297465ff765058b Reverse the spawn point distance vector
cc02f78d4e8f0cae4168e6d634f86d0ea9d0b537 Simplify and streamline telehub editing code. Verify rotations and fix spwan point positioning on rotated telehubs.
0369d219173fdb7ad9c19cf93d055480d80912fc Add teleport routing, first part
f10288ceae9b029249ec72d04b39b3c9e3ae00ed Add handling bans properly
24862eaf15d873bbf0a695a8274f904415143466 Spin off starting scripts in rezzed objects into a thread to avoid a recursion into the script engine if the script was suspended inside an event.
090164ff7a8edab3cad12728b67c35d9f50ddaab Completely disable NPC being sensed as agents, the abuse potential is too great
6fbc48ee9ca2141add3f7f6a316138895a5c7c4c Make all NPCs owned by default
dac826da4ea2e1208f420a1fbf652417f858a8c1 Prevent an overlong description from messing up a ParcelInfoReply
498fe1afe76e565b28631d8da954ac9105e9a1a9 Fix calculating land prim count type width issue
7c824f02b445579c0ef54a2212f851ae811a639d Add the ability to abort a pending restart using the viewer UI or a RemoteAdmin message
e1cad4c34ff7325fbb5ba5f063914ed32ac3323a Use the requested sim's map, not our own
0f181fe5d05e24886586e5882f4f6fe60c1dc30d Fix displaying landmark and search info properly with long names
a0206e5a17a128a03e93b48ffedea709f8470f09 Comment debug spam
71012ef8836fe75b441d86b5a3ba2c3fa4014032 Make parcel sale overlays work. No auction support.
c305b5501226a4ecaea83b01499e7841ad1c94fb Draw brders around parcels for sale
45ad9e39a668fc283b392746572729659fb9539d Improve reliability of script state saving by covering various saving and loading scenarios which resulted in loss of continuity on item ids
6fe4b6fbe807672ec64700ff8c6307a2a3e4f084 Fix remembering attachment point and position when an item is rezzed in world. Also fix PRIM_LOCAL_POS returning 0 when used on child prims from a script in the root.
fd7e82ee7237617a8e19b1eede3cf5164a587a67 Streamline banning code using existing methods.
07c487a28f6ce6d85cf32fba0c2ded724f7b5af7 Make ban, eject, freeze and the scripted versions of those work.
a829f208280bcad82d5e1f5a66c53e4d586491e5 Experimental. Expand Fire & Forget for NPC delete
9c6ba8d18f4b3c4b457240f251612691cb271d90 Push more NPC stuff into threads
815f3af1d7b3bf16e81dd3a03e0c69c8e49f2f91 UbitODE plugin initial commit
c75fa8b8a1c4ba9235074e84f9a363483c5220f7  changes in physics manager, needed for UbitODE
12c32396665d5cf72235b074a91b25a5d1770b53  changes needed to compile UbitODE, also changes project name to "Careminter". untested on linux
754129b90331d9ac5a160a3adefa9a7c6b150503  files need to run UbitODE in linux ( untested )
6cc9aa30ac40ecb62870d8ecf566680a1a83d630 first change in SOP. in AddPrimShape(..) give physics the world rotation and not local offset. Currently physics interface only knows about world frame
6af01f6767838235091b9e34cdaea05951d68f68 initial introdution of physics actor building control.
7cf73cb92af7d00f9d7a98c1762162d597418a3b  Changes to vehicles code etc. Includes some debug aids to remove later.
4455140f3040d6d2a14057e963619aa461b51c50 Change parser to leave embedded quotes alone if the pattern is recognized as an OptionSet long option
b617411b972281529684bd8151a59899c81bfcf6  scale avatar push force with avatar density
f415256e0b0d4b0191d52cb84090a0f1b0044ae9 Use mesh to estimate real center of prims if avaiable. Let sculpt map textures with alpha channel work. On linux J2DecodeCache folder must be deleted to remove bad entries. Corrently this can't be cached on linux (mono/ cairo/? problem)
33a9f0f1c5aa4cb6b49399dfe6b309b59f77266e a bit better vertical attractor and banking
3f9c390b4d1e13057b11ef810f19fde7c6722fca  changes to vehicle banking
d4e28ed113659fa0e497aa0adedc31d1deddf2ec  vehicle changes done by simulation thread and not calling one
022ae33ed5da0b1d9b56694bcfbf2f1a9e18b36e UbitODE: replace 'taints' by 'changes' for avatars also. This provides better time order with changes in prims.
09f6647aa37be99191263a20a98a5b992f62a3de scenepresence change! in standup() give avatar a physical actor after deciding the new position. This reduces a bit the odds of it being still coliding with object.
bcf59a574f757fd8a79c3fc3bb61fab87da8c1f1  remove forgotten taints code
f168fefb790e1c951a7a59cafa4d2cb2520e4e06  removed outdated coments.
6fd6919a0bcdfd2d15d0b7a7aa392837de759114  remove drawstuff from ubitode
e3213065173e1408a138eb0bce0c9e936073b19b Prevent object loss and positioning outside the region with failed object sim crossings
f6f0d884bda8b5179d04a9cfe15efa3908552bcc  try to make crossings work better. chode no longer prevents crossings i hope
a758abaa9fa7250d1b61bcd906ca12539307851d  try to make crossings work better. chode no longer prevents crossings i hope
b59275355e9dd8fbc126faf5bded8e61e84df4e8 don't freeze with a sitted avatar in a border without other sim. Still messy :(
f6c35cf26f759407268a46689d94e246a82b4286 Now if chode prim.cs detects out of bounds it requests a update and blocks movement and colisions. Base code must do a PhysActor.CrossingFailure() to make it move again inside sim or delete it.
3bffdddc9d0f0f62d7cf4bc6c271a865052ee119 don't freeze with a sitted avatar in a border without other sim. Still messy :(
819fcdaee1745917072c0505416a71b5f40b60d0 Now if chode prim.cs detects out of bounds it requests a update and blocks movement and colisions. Base code must do a PhysActor.CrossingFailure() to make it move again inside sim or delete it.
7d77ccc6593c6c3ac9f66e2e593dfb8cc719cd04 Added simple binary serializer/deserializer to chODE. 100% untested and most like still broken
5351ff925c20c0fd189ee7de85c31521aca8cdf3  let SOG know about vehicles. Still needs serialization and applyphyscis on deserialize, etc
91a326331fedc702cc3f04a628841447b90d009a  vehicle parameters do cross (i hope) on regions in same instance ( others need xml)
3aee642190add7045f78e522ae7b2221b3566f1e changed how vehicle data is stored and passed to physics. use unsafe in serializer, tried to control m_dupeInProgress
70b3b599bc09385c03cea0b0aca655f090b02e9f  added some ToXml2 to SOGVehicle ( unused untested )
028dc1f4ed2e8bdc5e3d5e3d493a743e6d7b557f a bit less human readable xml
a62baf8ea453c7798057895d7c09ac0b81116f27  added a EnUsCulture whatever that is..
736fb0b41dae9ab4a66e556bbb37aeb9d6360f1d minor fix to chODE terrain heighmap scale
b77d354e6dcf1eb31486f0db3236780f63f23844  moved vehicle from SOG to SOP
60d68ee3122a974007adec6e651fad461d8abda4 Vehicle XML serialization more complete. Inactived by coments in SceneObjectSerializar.cs until proper testing
3c9b7f2c0c40e6a976be708763ab166fcdee66b1 simplified vehicle fromXml. Use still comented on SceneObjectSerialized.cs
8f8206f47841cb0dd9db4e28377e32dd21f0dec0 Add an override to make SOG.Velocity work as expected
d6b8febbf44e5aed73153129a4fa55c3fb10eee2 Make vehicles retain velocity when crossing between regions.
0e4d5a4d3ce54530f39d513146b066a55769d231 Also preserve angular velocity on crossing.
cb4509f3b8c88c1cfa1a46328661d58abe714db6 Reverse the changed to ODE heightmap. It results in SERIOUS issues like an irreversible y-flip and holes in the map.
3796e08b5977d363a97a3e2ca27df0f710f2ba2a Count agents for LSL instead of relying on SceneGraph to have the correct value. Fixes a reported glitch.
15bc539bd49e7a09c1ec6e539871cde5eee6032e  fix the last fix. Regions are square but... Also remove the 0.5 offset in map position. It was apparently needed to fix we having nsamples = size and not size + 1.
56cc573d2ff71c6caa5b0f28d784f7c3c7751e52 Show avatars as sitting on proot prims only to avoid motion jitter for passengers
dc835717d66678eddfd802717a068c6131e460fc Properly sequence updates of avatars and attachments so that we don't update attachments on child avatars or intermingle agent and attachment updates, which would render the root prim of huds invisible
f3ea2bde617fa6c55b89973cdea2fb8e217d83bd Fix preserving the animation state of a crossing seated avatar
1c0adfa6e025045b6c309943f886f641a4df8e38 Correct sit position calculations
e74bf4600759c3fee6aa62ee808bbf214c019b6d Prevent a nullref when nonphysical motion objects cross sim boundaries
daf58575f8a8a4610dab833d00b94811732c33cc Partially apply the core banlines fix
95f43ab73ebac860cbcd534f07d60404f257b0bb Add a cache on GridService requests
ec94b82f514b988ad9b931c842a022a0fb5b3bae  stop using useless geom tricallback.
991826ca76a80f8a1e03ce63d759185fddd5da4f Try not to send the avatar updates on login. This may mean loggin in with invisible attachments again but could help the appearance issues.
23679c38085ea12f9845b3daa5edc72c204e583c  replace bad meshs by a small cube and log it.
5eb1679367754d530edb4c50d432847ed1a027af Delay the sending of the initial werables update until the inventory and VFS in the viewer are ready. We're much faster than SL and that exposes this race condition. Also reinstate the extra avatar data send on login
e07440d0c53fdc8e90f4887242e3b21049a729c0  changed SOP Force and Torque, adding XML (de/)serialization, also changed Buoyance. PLEASE trap deserialization from inventory etc, making force and torque vector3.Zero, unless we want then to rez moving. (needs checking/testing as usual)
edc78defed18a0eb735097dc64ea5e0ed722caac Zero force and torque on take so that items don't run away when rezzed
aa552d0526349f0db6911dbd867c847cf4e810f6 Serialize Keyframe motion for region crossings
9a15bba99bad2861813660c1c1da236d154809e5 Fix an infinite recursion caused by checking the wrong values for Buoyancy, Force and Torque
8cdc115c91bd074539c5fbae719313d4dc616355 Fix deserialization of Buoyancy, Force and Torque. Remove debug from the new code.
416f39a561a08a92f0005495f0f804a07dc5b016 Implement KeyframedMotion selection behavior
ac1e30156a7ec8e461b3378149a082b3b5d57884 Implement proper selection behavior
fca8c82232a42191270cb8d18dba6b54d382a2c2 Move KeyframeMotion from SOG to SOP because we can't persist it any other way because SOG doesn't technically exist in the DB
118986f15078a1df5561a64355e6f4777ae74fe1 added in chODE GeomTriMeshDataDestroy to explicity release internal trimesh data.
0d51c42f59c1d539a47f9c057469e852a5ff3868  update ubitODE to my current working state
d342008e5b9ca6d6f0c2bbaac6b946a556adc40e Fix NPC appearance setting to include attachments again
a725b5e01ed92b54d0bddd321acbe4498492f67c  Let inworld meshs colide as such and not as basic prim all the time. Removed also LOD, and outerskin on colision meshs.
9bad3b846f7f8a4be4b0c5b76ccf83c20ff0a7bf Really dirty hack to make sims start. Causes errors but the ting runs. Remove when fixed right.
1c7700db886291d3474cc30152abf5667bb467b6 A few blind changes to go try to go around bad mesh little box replacement fail
a8a7bb549d49b9b0cb3ff7478aa43f9e19931893  made box a little larger
5534cf8b57466396634f60695a3d8cfcce6009e2 chODE: bad meshs get a a basic box or sphere geom with setted prim size. They will not colide if non-physical and Will collide with land if physical. assume UNTESTED
a8f1cd7e8643fc6f4f4f12b1af3e52b9830f5a5a  update ubitODE to current working state
f42fd7fb773cc317f36e747579e9f8e28cfe2049 update ubitODE
bfcba0a417f876a09eae7612f08919304f7513e3 This still causes terrain artefacts
6dc4a6dfb1af79ea116d1b5ca8dcd82307349c64 Zero velocity when drag-copying
7377e633c73f7ee34240cb70f0f75fcd9b705168  update ubitOde
a7b61add99bb7907ae054010232fd303f6ae739e Allow NPC to be removed by the owner of the parcel they're over. Don't allow NPC creation unless the prim owner has rez rights.
cca94aaefc36fad366e789d6d2e902dda078e3f7 make copied parts have diferent LocalIds than original. More building control for ubitODE. for all let physics know about linking of physical parts. Assume UNTESTED
17b1454d6f3b45618b1007c85fe97242284aff3c Null PhysActor on SOP.Copy() to prevent clobbering the original one
0be4ed3df42d4cd566110b30d84780e85f848c92 Prevent scripted region crossings from crashing with prim limits enabled
3d3b81e67698cc361a9eca28083f5f526ff1de2e  changes on undo/redo (untested/incomplete). Think we may consider moving this mfrom SOP to client side. At least does seem to work a bit better ( again there wwas a issue on sop.copy )
b8c27252c1c65cab64cff4e143c70be6441099c9 Hold a ref to the prim we're sat on rather than querying scene each time the check for significant is carried out. Prevents a deadlock condition.
c521f3b3483453af927d1d60ce68355c1e36cba1 Fix UbitODE dll mappping by simply copying the one from ODE.Net
e5786ba0435bee04246fcd689a103f2df338dba9  more changes on undo/redo  group scaling seems to work better
13f340077c20808fe17b5c737a87613156a3b1b3 let chode and ubitode find ode.dll on windows
e83a2181d06717afe3e5a02d8c918effbe80f226  on linking update linked parts physical flags acording to new parent ones ( untested )
908abb1c3dded307e769abac71f660b835875975 BIG MESS. changed Iclient interface so only one event is used to inform scene about position scale or rotation change by client (others can be added). Its served at SceneGraph that does permition checks, undostore and sends down to SOG. changed values are stored in a class (ObjectChangeData) and what is changed as a enum (ObjectChangeWhat) with bit fields and 'macros' of this for better readability (at top of scenegraph.cs lasy to find better place for now) this can be extended for other things clients changes and need undo/redo. SOG process acording to what is changed. Changed UNDO/redo to use this also (warning is only storing what is changed, previus stored all, this must be checked for side efects. to save all PRS change commented line in scenegraph). Still have excessive calls to ScheduleGroupForTerseUpdate.  **** UNTESTED ****
ab235abc46e3d902a7aaf61e589b81f826a2d7a5  Changed undo redo internals. moved exec code to UndoState.cs from sop that now only sees a unified UndoRedoStore class, added size limit on buffers so only last 5 undo/redo are kept. (5 is hardcode like it was ) ***UNTESTED***
dba0d79833632227a806e1a46047607a0f653b58  minor changes on updates control on doChangeObject(..)
21a76a619f62e76f366d8bfa1f37f776cfb92fa3 initial steps to support physical phantoms
43dc0ee02066a38b46383412b15a69b847975a79  more phantom physics ( chODE and a  fix in manager physicsactor
7832889437c801836aef50edee43862bc6b290b6  Physical phantoms testable with chOde. Volume detection was changed and also needs testing. Started making it more independent of phantom acording to new sl. ** 99.999...% UNTESTED ***
925295f3ab0b44b656f93c2861b6605de930bcd4 ubitOde also knows a bit more about physical phantom
44ce068d6cd8afe3780b26f77d2a1b39ac81ef44 Allow RLV to redirect received folders to #RLV folder
b5e172677dfed6a9b6ec60c86aea687f46543ec7 ubitode prim select was not doing phantom case
a35e00e81eba1d3b0990c9c8139d77d34d6cbb7e allocate UndoRedoStore only on demand
edc8a15487554cf28a1843e3cbff343a782b1a94 Restore duplication of the SL bug where linking phantom to solid lets the child prim remain phantom
ebcd4910a21726c830796cfe14c0792007b766b7 Refactor, move OjectChangeData into it's own file and rename ObjectChnageWhat what into ObjectChangeType change. What is no name for a variable or type!
22e0cc09ac4bc4ed639d1203d930309f687fdb6f Ensure child prims of a phantom prim are marked as phantom
923db53975cd91dca86aee8c7a6c07c25b26db87  let checkheartbeat work ( bad ideia :p ) commited by mistake my local copy with it disabled...
f415eb84e17772a997e8b40ec2d7469cac40b55d Implement the cap to send extra physics params to the viewer. Not functional yet because the parameters are not actually stored anywhere yet.
741badc4fa1da61d86fdbb2d33056fa8c6599e69  let PhysicsShapeType none remove physics remove physics on child parts **UnTested**
577d07aa44b5ba7ed4fc3a56a81eeec6c141543a missed commit of extraphysics parameters serialization..
d4e6834f99db25ad0461cec72b58876fa299844b Hook up the new cap to the SOP changes
cf9ebd301c32fa7cd991e78647ce011b0aefc796 bug fixs, added a default physics shape estimator based on being a mesh or not and use it on unlink if new root part as type none. Viewer doesn't get updated even with fullupdates we are missing something still
84ca09f7c5cec051014181853083e52691bb7e07  added ObjectPhysicsProperties http event message to send viewer that data. For now on caps/EventQueue, and still only used on a material change...
15ad5f492b8150ff81d969a389e32edb35227b19 Playing with object costs CAPS ...
ae8e089b9c73a6a675038759e3e3f9491819eb72  some more work on costs
41a0c850f887d72ff64e9e616ea4bda25fd85de7  added a new UbitMeshing module so i can mess it...
7779b1eabc706378af6376b76ab3ff2e23def905 Store and reload extra physics from database
f2d17433bbb942e6b97fe7879f910f8fd2d7a0d6 Cause prims to be saved if extra physics parameters are changed
efd7ff31468755c7066c68fb6b5910f7b18aa3f0  add some more notifications about changes on physical parameters ( still incomple and there should be a better away )
7f7801ecb9cff8c31eee732c18f540afc67c6d38 Cover the case where prims are loaded and ParentGroup is not yet set
23e6a31aa50a331fdb7ba3bf23134c3808c80372  added convex decomposition hulls support. Hardcoded to use mesh or this. (so no simple hull of convex prims for now).
8817b6e74cd792808c4bf1d7c125ff3ecace4d89 let convex be a parameter to createMesh so it can be used. Was forced to add it also to original mesher code and zeromesher
5233e335e90b2ef8fc423cf9fe907134b164e652 Move the health monitoring stuff where it will do some good
2e41294da969cd124a013070aaf6ce5dd9f01a5c add convex state to mesh key, so a change is detected.
11ed932263161d1dbea99d4a5699ba6d00894053 Tell physics about physics shape when creating. Added some virtual methods to get/set density,gravmod, frition,bounce and shape type ( not in use ). UbitOde now should do convex type on creation or everytime the mesh is changed ( as in change size, shape, etc )
f6cbafcaf0f33b37d076d654e35c20990eb205d8 Changes of PrimShapeType should now work with UbitOde ( almost untested )
316f272b621741e694f2b522910594a0e5879634  shapetype support on chOde so it can also request a simple convex hull 'mesh'
a03c55fee7f07053c699ddf519496caac9d1df6f  missed a creatMesh in chODE. temporary removed m_meshfailed test since it may colide with how meshs and sculpts are loaded. This needs a good revision..
68736aa460869717a24ec5d68053b7a1f540b853  fix a bad reset of shapetype on pbshape change, added missing checksculpload ( to reload mesh on change )
ade164667fb7bd9d1996a8791a1f751f191c16bc Make anims way more snappy. Decouple SP animation handling from physics frame time.
21a97408d4b209f22dabbe1203cffc388d9757bf  Avatars have no bounce
88d5cb6eef14bf9cd162f0ebfa71abc1b9337c05  UbitOde let caller try to build meshs like done in chode. Changing this was a bad move i made.  Variable colisions softness.
4b76c52c41ffcdaf4254a290885cf26e4d447397 Correct the design error I introduced into ScriptComms. Untested but about to be.
5e8d64c9439fd25dd1ef23df223927e55f9a86b9 Dynamically create the delegate type to reduce complexity in the caller
0964af41be176bda881ad2f1ca6e45c97f82b093 Replace HG linker with core version
2a8b9a47b2bcb7ca1c4f96ee81c8d2ae0b4930eb Add SendRemoveInventoryFolders which allows to remove one or more folders from the viewer's inventory view. For HG v2.0. More to come
a85876bc17881845faf28ba8edf8c2429a03a486 Committing the Avination calling card module
b9d61d5413e7189ddc6f7a335f792abf870a92c8 Allow the map tile module to be enabled without also eabling refresh
5e3999c84c21116fe9581c3324410ffe712cc83f Cache the last maptile and return the cachrd tile if the last request is less than an hour ago. Avoids generating the maptile twice on startup.
c4e4e04eee0741795e7b9fe53cc5820422755683  reduced instability in  vertical atractor with eficiency of 1 and banking   this will need a nicer solution sometime...
8728b9ea8164e9bdb8da384facff84c8f269df45 Implement bulk inventory update over CAPS (not recursive by design, do NOT CHANGE THIS, needed for HG 2.0)
7154d480b9fe1e2098ac536285f4c3f643e42f0c Remove duplicate implementation of Material { get; set; }
016079ef2775d66ea85d9c62c5aef93ae2162821  minor changes..  a few physicsactor -> pa and a use a constant with |'ed bit fields in place of 6 individual checks ||'ed
ad544bdd3d37700af7c8d05bafaed7cdd3dd3cd6 sop.AddToPhysics(..)  fixed and in use. For now it seems it needs to set sop.PhysActor, so made it return void.
39079a62c038986b20ccc3cf89a2e169f6e6135f chODE and ubitODE always return prim mass (they where returning object mass on physical prims) so SOG can do the total add. (ubitODE as more code to use a simpler terrain geom on a modified ode lib but should do autodetect and work with normal lib).
5da77e047a59601cdb6f78f30af4a32a094d861d  don't do Animator.UpdateMovementAnimations() in scenepresence RegionHeartbeatEnd if agent is sitting. Also  restore Velocity in teleportWithMomentum()
b574d43c5d5706cf6325c909ddf0ff573e44e49b Use presence absolute position to request raycast to camera. Used m_pos maybe a sitting offset. For reasons i don't understand that also seems to crash ode more when i let this rays colide with heighmaps (ubitODE with normal ode lib).
3999822e13d7ae2f6ab1c19a19a01e0cc7c7acd7 Use chode character actor.SetMomentum() to force full restore Velocity in scenepresence TeleportWithMomentum(), since actor.Velocity was selected by original coders as the input of a desired velocity (even 'forces') that is modified by character conditions, like not changing  velocity.Z if it is in free fall.
86a2169d7343825c74ae271f637002377b92b438 ubitODE + physmanager: - Revised use of ODE collisions categories and bits(flags) for better use as filters together with top spaces (for example physical prims are on topactivespace and not physical are on topstaticspace) - Added new world raycast with filters. This blocks calling thread with a timeout of 500ms waiting for heartbeat ode thread signal job done. - Don't let ode bodies being disabled for 2 long except for vehicles. This is necessary to detect when the object is at rest at top of other and that is removed. Assume that vehicles can be enabled by used action.
03139f07d7e5780dbe274e32911b4bf85d801ad8 Downgrade an error log message to info because there is nothing we can do if an asset is damaged so it should not spew red ink.
25a2f97bc2bb26fdb0d5856340f3ec8ce3ca9b98  added suport funtions for ubitODE raycastFiltered
fff5c61ae83ad54eaff640d2868186d275f3dd62 chODE: if character velocity > 50m/s apply breaks. In free fall this will give a terminal velocity +- 60m/s
6480b72eda967d6166cb8a64c5bca20c7841358c ubitODE: - fix remove characters from default raycasts filters as older code (or camera is very odd) - Slow down avatar if velocity is higher than 50m/s as in chODE
36207b88ffc7801fb15e544e727cb3efaa25d6ea ubitODE: bug fix let avatars colide with volume detectors
d7e24542818ed3edfa57ce748ad2c0bad8f694f4 ubitODE: - made avatar/ground collision pid servo a bit softer since seems a bit unstable with small avas in AVI even if fine on my testsite - Removed reading of PID parameters from config files since that only serves to mess things up and adds more unknowns
9132c9e49963c656e303815e5cb9e0c4341f0821 ubitODE: - character managed ode was only getting position etc from unmanaged at heartbeat rate like core ode. Now do it at ODE rate in move(..). UpdatePositionAndVelocity() called once per heartbeat is now empty.
9464fcebcd9f0a9b1846113e8aff56ea3f49ace2 ubitODE: prims - update managed dinamic parameters from unmanaged at ODE rate and not heartbeat.
0fe0b2ceec2440ff284d7a494d090ce43449fd97 Prevent objects rezzed in sim from being seen as attachments and becoming uneditable or crashers. (Foxtail of death)
7f420692958e05f9e2277911627b730c3066ae70 ubitODE - retouch character PIDs
08714a0d3826acee9f0e0bfa278efe97206dce18 ubitODE still retouching character pid
5936e0c3760922e09099b65e3db522055db2286c Allow scripts in attachments owned by the NPC to control the NPC
411bd0574d371315c0134b30f1984fc035d84272 Allow setting a specific target velocity on TeleportWithMomentum
c2be894330385ac55d3c62349ba9af4b2c9e86b4 Fx up estate settings
aeb5aed5b70bbe9c54ec7647a70f8fca7d0aee7e  changed - VolumeDetect and phantom setting interaction. Script VD(true) forces phantom ON. UI phantom off turns off VD. Other transitions should only change specific parameter. This is not as current SL. - Fixed volumedetect prims being wrongly removed from physics.
ec6347f987cc1e42761ff9bd4832da4f999401f0 ubitODE - again avatar/terrain collision. Reduce new viewers interpolators efects reporting null velocity and aceleration when stopped near the right position, where they can still have instantanius large values that can get magnified by interpolators, specially using diferent timing estimation.
2c7f03592571292ea3a563addb1c8fa6af1f6c59 ubitODE: - Change triangles used in terrain height estimation
3b56c4445390461ea6cdef7bc9ad8f8b26fc97c1 changed seletion code. SOP now knows about parts selection. UI actions are sent to SOP and this reports to SOG. Group is selected if any part is selected.sop.isSelect get() is only used in SOG. Will need to be improved for better performance on largelinksets. *UNTESTED* NEEDS CHECKING for side efects
190e7a43349d1adf28d52b0e7b74fc91a76fbbdb ubitODE: - don't try to hover underground unless volumedetector (that doesn't colide with it)
5a8fdc8a0b79c14382872571b113b5c5559083c4 ubitODE - do own timing control (as chODE does) until heartbeat does it right
b019b20eb89aab60df1a1a5c47b5b5cc4aebc4d9 *testing*  changed stats time reports to be per reported frame and not acumulated in about 1second. Total Frame Time is not just 1/reported sim fps
f1d6b3e710787f89b76bc85aff83feac1d22dd0b some reduction on time resolution efects on spare time report
95bb2049a08ed61820ac14442ef1d5de382927b7  fix Simulation time report
1cfee4e84cd13c06d3450a6a286c4acf0443eed9  display heatbeat sleep time in stats. This may not be good for general use, but for testing/debug
1848ceac955e3b41130edbd0cf33bdcc6186d9f8 "save the catgirls"
a4b76a42cc995ab044798e38c418422dcdc0069a  let objects/avas push avas
f0ba6c84e487887eb438235db7010e93b4186261  fix animations if sited in ground also
3da613adf5c803edfcca41f260017b96b1d80fb5  fix chODE loosing some part positions when doing isPhysical false
22ea2ef9a0bc45b54ecad3ccfe450dcaae5b9648 set PIDHoverTau and not PIDTau since all physics need that
88c9fdfa3adda4984aed39bf800832adef883ecc Adapt some TeleportWithMomentum calls
fd19601c6ba3b474201e2dde514c7d7c94e74e82 Help big boobies to dance (avatar visualParams). May not persist and need more lobe ?
6edbbdc83ad53f38f1f5ae4a025b03c058827495 ubitODE fix  don't report colisions with a volume detector ( only report to it )
f5cb403e7ec4549c92ba70cb1e2dd1850ce2ae23 reorder priority of vehicle hover flags
e48fa38ff581bd1125b9582ed3efc875f723ae86 Oooops   don't hover underground but do hover
df9935273f59371061bda7e61dbdd38594e5c85a SOG bug fix in group rotations updates
c7c0d5558bc7f51f2da19782cf83362f766d831a  remove repeated set of group rotation to physics
303739622cc9b0f173d9ff88211f28c7295e8c65 ubitODE fix applyROtationImpulse,  let vehicle hover be relative to root prim and not center of mass ( as SL docs said) updated some flags to current ones
fc3cf2b5a3ec6d5405db41c2729a968d11c4a8fb Fix saving of attachment positions
98e9f225446ade7f1650db96fb4b8d763af1730e Preserve attachment rotation on objects rezzed via a script. Makes toasters work right, finally.
8ef2a2b7dec1c6b3ad514b98f40008ecab85d7a9 Bogus change to get a version number
a135e51d232143556e8154ccffeaf4860e02e33d  Improved sitted avatars crossings ( plus tests on vehicles)
9f9693dab825c7753af49c6838a484653047d4ae Clear permissions given to the object we stand up from
2af7f50f26271129a2265f0cae7a5515cc7ba315 Stabilize sit position on region crossing
58a1a0710c971b83142bf21fa6259c95aa9d99dd SOG copy bug fix, now new group has own empty list of sitted avatars. Also changed crossing code to restore sitting avas in case of group cross fail
1183310a05ed3232c5b73374e72a6695517d63e5 Retain velocity on walking crossing - adapted from Ubit's reverted patch
b5b21013da0663db2aacac3c2361e9904bb7a457 Reverse the order of physics event unsubscription to allow GC. Adapted from Unit's reverted patch
333d013b5c34d7ed8c016251e50b80b62500aa3f Add the default animation to the child agent data update
197163e12a265af66a9393bc6753c7a50520c5b1 Fix teleporting from older to newer regions
6b3135aa4dcdcd469054ed0af5eba3b30ae5cd3c  UbitODE: leave avatar 'freemove' state (entered on setmomentum) on any significant change like new 'velocity' or new position, etc, requests
163a86517ada9ae7f9f1c161192682e02e287e45  force lower avatar density for testing
3b78e33d16e89c4c97f840605f3bbefb5f605835 ubitODE prims: - moved outbounds checking back to UpdatePositionAndVelocity() from move() so it's done at end of each ode step and when it reports positions to core. There should be no need to check in both places. - Addforce() and AddAngularForce now apply a force if parameter pushforce is true or apply a impulse if false as it's actually needed (the prims grab case should be a force)
e3226aecd9fd1859f450f7912a6544c563834fcf SOG:  tell physics about when we want a force or a impulse. (sorry add to change here also)
2ab9588c9ad4c3a54d90550f438c9abb0e12a0e2 UbitODE: reduced the diference btw dinamic and static friction, making dinamic larger more identical to static.
75c51f33c4f203fbfee5475872c6d0fdedd83431  minor change to linear motor decay
74eafb78ebe854c5c36f489b92c8c68328e2a80d Fix moving no-mod objects. Fixes a regression introduced with the undo fix
d0c0d37d241a1586085ea503518163ea345093cd ubitode: changes to vehicles servos
9d184c103ab264511411c667f83970a83c03822b direct upload of odedynamics.cs for testing ( ubitode )
46095c963c633ef7e690fc033d5e7213fa4ed46e ubitODE: trial workaround for avatar colisions
792e8db45695a6151c4e7d039b792bdfeb5c0f87  ubitODE reduced again a bit the max allowed correction velocity on colisions, to reduce a bit bouncing inerent to colisions.
4d98a291a2d1440afd8f7375d14842fd91d8083f ubitODE let vehicles responde faster to changes of some parameters like motors decay times
7461fe4554f8104212071e3e01b07786f8eb546f ªTEST MESS*  reduce animation packets send. Added onchangeanim event with parameters to define if to add or remove, and if to send anims pack on that evocation, etc
9b7023a159c69d599248783d88ba96a328a584f2  display a sleep time of zero if forced spare time to zero, when sim fps is lower than desired, for better display coerence.
9870d7e4e787ca64011ef817ea2ab40310f4cf26 ubitODE fix force in case of mlinear motor offset present
59826c15cea3ba4aa647d5d9545341d3e6df731f Allow non-gods to deed no-mod objects
e78043cb705520d1754a1a9450a4f82ff3deba53 Check parcel entry permissions when moving objects
e3c376156c37fe8bf1b0e0b69cb4acd655d3528f Completely revamp collision handling. Now works as it is supposed to.
325973d36f98a4b2fb0291e8bdc0063c4264329d don't send colision events to volume detectors
338be76e0a5974b95db2618b8318b76f6fe3e8a4 ubitODE: fix not reporting land collisions on same cases.
9d675232359a30c56d2b68d50fe15958374ec773 ubitODE: if stopped having collisions do report zero colisions once, so collision_end event can be triggered. Changed reports rate to the requested rate and not full ode rate.
ca14534b91342f55e30838ccafba25424628f5b4 sop: - added UpdatePhysicsSubscribedEvents() to update physics ator collision events subcription where needed. Made it consider also VolumeDtc and phantom cases. - added extra calls to it on physics ator proprieties changes. - Fixed land collisions reports. - Handle the case of physics sending a last zero colisions reports to trigger collision_end. - Made the physics collisions report rate be 20 per second. (needs review/testing)
accab1e086b8a77b233371b07b648195355d6603 sop colisions  don't play sounds on volume detectors
81d7844f5196aeee7a02c924448795820dbf5e8b  use part VolumeDetectActive and not rootPart.VolumeDetectActive to be coerent with other places in case of future changes. Should be equivalent if all is well.
0de7219485b55ce297d963c46e5ba869eeb1b8e3 collision sounds:  simplify send code a bit and limit sending rate to 5 per sec per part ???
7cbc54d92a4702efb8a7bc1b0ec611c4abbc104b default collision sounds. Incomplete, untested, needs revision
b743835f9ed665c85eb78569b2bc31853eb64332 default colisionVolume is 0, use it only for user specified sound
038986baffff3d2a6b2ec4f10ae8c40635b5398b  add avatar colision sounds. Changed test sound UUID
e4231e95a976f8b3c02add39b94721eebb639674 increase avatars collisions report to 10 per sec, Stopped sound on avatar to volumedetect collision
6af78836a540c9b0a5972ab241364dae52e8e74d  trigger collision sounds on active agent position for better spatial effect without using the detailed collision position. (current error will be half max physical prim size). Moved some checks from sop to collisionSound code
7652b3a957f4e124c5142a3480fcc09a97e08be9 udp transfer: make number packets estimation coerent with number actually sent. Use the safer lower max packet size defined in os source (600) and not OMV one (1100).
511fc663a24db9d042d0c5a97820870bbff6c085 Temprorarily disable collision sounds until we have some sound bites
0d0c472181ef3d719388e9a9ff89680e763ff713  removed redundant colision sounds. Temporary muted sounds ( returns at top of funtions ).
a7ece8c688a44c0d0b05162dbb1e98a1ea4e95ff add colliders relative velocity projected in collision direction to collisions report information.
deb87e78907fae00301c9c3428da2f41e1f588b3  fix character IsPhysical
98a2c7bfeec6eda7cffbe5c84083ef3a736e306d modulate collision sounds intensity with relative collision speed
9ecdef2686de9045f1fddd8b64bcf73c04e1e0ab modulate collision sound intensity with collision relative velocity for parts also
d69f197a5d8946c576b5e799f04f209400e2e227 Fix setting positions of attachments. The recent security fix regarding prim entry messed it up.
a2c64d9795b82e02d8f75976da9cbb9749f69627 temp work:  sounds simetric acording to materials, still 'window close' test sound. Included in coment full assimetric ( since seems we have files for it now ) case with some uuids
2c498baf58005be487b4e457455a9896a96b90d3  a bit faster collision sound type verification plus a few fixes/changes
10889c86d9d67ca994a090166ad53840ed1dedd0  reduce useless waste of cpu. Make character collision events be done similiar to parts. Let same thread do it all ( like in parts ) ( to change this some structs copies must be added)
2767574d0f17c0bb43c0322505e07d58c60f2f06  fix m_sitAvatarHeight to be half size.z, reduced default to a more resonable value ( 1m);
32e63fc04fcf08163289c108b278c990208568d5  missing update script events call
85f578999320ab4b3b87d99c6901e7dfc86f8cc3  try to let avas climb higher steps. Will only work in some cases, may have bad effects, so needs some more testing
d2260423e5e955b4e0f33f279e64cf74d580dc37  also don't collide sculps or meshs if meshing is OFF
f740c9522aa5fd57ffd2d01fa9c2e244113ac880 Let OOB information usable outside ubitode
bbaf450c30a0822c8ffcc40bf75961f2c3c214e4 Modify SceneManeger to use a DoubleDictionary and work without locks. Changes to the scenes dictionary are exceedingly rare and using atomic operations makes the chance of collisions nearly nil in any case.
ca3b229e941512b3d05793f9fbbede7702eeeb38 If a region is not found on a simulator, make the health query return 0 to indicate it's still starting rather than an error. There are other methods that can discover the presence of a region and slow starting regions may cause the watchdog to kill them while they start,
b70fb7df789ba40b520b8bf0794b32c8099ef202 Place the return back into collision sounds.
121433d03aad53bfa8d50854115c0496317b00eb  disable collision sounds for now
60cebe9a5b91f2683019d645f6bb243a9f7db139  let meshs work indenpendently of mesh_sculpted_prim config option
2122c336b088ebb2900cf6cd061602dda01268e0 a bit cleaner code (?) on sculpts/meshs meshing checking
dbbfe0cdd78c919b39da52e1ccc0c1fc500b57d5  fix avatars collisions on sim crossings and other few cases where freemove() is  called
10e9ad0086056f4afde081d629eca7cc6520a1ba Fix collision filtering
100d2968c4ebe3f544e770ef66826d7036d4ed77 Add advanced collision processing into ScenePresence
3e9a831e87432d971a6006966e35924df1ed855d  fix physics not reporting collisions only with terrain
4358bb8f850863aec8a519c6f533c298630dc1af Fix the log standing attach-from-world bug.
86f786d673792b0499709d2f5e90b84b610d274e Prevent multiple requests to go physical from reaching the physics plugin
c548f4879173ca63972eb09bcac76ca8b36e7108 Guard setting the building flag
cc903992dd3d74a7ff859f0e1a6363ac0c074520 ubitode prim: if makebody() is called already having a body, do a full destrution so there are no 'leaks'.
4b3cb91ce8e0250a22ae60bed738bc95414d1076 Remove the kill record. Core has removed it long ago and it really does more harm than good these days
928e3e9e21f17ee6cfe8850a903acaad490719d1 Fix LSL animation state reporting and animation state transitions on crossing
207a5f17b58d58be249387c2195554d58f72a525 When regions are set to shut down the instance, always send notifications to all affected regions and disregard the region id parameter.
401b97788f826397a552b25ab9b30c5549abd54f  fix addforce/impulse.
fd176aab8f97aaad037eefc1ae7dc5b9fb670a99 Actually trigger land collisions in the root even when a child collides
170b820a114e5a53e70d7f1624109239b182ec9f Fix land collisions to work like SL.
34cb8a2ab3189952cb74a16cf5246a2da3847b7c Fix not sending TransferInfo when an asset is not found. This clogs up the sound pipeline in the viewer.
a12336390feda38cad0814ee62c1bfae43250030 Remove useless logging of a bare-names stack trace. It's meaningless to a non-programmer and insufficient for a programmer. Add commented debug output and data collection to troubleshoot future locking issues.
b02db11c6990986a65e6790b5520b15d1c47e51e Remove a null ref when an avatar's attachment gets the avatar velocity while the avatar is logging in or out. Also remove some unlocking calls without matching locking call. Merge artefact cleanup, again.
5876a4d392f4f1742325c65e52e7201e0f43108b Prevent a null ref when getting the velocity of an avatar during login or logout.
a94510500357848f2dee26e599abad5256d2f5eb Make timed bans / timed passes work as expected. Prevent transmission of media URLs to banned clients.
e93308072ea8ec106e429dc8071795018b58a75a Make the "delay restart" button delay restart for 1 hour rather than aborting it altogether. Allow a maximum of three uses before the restart goes through.
91557f18cd796e64158d2e3dbdef28d0b3927d1b Set collision sound type so custom sound types are recognized
64aefe9c28fd5ceb9c92b4069d7915d6b77356fa Disable default collision sounds until they can be uploaded, but enable custom ones
f5cbe56c569ad9453a055adba0636cf4a6614ec3 Make not_at_target stop when the target is reached even if the script is not listening to at_target
354ac8c9789345299283d173abfc49ca13607a74 Add collision sounds to the asset set
095dbf0ece0aab1812d04695a17bff86720ab6ac Fix not sending TransferInfo when an asset is not found. This clogs up the sound pipeline in the viewer.
49423144350b6195a51931bc18a01be337f80f8b Implement playing of the real collision sounds, change scaling for avatar collisions to make them really soft because otherwise climbing stairs makes an unbearable amount of noise.
26c5b329886e3bbf81e2c853ef2fc6d648ad5273 Add the ability to query the MYSQL databse for a list of the stored prim UUIDs
ad1df330063ff2786b1ed8aae65f0198285ccd9c Further limit the amount of avatar collisions that will actually trigger sounds. They are distracting.
038acc39bef922b823964ac43083b24c129fca81 Cut off collision sounds with avatar at 3.2. This makes most walkig collisions with walls and stairs silent. Falls from greater height and running into things will still be heard. a CollisionSound defined for the object will override this so one can still script a soccer ball with sounds.
22906386b4fd16be36dc056809dd9ab7bccfa473 Replace the stock libomv with our home grown 0.9.1 with the texture bug fixed.
9d878591c821b46704f1cd16243422e14d68e842 *UNTESTED* added PRIM_POS_LOCAL and PRIM_ROT_LOCAL in SetPrimParams for avatars. Stopped setting position twice in normal SetPrimParams
f0a6ec151aabbc7ee70ef3461722926c1c0c53e3 *UNTESTED* let SetPrimParams for avatars parse even unsupported parameters so that if a supported one is in the middle of then it still works.
22437af26af8c70c8cab3aece31cfc59595b54b4 *UNTESTED* fix PRIM_LINK_TARGET. Make it work on avatars, set any pending position change on others; don't assume m_host is in same grp that part (possible always is)...
efff5a7c0da115c21720b879194ed87dc63def2d Fix a corner case where checking for region corssing may cross an avatar back if it's pending to be sat onto a vehicle that is in the process of crossing.
cd4994947858516f9177501499a1139f23ddd3cf change object drag so it applies a impulse and not a push force so it works as before my fix to impulse/forces
5fd6f678a46de8109d7178ba788e458053e34c06  Moved auxiliar funtions of last commit from sop to lsl api since they are only used on one place each
8b5342f613d66ac9158231494471bcc81ce9189c  more changes to Get and Get primitiveparams: Let Get remove avatarheight adjust,add Get PRIM_LINK_TARGET handling, changed avatar Set positions code...
5784b3eb31d5798f996c134f0d3433570dbee736 fix the try.. finally in SetPrimitiveParams i did mess and add one for the avatars case, so to optimize a bit 'warp' scripts.
f51ef99bd5f9cc1834ec402ca68bc70e4570bc76  try to replicate SL bug of PRIM_ROTATION also for avas, est a fix to other cases
ff450d29da9d8a551fc244f23f5da4645c26dc91 Add detecting non-physical phantoms back into raycast
b4ab9a735007604caba2253077434299b4f81b65 *TEST this will affect inworld sittargets by +-0.1m, so may be very BAD *. Changed the sign of the sitoffset dependent on avatar size in SP.cs. Removed that offset correction from SET/GET..primitiveParams in LSL api. If the sign needs to be the previus one, then all references to avatar positions on LSL api need to be fixed with that correction, not only SET/GETprimitiveParams.
b30c23eba42f3df4e82a509de78876b679aad3e6  convert a LSL rotation of <0,0,0,0> to <0,0,0,1> and not <0,0,1,0> in SitTarget. Something seems to be doing that before this gets called, but just in case...
c8227e1bb70817351de283fb647ec39f090fc9f1  only rotation of root part change parts positions, so only call ResetChildPrimPhysicsPositions() if root part. Plus 'cosmetics'
065cda37112fecc00e3c10fe966edde2ddc46b4e  Add sop IsPhysical and IsPhantom to be used gradually in core in place of asking physics engines all the time. Some engines delays may make them give wrong answers.
e7aceae3e0e21b9f739dbcaac055c18991887e50  split ugly expression in a if making it simpler to read
8cf414ba32ba995562e574cd2a58ce7ee204a562 *CHECK/REVIEW*  comented out not used sp.ParentPosition. Comented out SOG.AbsolutePosition changing 'linked' avatars positions ( reason in code coment )
ca22feb09ab4f3ea172f3e81b140c00ba7ab8e9c  don't send a lot of avatar data when we are just changing position or rotation ( SendTerseUpdateToAllClients() in place of SendAvatarDataToAllAgents() )
909572ed8618f15c7603cbb8a91563d55dc42061 fix SceneGraph Add/Remove PhysicalPrim counters
c8f7cd60cd5e16b6917c0b67358bee4eb04716d1  fix turning off phanton always decreasing number of physical parts
1468b01afc9defab4cde690293bd368cb73cd437  coment out some of previus debug messaged before forgetting about them...
9ca9770cf69bb148c9509c9dbe2f6c981aec36a5  fix a seg fault in sp.cs
fcb34efa95ebdd3200cfb9100329a544c6db658e Prevent bad prim in the database from crashing the sim, list affected ids and skip them.
2ea8d820b025b6945bde3d84caec9345585c3592 Correct a wrong error constant
2548d158783cd15b44cb485c10894740cbdb3efe Disable physics raycast until it can be seen to. Fix distance calculation for some results.
9a8de52940ea6d9ce430d8d51094a353eca7d3c5 Add an event to the poll service manager thread to allow starting it when needed rather than once per second. That is just too slow!
625041f1db90c5a7f917f52720199ee0088a3141 Comment out a spammy message that will spew 4 lines for each request to a nonexistent URL for http-in
8a03c153d52302ec83342e93f67c99afd9de31ac Return NPC instead of AGENT in the detect parameters for touch, collision and sensor.
ec7c7fe5f8b99a2aba4c2f9bc4913535e0e91507 ubitode: create and use 4 off world collision spaces for offworld static prims
d3f1fc79e50edb9ef851bdedfa83e9f5c13b4519 *TO CHECK/REVIEW/REVERT/TEST whatever* pollService new requests get enqueued to unified requests queue directly. Retries get into that every 100ms. 3 working threads as before plus another that only does retries timming.
b2fa20001f8af9d62b0caa3612d8f1ab6f2caa87 *test* slow http retries pool rate to original 1s
e533eef962fe05ea7ca156fa3420cb2a1d679297 *test2* http poll: increased again the pool rate do 10/s but increased timeout to 1s. So data there is less delay when there is new data, but enought waiting time for it to be avaiable
02cb0bf80a0b67eb0316ac74e1ea9741bfce1385  added a timeout paramenter to PollServiceEventArgs, so each type can define it's timeout
bc5d554f548e973221f8a18cdcb5a5883ed6039f  use the pollEvent timeout paramenter on pooling
4854d779041e987ae13de4f30a37e4fab1b7a3d7 Add an EventType enum and Type field to the poll service event args. This allows the manager to tell what type of event it is. All events except for lsl http in go to the "slow queue" which is run once per second as before.
b8c2efa49c35d623a6a2969322536fde67cb86dc Convert the slow request queue into a regular queue and add some cleanup and locking.
ba91d4ba93103f82876e0f2563c34aa6e4767392 Changed GetTexture error code RequestedRangeNotSatisfiable to NotFound, since viewers don't seem to handle that and keep retrying
6535f23e4b8fec9578dae5275db69b237a99e498 Add saving vehicle physics data to the database
3024bdd097ab3d4378501da1d00fa6e12da3dfe6 Fix storing vehicle data
d50b852d530bd17f2bb5a7964e9ddf81acff9146 ODE turn off material dependent friction while vehicle linear motor is Effective. Increase a bit world damping of velocities
afa02aa104e0cfbedd0e1b6c1d7b60522a79a4e8  fix vehicle to XML string
470019b52a72de1a8777933ce3254cde87e184f9 Change semantics of FromXML on vehicle data to make the serializer a bit cleaner
d3b778ebbe617a37a32c866101c75284dad8f15a Address map lag issue seen with non-avination viewers
73c5a6e66637b9f5f0d7dc3f4bf4c9818223b3e9 Instead of sending 20 records in 2 packets, send just one as we intended in the first place.
1e4c65649736db82d0221b6b2aa57f7f45c7163c Revamp map block sending to eliminate overload of the grid server connection and the sim's http client
1077d7b6f5874a036752f1ca672ce6b8c41004a0 Reinstate parallel fetching of residents and remove a left over return from debugging
fb8e8dcbce6b2ecbb8fbfe8278657260ac55e823  fix ODE dispose  plus minor clean. On regions restart ode.dispose seems  to be called with scene still calling simulation, that should be changed,  for now added a check for a valid world in ode simulation
0ac161c9a89075b414941d00b34b50e16c023a51  log ODE lib configuration
a7097680851528f01477903d946095abce99e504  fix ode getconfiguration
3a1d46ad446cb4d5d0f193bd9d7cdcfc4f65a565  retry fixing ode getconfiguration()
34f4dc29a1b2c6e3e26f5117a605670c488efe05  change linux 32bit to ode version 0.12
0d605685644081f5853dc1e8ddb591d3a8c2f299  changed ODE lib for win32 to version 0.12
ca41ec9eb4616c0cb96ed48d591e473d95af2701  let rotationVelocity or AngularVelocity be setted on prims. Limited to  12rad/s
6b8b7007c4a8c5ed3386093fd0cfac0032587121  console region restart: Let Xengine not cry all over the place with  errors also. May not be that good, but is not in use in AVN (i hope). Still safer to do a full shutdown and refire the region from a OS tool like a script, monit, etc etc
b5b763f7e1a7c77239bf9fa9bfaabd0f8daa8a81 add some more memory information to StatsCollector
ac3a2296fa6de7ad07f862fbe073e9e3495677f1 Make sure handles stay intact when removing from the MinHeap
7676ae6f744379c69f169d372c8688f49684ea6c  clear released minheap items so they don't keep holding references to  objects.
7836933133a27bb57cd89663134f37b78fed5f7c  Melanie fix: detach SOGs from backup on linking
bb78b327c0c36b515f0e60e2783961e9325062da  stop keeping references to objects on released items
84ab4c44628441b32ec7ef0c728d035b5cf40b39 ubitODE leaks
6252114ea02c07bab2b61fa882f4a26264cbb347  remove expensive and leaked ( in Xengine at least) SayShout timer and  replace it by a simpler function that should do the same (?) (don't like  much those 10 + 1 bursts)
236b5a0298659410c95129e6689cf192eb16fe4e  Replace a Multicast Delegate by a simple list of delegates in access Get  Can't seen more than one evocation on the multicast on this case, even expanding its evocation list (as it should be used in case one fails). With the list i  do see what we want.
065046845d7a4e8df524b0a4a0f175ebe3f4c4d9  be paranoic (?)
59cd0a2419266f190375074e2bede0d9a10de370 Change order of operations on backup to ensure keyframe motions are backed up properly
c66367e6194f22da86a3bf972ec107212e732d80 Add "gc collect" console command for debugging memleaks
4c2523b1c2dd518cc21baf7674775fa2e11e1ca9  Use faster any contact point collision detection for Volumedetect, plus  some clean up
72e2b9409462861d183ac7b391f5911defcd3bb0 In collisions report linksets root parts to parts, and not all parts. Temporary suspend collision checks on full stopped bodies, until a better away is found wake them, avoiding spurius collision end and start events. Until a nice way is found to avoid them, this may cause some higher cpu load. plus some clean up
95f2d8654989807c1bc4fe39cd8715210ac1a9ae Reinstate sleeping because less CPU is preferred over reporting accuracy. Who needs accurate collisions when the sim lags and crashes?
1dca94c72fabf06da4d85d6acad5894dabe79c5a  don't subscribe collision events for nonphysical parts only because of  collision sounds. Let them be passive
a492b6f6934f76dc54740264d49fad958428ff36  remove forgotten line...
caef55a6366477b093afd92dadff2c42528a4bc7 Set up https to work like http does in the poll handler
62df82b74d0f3599585f7320aeab8c6a8262f61f messing around... Let terrain and water have nullphysicsactors, let nullphyscisactors have a type water, ground or unknown (default). having this removed geom to name mapping no longer needed. Made some more methods comum to prims and characters acessible via PhysActor allowing for a more uniform access. ...
07b7301c22be2a89de56b5c13a5e30799106ae21 Make https work in the poll service manager
ad75a4b50b77dee08614dba9e57261d8b08c6860 Eliminate a spurious exception report when a https url is accessed with a wrong CN
a2d19b97030e2249372e8635b67276ff676460aa Replace sit position and rotation code with older, working version
8baf4dcc786b91a427e60dca9f0d0eeb05ddae19 Reinstate older set rotation code for avatars since it works in all cases
283df0610de50f77460f980ba15e4cbb23f5b657 Save packets received while the client is added and replay them later.
668723fab31976895ceb42a372cfff7ed5689a9d Remove instrumentation and fix the message delivery issue
12049e1120559a36ea5fd0453a36210808d04363 Allow setting linked avatar positions from within a prim not the one sat on
0d3661fb5f9f8f2cfc29d516d744ce87826ec6be UbitOde: remove useless water collider from active code.
f004db65726fc2e00fe14d9c343ef46136f350f9  fix our stats ( old schema )
1ff498266cd5ecc4ed8f3b1de86758b78a327f61  minor changes, removed extra parts physics updates on linking nonroot  prims
b35f97db4658f0dd4af0ad1f56a6303d6d45d51e Replace PollServiceRequestManager with older version, add extra logging to event exceptions to see call path leading up to it.
5874dfd3422d3ff7e35e8eb7e424f5f003f2d1a2 fix PollServiceRequestManager
0facebec4076f682f79070e639905869161fd6b1 Update ubitMesh primMesher with new Dahlia version on core ( reckick git back)
ce8b9e6c570f73a5c70dfc2b52bbb595637b717d Fix slow loading of task inventory
1598f9d1790d18f0ebd78bddc088b6e57829aca5 Fix the order of operations on detach. The object must always be serialized while still in the scene to avoid losing important script state. DeleteSceneObject can not be called before doing this!
b1b3057adcc4f4acdf8207ea2733e6400cf7143a Fix double-ping on logout by not sending a stop packet to the client if the client told us it wants to log out in the first place.
9e00e2ddecdafa489de0ae67b78cf6971e55fe80 Change attachment handling to remove object from the scene first as per justincc's original work. Sample scripts before doing so. Also refactor some crucial common code and eliminate parameters that were only ever used with the same constant value.
af05aaaf36c402cd774acd62893113681596474c Remove support for the OS_NPC constant. That one seems to be overly paranoid to have and confuses the issue.
be22e3599cece284f981d0a98224dd563c3d933f Change the stair fudge factor so steps of 0.5m can be climbled to match inworldz claims and SL's realities
9f6236f5bfbb6080ccfc5b87447b134a5cb3d449 Implement the linefeed URL hack for ShoutCast and other services
9163cdd7c17dd7f3732ba2c140b5fc808e5cd17b Bump number of URLs to 15000 per region
729046e1ade1dd4c65fbeaf849d7788233593ad2 See that if controls are taken, those are released before taking new ones
659be9dd504587c637e5b3ae14276b2327029e0d When controls are released by script, don't drop the permission to retake them.
bd262fe3eda78e97c00bfc285a7c4a7214268de8 Correct StandUp position and rotation
3460319f1e4eab5529df83f9c873a14df414d525 Make sure the position of a loggin-in agent is within region boundaries since out of bounds positions cause a rejection of the login.
83deb4603204c01fd6fc6b0a0e04afbeeae73771 Make WaitGetScenePresence wait for up to 20 seconds
879d1cefb8c18a899d76b2e63843166d4710378c clientview IsActive use is broken. Suspend it's use keeping it true ( to review later)
b95caaa453c3a6b5c27725b308061376f8d7e816  on presence close(), release animator and OnRegionHeartbeatEnd event
1b7a720b9f2e4d32d25fe3260bc4970c8be112bf  update ode.dll for windows so both 32b and 64b are now version 0.12 (32b  is just a rebuild)
92d44446faad9fef1ec5008b84bf44ab9398f6a9 *feature test* ubitode, let convex hull shape type work for prims other than uploaded meshs, making it change the mesh level of detail from high to low. This will work on all prims that get a internal mesh or sculpts. Mesh size reduction will depend on particular shape. This is not as SL. There prims do also get concave areas. Uploaded meshs work as before. A normal 10x10x10 torus gets 152 vertices in place of 900, and 198 faces in place of 1198.
493309d91a2aaa56d95d3f08806524159bc6e645  ubitmeshing: mask out mirror and invert bits on sculpttype convertion.  Remove some unused
307c45af2abc3246ae93e4f068d1da7679957be3 bug fix: keep sculpt bitmaps border pixels during resolution scaling. let this eventually have diferent interpolator last steps on each direction as sl seems to do.
36a1248b317cd80717fef6bc7c8fab318172a075 ** DANGER someone should stress test more ** release unused physics meshs, including unmanaged memory allocations (allocated by managed code)
eef6bb97c0f96a98468c44bae5392c9d129bfb1f  use a bit more complex mesh key identifier, plus a bug fix
195b69d1ea90a123ce1a61536dffa33276c1e76a Allow the use of the region debug console found in recent viewers. This console will be available to estate owners and managers. If the user using the console had god privs, they can use "set console on" and "set console off" to switch on the actual region console. This allows console access from within the viewer. The region debug console can coexist with any other main console.
7d1bec00d5cda6d7024a3d64b5913b5c08c15a3f Add a skeleton for a name value storage associated with regions
de2192942653ede6303cbb67ed990278dcfc9f97 Fix and finish the extra parameters storage system for MySQL
da0f6b926fdc40cf729bfc3ace4367758adf8f93 Add support for the extra params to scene and the event manager
44dc138d8b7a957f9db39fd1a017c0267dfd0829 Let the temp attachment module add a command to allow attaching without permissions and add support for this (incomplete!) to LSL
8cd4042f9e87a483de396dba5fa842f17028cb95 Implementing PRIM_LINK_TARGET in a non-recursive fashion
c313de630f2fec6793da2bc1f51dd54be82cb3e8 Add a real_id field to the login response if impersonation is used. The wrapper script needs this for proper logging.
684f8208d9ce882f29ded6350a7eb359055749dc Do a proper null check to avoid the overloaded operator == trap
b97053269b33c4fc733372cf44f0f16d244d87b8 Change case of areUpdatesSuspended to upper case as is proper for a property
bbac8f76faff387756bfa55dea83fa3bd589ef79 Remove AreUpdatesSuspended flag because it does nothing
f9a318380be0ddcce3c8bbc09c13bfb0206674f1  let setLinkPrimParams terminate even if there are no more parts.
0a959343a58b06d68d86be4607003b1c3d83a981 Make the console output from the reigon console hookable
f71ed7eb79091de370800362f716d214dd27b03a Fix scripted detach of temp attachments
f2ac1b9e8aa80a250cba46fec1aa7cf97c6caaf8 Add Camera Offsets to serialization
26224704de9c641cebcc0b47197e1c5a677861cf Cause a persistence save if prim flags change
5273b6880a9682a57798c5808e04b7dc6dca8c0f Allow updates sent for right pec to go to the client
526445c39456763577d0b013ccab8af16a9edee0 Fix group return stuff
450207d4d8004aadbbc7146869132e8245d58ada Make terrain save every 1000 frames instead of every 50. Database load is a sim killer.
c1a0c7fad17bb2aead1539b61fe82fee16686190 Fix bad child prim permissions that can make objects change perms after rezzing
7e17f4296e91129990c15cdaaa1689922a57f9aa Fix background inventory loading (Viewer 3) so it won't lag out the sim
1eb1c1bd4bc972e2df301b9dafb40fbb2f37b40c renaming to be similar to equivalent Set command
af6b2420718447a534e1ceedea366fc1dbf29dd7 use SceneObjectPart instead of var
681066050c2f7019d1b425c86f7985d7650d8226 Also move the other avatar based overload out of harms way
86d4e45f4d5ce7de4a2043dfe753f620925e28c4 since we will be making the Get return type the remaining ruleset as with the Set return type, we need to move the original return type to a ref param
3d8f393fbe0072d93fc8303741420bb36c844d44 refactoring to local variable for cleaner code
b1d0fab954545e1ed9aa13c0c760b3371042c437  fix incoerence btw KFM_TRANSLATION and ROTATION LSL constants and internal  DataFormat enum, using values from the KFM constants
ef6e007a4c7301dbd7a1a0392a07664e7034201b [possible still very broken] mess around keyframes. timer events threads overlaps, some null objects exceptions, region crossing...
5284e514d5e71e6f1637bff133db6de73e6ff7ef Fix a nullref while object is being created
378a79e7cc6be3191dea41b617c05febd7ee5cbe Add a queue with two priority levels. This is a drop in replacement for the BlockingQueue from OMV, but allows two priorities.
72ac0665b207f7f840b861086b3a620a9942775f [Potentially broken] keyframes changes.. since it's there, use timer for crossing retries and not still another thread, etc...
2e54c3cc8f4caf6b6d056ae04419b171942a17d7  A few more changes to keyframes
34f069493894654d23c18550182561a93ec023b0 Remove Justin's addition to avoid sending incoming packets to inactive clients This also causes the initial AgentUpdate to be rejected because our processing is asynchronous.
74465df43f7ee92f44ba65c19c01e02fa1f13e98 Fix issue with the quit packet being stuck int he queue and a one packet delay. Also fix semaphore excetion caused by enqueueing while dequque is taking place.
211f4fb4114b2b26abe9c056bca9f6159ccbd125 Sequence inventory descendents requests to reduce inventory server load and movement lag.
c821153a4fcc0a0d806d2c9be63cf48494e4dd06 [possible still bad] make use of keyframemotion.copy on sop.copy, replacing fromdata(seralize). for now its called with null group since sop.copy() hasn't usable new group information, so for copied keyframes be fully operational UpdateSceneObject(newgroup) needs to be called on them.
a7281003d85b6e9620d02387d4d9a42dcae27b24 move keyframemotion.copy  from sop.copy to sog.copy, where there is newgroup information avaiable.
63e6666f2216a34da8327bcd94f94c4ed6c2b254  try to reduce potencial recursive locking
7cfcca87c6f9a9b280ab5e13ba92fff1830ee203 Prevent a nullref if SimStatsReporter tries to report on a sim where psysics are not yet initialized
056e66b3dec555613bd96b153ba03a124863dbf2 Refactor avatar transfer so that the heavy (UpdateAgent) part is separated into it's own sub-method
e1755e2d71e0573e02c042bc1e9fe409842cc214  let avatar keep flying in tps to same region. (still bad for other  regions )
d4fad2ba42445f72b8a04378b21818ec82ab1089  a forgotten file plus minor changes. Imp and SL viewer seem to preserve  flight. FS 4.2.2 does not.
9ae293881addf98844b8f292298bc0674ebbed0d Make friend notifies and closing child agents async because both can block the heartbeat thread if the sim being contacted is unresponsive
23be1cf1cd0722d48e7e15d2e2bb4e85eef1016e remove fireandforget call to EnableChildAgents at end on CompleteMovement, since this is already on own thread and its at the end of it.
c83dd021f300a4272c8a869d20087dac29992c6d  stop sending duplicated parcelProprieties at login
71d2d327d075824d9a9d3e4cd22c8a460301b837  One more redundante ParcelProprieties on login
b379e790a279a0ed70d2c889c12ecb6849765e02 Set the maximum number of concurrent connections to a service endpoint to 50. This doesn't work on stock mono but it works in Avination and also under Windoze.
0556bbefdda9643abf4bbba08ab8e3f066501b74 Catch zero UUIDs in LSL and shout as an error. Also catch attempts to send IM to UUID.Zero because it ties up XMLRPC handlers needlessly.
afb4e06f63dd6a532c85b71f0d6c486ae38815fe Reduce max concurrent endpoint connections from 50 to 6 (was 2 before)
b7737b7273e87fcd9159d81f9cdc784381f94a25 webFetchInventory:  change control event to simple flag, adjust locking
a7250c6ea16971327f28296bdef9a264cf61efc0 add a extra httppool thread to compensate for webfetchinventory
a6753c14a509e11f65829b87070b440ac3b87c4a Revamp the v3 inventory sending. Uses threads and some nifty mechanics to leverage the Poll Service without blocking it's workers.
56105384ec9140b153c6d664cae0fda719c7d13a dummy commit
0d5023b46ba098045817c31c445188232df63f8d fix prebuild.xml
bd1d9a214b7f8750427d670566c8f99ff62f33c4 Add the option to have variable costing for uploads
a6928a479eb84b14e949c5f589b9ce753edf457a Add cost calculation suppor tto the VariablePrice one as well
375ca478dd7bebd6825e6305ba7c8a44fe119c7e Rename NewFileAgentInventoryVariablePrice to NewAgentInventoryVariablePrice which is the name actually used in viewer code.
19b00a5b3ce27d3160648c6bc49699b09dc4f283 Removing the variable prica handler again. It's never called, was misnamed and probably never worked past the mesh beta.
245763b1b08d667aede3be7c092fa4c7200549c0  let LLSDAssetUploadRequest include asset_resources information plus let  NewAgentInventoryRequest know about mesh (does nothing with it still)
013e94af5d45a7c99e46e01d9c5965a79ac1b231  report mesh upload costs ( fake values)
5139db2638fcee945961ea8d5635def581b54a4d Add a timer to time out upload caps handlers that are not used.
d8e9188908bd1f6ab505e5424f02071b44f0fab1 Stop expiry timer when upload is complete. Log if timeout is reached.
e7932682a2405dab69cb6b4447dde952c2a5c080 Add a logger so the prior commit will work
52d74cf274fbf002e7ec6ad82fe1a38dc2c02d59 Allow setting max connections for an endpoint
e1e9855edec647efd721b0ff34956f9a7f68942f Wait a bit longer for new scene presences to aid tps into laggy regions
f14b257fc0207c579dc41f2d8e4853e84ca74752 Wait longer for arrival cofirmation to aid tps into laggy regions
45fe25de0d9636690114091565775d264a0ca96f Allow some more connections to try to ease lag.
9f93bef1110e4f0152713e0ff0472bc55890d962 Allow setting connection limits, part 2
387e59ff7f60f2b12526eaacd93581f76abe26e1 Revamp the HTTP textures handler to allow a maximum of four fetches at any time and to drop requests for avatars n longer in the scene
2aa7a22129e2b5c226d3937c31bdcbdbc65a20f8 Sequence/throttle asset retrievals.
a97436f2f16c2ef217963545349149cdbf9c21b8 Catch a nullref in the code to suppress GetTexture warnign spam we can't do a thing about anyway.
a76ce4f64d6f19e508d8e6f4d12e8f79f6880895 Make the agent being kicked a child agent first so there won't be a ghost
7d5942d15445810e4b00289b80c33a4fba7b093b Make IncomingCloseChildAgent not send a stop packet. This may prevent a viewer from being logged out after an otherwise successful teleport.
a79bafaaaf3df2a0e1663bf9317ee53eb06db204 Change the close tmeout from 2 to 3 seconds on teleport. This may prevent being logged out after a successful teleport.
8dae7928d39399c2ac3d6a0dbd9a1362b2e0f68d Make agent creation at destination asynchronous. Failures here are pretty much guaranteed to be fatal and the few times this would dosconnect an agent are more than made up for by the increased throughput of replying and closing the connection vs. keeping it open during the heavy work. Also causes better feedback to the viewer as the time is now split between Requesting Teleport and Connectiong to Destination.
f2308c819e3b8550507146f0490f2fc143a4abc1 Remove spammy "axislock" debug.
bc85c1d084932138f3fef229f2b2d7d6e35fd5d1  add suport funtions for mesh upload costs
5bbc4fb2a5e0f357e0c880a722617d4f2b655203  missing file for suport of mesh upload cost
5915dfc26f0fe02411588ddea2791d69cb67d1ed Make use of mesh cost functions
df77724bbc30ab03f95508bd1b2f4539ed1206e3  let mesh model estimator work even without money module, so other  estimations can work
1740325392f9771e629ca290a608f26df85fb169 removed broken fee compression
7f5b1182efab9e7a80293622fa658d8d1a7b1fc8  same cleanup
c3666c9ec3f0e32443094fbcb683dec7b457a3e6  make sure client still has money at upload
c1eec3b82818f91f66580cecc32c2ac9a9d2d968 on upload store mesh list contents as mesh assets.  Build prims by instances not meshs. (some prims can have same mesh)
fd20ef5c91f5db119d17b1974805b6d4fc2abad3  add some locks to GetTextureModule
ac2380bbfa5f7f2be8a5a9197f099a88988bce22 Add booleans to control whether we actually crete inventory items
51ca84afdfc8a4c3c884b5ab9bd4dffe662087a6  coment out mesh model upload code to add textures and individual meshs  assets to inventory, since it may actually be a bad ideia since good  model textures are deply related to it and there is no current use for  independent mesh assets. Added the option to have a reduced free for textures (2.5 C$ as is, total textures cost rounded to nearest int) compensating for the fact that they can't be used outside the model or its parts.
fb32604b413052ddedccba36247e676427c48824  create a single ModelCost provider for the caps instance. Let it know and  check scene prim size limits.
5317b1053f2b8fd81f71c0b95c79aaa03efb47e4  be more tolerant to small prims, skipping them, only failing if they are  more than half of total. Add a state control to NewFileAgentInventory  to avoid more than one at a time per client. ( Incomplete and possible not that good)
629138d4fa16821d9572b58abe234b973ccf945e Change texture price back to 10 C$
bf987f96d2339f1471ad5fc5b3df5a7a8b484d6e  Fix model upload rotations and offsets ( i hope )
9ff6c85325bfe8a046abaf72267e215f05ec893e Make uploads free for now - we will have to announce this
5d63c20122351296298d9ec841a569e1c008ba4b refix prior commit
f9c24c9414134af04fea3dd6ff39800856aec10e  read model upload cost parameters from config [Economy] section
7de67d5680b2eb028bb17fae0d80d1f78ccd3a19  removed unused data in MeshUploadFlag response
4bba72b7afc104ea5a42acb6206c1c07fbba099b removed AssetUploaderWithCost, fixing AssetUploader. add parsing of some more needed fields in request
11e05217df2de7ce7da581a2332ee4871f75a527  report asset upload errors the right away
64db9e41143c36ee1638f2c453b4645ff4ed008f try to allow free uploads for testing, if users prefix names with "TEST-". Let textures get into inventory again. Both features under config control. Have direct warnings to client, including a final one on upload complete since i see nothing. problems: textures don't showup in inventory til relog, also issues with permitions. A few more changes
a5d969d92f906b035da1a0489a7e4163d3e43aad Comment out asset error for sculpts/meshes. If an asset is missing it's missing. We can't put it back so we don't need to know.
2d02405186841d5aeea30b608d106212f5fee1c3 Change the poll service to use a thread pool for replies to make sure the event queues aren't blocked by other traffic.
68ece236a6cd8a2a9bc009287e43debdc6e9a79d Protect the responses map with a lock. Also remove ugly "this." type of member notation.
6963b96bd05b17624a2e46726b033e179d50b280 If an asset upload transaction doesn't exist for a CreateInventory request, simply process it as if UUID.Zero had been given.
ca67ee60ac0e0c26d6d32fc68d48ef63570f034d  add missing transactionID in SendInventoryItemCreateUpdate. and make use  of it on inventoryAccessModule, etc. Most likelly it's needs where there  is a transactionID not zero
7ae0b5e6051e3da16f7d34c99dc9c58b75d4b373 touch prebuild.xml
421071bd8a489b90d3ddd58add7135b178f59381 Text changes for upload messages
a1a0a90720e65ce104699abb6dcd46b5cb34a6db  more upload changes (plus untouch prebuild.xml)
2cb17d6fbb4cfc5157cec0f3e4589db007a117b3  change GetTextureModule processing
4d681bfde617371bf14fb74da595887a33ec688b do the same to webFecthInvDescModule
ef3d44240ef0f4fe714ff0ea76a89be1e23fcb4e missed change
654dd289f263a4eef4f2aa70a1cb8d289ec7e04c  more changes to PollService
67fa6577461bf1e2a39c501f73d8bfc9045ee69e keep watchdog happy using it to kill his threads
abb4b9fcae6f8091774325615a37e4e44351b9a6 UriModule GetEvents also doesn't need a request body
7e3eba1064197024690c5b3cae4c2cf87319e48c  Seems nothing actually need the request body for getevents. so change  control flag to false
617f1b9223375a2dda925e26c395901810d37697 just remove the damm thing
9a042696440e7dd9502f78b80ae8441642912dd3  fix GetTextureHandler range
c3ea00f16e8582ec547f4fb927119a1e5f1b16f3 add assettype mesh to list of binary assets
a70352db17a26eb01fea30eb6a7d6159d52a4916  don't send a partial contents report  if we are sending all data
a0065ad61611b1a078116327f826b109bd90dba4 create a new PollServiceHttpRequest req per loop since they can be sent to another working thread
1a902fceb54d9501f489b2ce872a0b03b5b17ad5 Fix occasional race condition failure when creating new clothing/body parts in the viewer or updating existing assets.
65e294267df7fb3892d3d926182794f51ce42a71 Move UDP update task item code to AssetXferUploader to match existing create user item and update user item mechanisms
5c8b9ff9ed479b9baf7d57c1b15f058d88778bc5 Insert transaction ID into AssetXferUploader constructor rather than at UploadAsset() to prevent item creation failure when NewInventoryItem thread reachs the object first.
7d6ac75f872998ef175b3887391db0610fab1464 Comment out old m_storeLocal from AssetXferUploader.
fdd4361928e5e3defa2afba5588738f57cdc426d Fix very recently introduced race condition where a CreateNewItem outracing an UploadAsset request could throw an exception because m_asset did not yet exist.
9eca154bced7423867e8f9597b8baf214de79087 Make it possible to rescale SOGs when they are not in a scene.
b52311b8f80db28183069901d5540d61db0bd8ea Remove a core undo call that we don't need.
285039949c8a0c0b13da8b74d2ce560805932ad9 Update the Http server with a few additional properties. Adapt the test server code to match.
58e55ae0756250f58f56cb59f75d18a512f17815 make some forgotten changes be done by simulation thread not by caller
7e21ddeeff8cbe7a715c0b2e4fc6bbd47e1160d8 Fix a possible NRE
fdacb88b29d5b4a0eac87712992a0ccb2bbcab42 Fix a viewer crash issue
7137b234b4e99d8d19e83dfb5268674c72f46479  introduce a ODEMeshWorker class, should be pure cosmetic changes for now
4f51cc325c627e9e9c1381e6e813a266968895d4  making meshworker have more work..
9988558ec16144f1a69b666d39428cda4c0849c3 meshworker basic replacement of SOP CheckSculptAndLoad ( for now disabled for all physics engines)
51e1830f86cd0253879f4f60470a3b5fa2b3db7c  more changes. Most code not in use
113549c2e92fc45d5cda3c1f2f99eba5aa4dc6c1 apply cmic fix to multi layer wearables
89d342b5ce9ac5d9fc4fd493eead8e050f99c91a  more changes and more non active code
d5ea203f934416c4c703ca899c7981b2f5ee550c Fix threading in remote asset connector
db00402fa86db6c3d945a48df13e266506e61486 make sure a buffer is closed, and changed a misleading log msg
78ce7a0a04dc5ce3212acfb0e88a3a5a1b876100 [DANGER UNTESTED] ODE mesh assets. Other plugins will not do meshs/sculpts now
4efc90ef37a244ae859f4789d1abbc332723a6ad i update core ode plugin and make it load is meshs (i hope)
a0b4e68060b51deba6262b0c81873ce734cb0089 refix so we can compile it, loosing alpha scultps fix on core meshmerizer
8894f4ad7735fc0a37fd62c89467163f6ec503cb Change permissions on child prim inventory items when god mode "force permissive" is used.
3bf7201fd4d3e2b240f8139c20f88c916d338c31 move terrain geom to own ode space. Limit range on raycast if includes terrain until ode doesn't eat all stack. Add a pre-simulation method to do pending actors changes (except mesh assets still not ready to use), to be optionaly called before firing heartbeat. [UNTESTED]
2e223c8ce2ccceeca87ae18522a3370e2a5565c9 Change ray to land colision range limitation so it has no impact on other geom types
4c512ada58532f97baa7a356cec5a2e2720d7466  fire a extra terseupdate when stopping (like in loosing physics). In some  cases things seem not to stop
87175412882e8e4b7cd9d92d6a9be8546ec7e9e9  force allocation of mesh data on creation ( messy code version )
315f3ee0e59a894271fb7586cbb85f7859df75f3 avoid crashing so debug is seen
8fa91686dbee7071d2a718886cdc11e6751ccbff  add some quaternion normalizations to keep errors under control
d554c0d574f9c4763df0bbff931de0f944db53a5 normalize quaternion.Slerp outputs
48d2258f41b3ce8e9a1bfe98e9835f5ea947a815 longer meshs identification keys, so first part on disk cache is it's asset id
666fb744a36ca5497dc8868298f47c23cd72b1a8  retouch mesh ids
5986b4ee3980d27d6e8524c4b8f5ad4c9a701288  add mesh cache expire on region startup. Expires will be relative to  previus expire (assumed done only once at startup). File 'cntr' on cache  folder stores time. Deleting it will force a skip on expire. Default time  is 48hours before previus startup to account for failed ones etc.
de3ff44406943ffad5832b6b0434209a8fabc298 Make texture sedning use only two threads to make things less harsh on bandwidth
ce26730d4eb2e94ddb13aaa5203fef158f5ab5d9 Allow bypassing perms dialog (console only)
aba078c93f4966cf6be10fc02228323843b9249e Fix perms when linking an object. Set root part perms to the perms of the link set to make the build floater behave consistently. Fixes permissions exploit introduced on 23 August.
322eefbb6f6c3cc418a327a3b51357a12ee5036f Allow the console to be used by gods as well as region owners.
2e8e8d576e342e4036b278805137ad68066dcbad Remove redundant and annoyingly modal message box in upload processing.
7228ad7a51e7f976e58331e06aba133528ee2cb3  extend coment to include all unused SOG CheckSculptAndLoad()
33a67b691e078df21cd442e8ec6401b25a849250 [UNTESTED] core Ode: stop trying to load a broken asset. Make broken assets behave like phantom by Nebadon request
739782627ac2bd076b37f3ff9188cba3eab01d43 [UNTESTED] core Ode: let broken mesh physical prims collide with land as the defaul basic box so they don't go off world.
b51c26ab40579a3e7a21df54b15a72a5c464ae41 UbitOde stop doing a copy of the asset data using just the reference to it. It costs a lot of cpu and doesn't seem all that usefull.
aa97014ee4563883ddd84dd1607b143394412f49  Add some extra debug on scene close
8bb29054165b1fa3284b200ca6682eb1c81e977f test limit ode exec time by time not number of loops done
0d00b97aecf07a19d50ba57e7e717ffbbcd10658 Deep copy the collection of at_target objects so it can't be modified while it's being iterated
1a34f42426b5819f97079c138c596182bf683416 Add a property to determine if a link set is stored in the database. Also, fix a bug where "Force object permissive" god action would fail to reset child prim permissions.
dc2c198e5df6cd264e9f171a66b1926d850ea361 Set the script state to new rez when a scriptis saved, rather than region start. Prevents CHANGED_REGION_RESTART being sent to scripts when saving.
d15d71a7efd2e1d3510111cbc9e617fc113fc29c Put back the collision sound shim into SOP
5328808b1825ef7d73809c8ddd67542ee05bf575 Make sure we're not accessing a physics scene if we're not in one yet.
ff61d59e60cf40ed65e01b2788c875509a5aaaa4 Add AnimState to CADU
c2639bef8e981e49fef09dfd9c54442ba500e9d4  lock unique and uniqueReleased in same order when both locks are needed
e36a700eb0732472ca8675bcc520b20674d9037d  add debug position on bad primmesh error
fd2bee8da19c950b4d9abf5af2f66c172dbc2268 Squash reporting HelloNeighbor exception - it simply means the other sim is down, no need for yellow ink.
b8c19fe1a9dc49a060be7afce6d317d52db1983a  Create a new random when needed using normal time based seed instead of  reusing a shared one than may not be valid
e642b80a79bc2a5585972caa14a8f5f59a5dc6fb  actually remove the use of random on persist timmings
9eb39406ad488bb3e2fb6f68685666cdf765d002 Prevent a null client from crashing windlight.
1090ff727851b0ee571a0d99e232a81b95f2bdef  removed potencial null refs and rearrange code a bit
7e91a787fb89e782382bf98c026d8f22d25691a1 Add a method to query all registered script constants to allow non-XEngine script engines to use them.
08b37efc327c8d05394007a7dcb2eb813422fb92 Prevent IMs being sent to prims when avies decline inventory offers from them.
4fa088bafb4c78ad3177b0e944a4312bd6abdea7 Pipe Throttle Update Event to EventManager, client --> ScenePresence --> EventManager,  so that modules can know when throttles are updated.  The event contains no client specific data to preserve the possibility of 'multiple clients' and you must still call ControllingClient.GetThrottlesPacked(f) to see what the throttles actually are once the event fires.  Hook EventManager.OnUpdateThrottle to GetTextureModule.
b7b96a5e4f1e26341742e35e5253e6e14797bd15 Another step in the chain.  Pipe the throttle update to the appropriate PollServiceTextureEventArgs.  Each poll service having it's own throttle member is more consistent with the model then the region module keeping track of all of them globally and better for locking too.  The Poll Services object is not set static to handle multiple nearby regions on the same simulator.
182b4872437e97762ac494dbf1815fe63aa29405 This implements the Caps throttler.    After some testing, the system seemed to be OK with me specifying allowing 1 oversized image per 70,000b/sec with at least one.   Try it out, start with a low bandwidth setting and then, set your bandwidth setting middle/high and see the difference. Tested with Two Clients on a region with 1800 textures all visible at once.
cda127e30f0049cda21137363e4d759fd7fd4959 * Prep work switching the GetMeshModule over to a poll service. * This still has the image throttler in it..  as is...  so it's not suitable for live yet.... The throttler keeps track of the task throttle but doesn't balance the UDP throttle yet.
1a478f868e70be9b4d85630a93276a32361eccb4 Prevent datasnapshot from crashing the simulator
619c39e5144f15aca129d6d999bcc5c34133ee64 * Fixes mesh loading issues in last commit.
6faa7fc7f9c47ed4a15a1fdf9a93efab0f163e74 Prevent a buffer overflow in asset receiving
5e0294815f7e3ec83b7e568e1468948ac0ff7331 * Plumbing and basic setting of the GetMesh Cap Throttler. * Last step is to flip the throttle distribution.
98b0cb8df8128d516c128cb78a58170e22a484b9 * While this is not producing any problems..  and does help in low bandwidth situations I can't demonstrate that it's better then just letting the client request what it needs in terms of responsiveness of the mesh in the scene yet.
442896cb1d9beda2d8768c91cfa1ec64c5fde08f Remove duplicate registration of the help topics for the module commander
658109700125f74b72dc1d1990e5713f06ee538e Fix new command console code to match the output of the original while keeping the new features
edb3a9596bc589b91c6392069d486956d6fb9d27 Remove a superfluous newline from help
f254af29ac88c2aa073d604c89709b4abca9a2f1  avoid potencial NullReferenceException
62244b5ea5d9fcbe24e35906517fb02022cdcc7c don't zero constant force and torque in selection
1487d69734dd596bad6fcfcc8d00fe7227d4cb14 * Fix a null ref error in /..../OpenSim/Region/ClientStack/Linden/Caps/GetMeshModule.cs:339
a118001181adfe27b5d0cc715e9f8c949673a9ef * Fix a null ref error in /..../OpenSim/Region/ClientStack/Linden/Caps/GetMeshModule.cs:339
c50fda8bf56b1935805164e6803ab82532ea5418 adjust avatar standing Z position
aa00308b10228cd2c5a04a41fc5b3da8009cd0fd  *TEST* reduce all mesh vertices resolution to 1e-5. This reduces number  of unique vertices only originated by math errors in PrimMesher
f21d9908200b4bb21f8002e9c87968767ab77bdb fix vertex rounding direction
8aa5fdb6a3f1e4b349757df5d9fcc06ab8dfdb64 *TEST* diferent avatar collider
fc1be7e41fc7dd23c5396665f7b464de45590368 raise standing avatar a bit to reduce knees bending on some collisions. reduce head size a bit
b6d29aa124cf1ec1c1dbe6874720e6cc39faf06f move characters (avatars) to own collision space, also fixing a problem with previus code that was still assuming the avatar is g2
de3180a63ecb89971321b7dce60dd86703f87e6d avatar collision plane send to viewer is only relative to feet. change avatar collider, just rounding the boxes, etc
1eddc4a9dad1cbe0a93b65331edd046ac1c9acf8  fix regression
d2499c4c314b290c42f454913305d97c6eec92d6 *TEST* Use new avatar size in ubitODE.
b2f3516b68d6333d70e8758e93d37197863f9a05 calculate avatar size on tps
2ea0dc55d7ea6da6e91ab614856cdeece7eae5d2  create a new ode character also with the new information
c73c2fb0707ee4dc78a354d932293f3e7e83ac50  add some default size setting and checks
0e2b717b4d262363995b2b351b4afe7c84889342 * Should promote faster self appearance.
6c1a852137e3a66db5befa4c6ec50b3a93268304 * This is a better way to do the last commit.
ecdd0e225f088ad1311a26f5934cd9e08aa697bd add velocityinterpolator packets handling but actually do nothing, since they don't do what i was looking for.
8e6bc554702c4e5083dc1bda98ba77d57a995fb1 Check database for root prim IDs only to try and get a handle on prim loss once and for all.
80639ace95089414423b16f90c8994f50e010373  a few more changes on avatar collider
28ea08c3e234f8ca3c6590af4045349af7fed844  fix let other phys plugins work.. broken when added feetOffset
f35e3c6fe04327ad4bc9b9864663910ea2b5d717  changes on the fast speed avatars collider,  collisions from above, etc
71fc9f29f92edf2956ecb25dcbcdb97d262c8a14 make ubitODE ignore X and Y rotation components on avatar rotations
b3a77c16bd2ad83076ddf19275b2f104210bba07  FIX small avatars movement on terrain.  (avatar appearance getting even  more messy)
7a093df24b470a6c80d67b1f8572f37a2a350521 Prevent a failed user relogi from throwing exceptions in poll services
d2695cb3f7356a5c4047bbef2ac8f83fc8350976 * Fix for Prim Locking.   Prior to the merge, it was just a clone of the root part to each of the child parts.
7d8c2b342c77cd4c5b26ee9500b5d9383b8bae77 Fix locking objects
9089bc7e37879867756740cfbd0456ad51244ca0  some clean up/fix
861477d85e794d067f372587ccf56d8887e5ec63 Fix locking for good
d1dd5a8ba9f707e63597d42cbe199a3f7ec15fe7 Add the interfaces for the new Avination baked texture cache service
f9051c22d8170bb2824d9a38540f2fdce4367f6e * Send an Unsolicited AgentDataUpdate packet upon Root Agent Status to synchronize with Agni.
77cc7ce399d1b1a710f3b3f4337932febdef66c8 * Partial Commit for Avatar Appearance to include the functionality of Cached Bakes.
6797ac14741851efa5ba60a00891e18cf7755c80 * This finishes the implementation of AgentCachedTexture.   Requires the XBakes Module and service for full functionality.  Previous no-cache functionality works without the service and module.   In some ways, I would have been happier not putting an AssetBase in WearableCacheItem..    but turns out it was probably unavoidable.   No additional locks, yay.
2805ec64662494d680925c6034e59b823e051a9d * Fixed a bug that replayed old cached appearance when changing outfits * Added suser(bad client) DOS protection by limiting the max cacheitems to the maximum sane amount. * Prevents potential numerous loops from running amok and index errors if the client purposely provides bad cache info. * If the XBakes service wasn't running, the SetAvatarAppearance routine would crash when contacting the XBakes service even though it was in a Try/Catch for the appropriate error type.  It only properly error handles with the type Exception :(.  (commented on that because it's unusual)
397aa74777bc0c54ecd9e1b286e59e9de0a4f3c2 * Fixes the attachment scripted rotation bug.   The problem is the code was relying on m_host.ParentId = 0 to determine if the attachment should be rotated against root prim offset.   To fix it for attachments, we also need to check if the host's localID == RootPart's localID. otherwise we are cumulatively rotating against the host's root part rotation offset (which in this case, is it's own rotation)
be6b6bf191718f7c674297a804fa1a6cb4196a5a  add a lock to CollisionEventsThisFrame
a504704071b5302601240854c32fcc3d3c5cd3b8 i try to fix avatar orientation in some cases..
d40cdd26496c267b7de4cf7005eb6c933d7ad238 cancel MoveToTarget (viewer 'go here") on sits
1665a0d636a0d4e97000e16bd7a2b482e966c446 make ResetMoveToTarget cancel any 'force' waiting to be applied to avatar ( by the odd use of Velocity)
a285ff7e6942f9b55b18b00a765a5b4491fba011 check land permitions on sit target for unscripted sits
dc6b7bb5c9d4ba26a043566f3c6f969d56268132 don't try to read geom positions outside main ode thread :(
ca40e656ab4f0915b37356a9f6394f93cd1119a3  in raycast for camera exclude self detection
982328b4ed2f632765e3c3d3bd1cc1110fdb91fa exclude avatars from unfiltered RaycastWorld
d5066ae6787ac860e673a91bf207bf2b397a2714 * DAnger, TEST * change camera plane collision detection. Still bounces on * prim edges due to camera lag
1bf553fd6593672c4ac5cd74c180367fcdb18c79  reduce sampling of camera raycasts to previus value
126e73c5ed7bb95b36739d46921375b78f6207e1  put back position and rot change check before sending releasing plane constrain
ef8f03b711e7d15443b9f0a597632e75e3d86ddc Prevent avatar data from being sent during login when it's not valid and crashes login on some viewers.
0aabb93ef3aa6217cb5f3312f864e46465204d48 Remove now superfluous update of m_lastSize
fb088a48ac6cd737a25ce46f76e988879c0f0255  also update m_lastSize in SendAvatarDataToAllAgents so more paths update  it
0a393b317dd6449e5a4ebbfc41dd3c8f4d9b2092 Add the new UpdateAgentInformation cap to make maturity on more recent viewers work.
b5282810180a548d0c29892a38388c379105c13b  stop endless loop in lGetLinkPrimitiveParams
949da1d4af77247786b00041bc0d1732617b7286 Change IsRoot to use ReferenceEquals to prevent operator == messiness
756d53db5e9c7a2ac73e501b7883381026f3c608 keyframe. Don't use group UpdateRotation since this enqueues a terse update and we are sending them imediatly
1f9dbdf8b8d8c70e654199c5f9a4258e0e6693f9  same for AngularVelocity. Use normal terse updates in place of sending  imediatly. If that's good for physics, needs to be good for this
819f4b338d7c998a6e93b4558d6bd005a097904d  remove redundant lastPhysGroupPos and lastPhysGroupRot checks  in SOG Update(). rootpart does more complet checks
d7f0bf04f6b69d7ea616f02d3f7f4381debda00e update the last information sent in terse updates where they are sent to all clients and not only on Scheduled sends
a892dbba63fe85e36d242e5f7dc41bc37aaafc9e  go back bypassing sog updates control (test)
fcf39601687b30f088903faaa12d2b4aaa18bf1a make sure keyframe rotations are normalized
2028787c0dee934eb97c07fe7d16909dc92789c3  prevent potencial invalid refs
2eb0d8b6176c223e915a2d22b1c9540156283943 add some sanity checking to HandleAgentRequestSit handler
b263587e2104f304f084c72fcb0cc1d155dacc1e  try to patch getmesh Throttle (test)
1c79e8a779a94317670e90e99215311fe90caa9a * Document the additional Visual Params of newer browsers in AvatarAppearance.VPElement so it can be easily looked up in code/module
b5f5400e069bcc8cb720391eccea385a45bfe7b5 Add Refresh() Method to ISerachModule to allow forcing a sim to resend it's search data
451b6c0e82f0bf850c5e2da1aafbcd48d676dc52 Add admin_refresh_search command to RemoteAdmin
85aa1804dfc9edbf41f16c312d06746eecd59bc9 Complete removal of the now unused state queue
91138014e21e19a3c02ee1640caab7f748472038 Change all uses of the removed state queue to the task queue for now.
582cb89beb597247ceb6d82cdfc8fc983ffe8496 Add a way to put things at the front of the queue for any throttle group. Adds a DoubleLocklessQueue and uses it for the outgoing buckets. Added a flag value to the Throttle Type (again) because although it's hacky, it's the best of a bad bunch to get the message through the UDP stack to where it's needed.
30d5faa7fc6553ab66959fd5adaa69c53779dc35  same for SetPrimParams
de49440839e905cc4b3668962be96f8e274704d0  dont send a full grp update on stopmovetotarget. just a rootpart terse
3e0e9a096287512f1e53b4f54c5e916958774d8e * Enables loading cached bakes on teleport by filling in the appropriate avatar fields from the bake data.  No more auto rebaking on teleport assuming your wearables, bakes and cache are consistent. * Speeds up appearance sending..  since there's nothing to wait for.
13232718262920101ee50cfbe87192096c5c3805 Kill the dumb Opensimulator Testing group again - for good.
bd77e2b7bac54112040706eb26f2d787f668d8a9 Remove the core groups module
7bd9a0edb75ede38e71ca0f436bf89835b13d9ad Remove group IM test code also mentioning "OpenSimulator Testing"
b7b3063849c8d7299fa0c262e122ff1a050bfdcb Implement HTTP Request froma thread pool to avoid packet congestion
80529a6baca35e61e684fa3eb1a40c141101ff2c Prevent scene from holding references to SOGs with attargets beyond SOG deletion
a291e6be93ada150e35e141dbeb37a31d580f87d Limit active at targets to 8
da6f589885b7acf5f85aaeb2c011792b9d41a22e Add accessors to allow serializing rot and position targets
09a3e134e4fd9300899131f13b5be1494a767970 * Fix notecard loading - If the notecard name is formatted like a UUID but isn't an actual asset UUID, then try to load it like an asset id first, then try to load it as a task inventoryitem name.   If the passed UUID is a string, try to load it like a task inventory item name.
89676b8a48c30647f0150c7e2b0da0ba6c932265 * The fallthrough of FetchTexture was no longer resulting in a 404 response on missing textures.  It was just waiting and no event was being provided.   This re-enables the 404 response.
be60c0b0105e2d6929bb331ff86dfbcc45261221 * A better way to handle the last fix (This is in case the viewer provides a list of preferred formats, though, technically, the sim would pick the first provided format the old way).  This just makes it more obvious what's happening.
9d1989e64fa460646f9a3d52d4024c3b56888617 * Handle a NRE with Baked Textures that may result in a failed appearance.    This may be an issue, or it may be a symptom.
f667428283654f4fbe34ddf4cabaa1b991098258 Guard against XMLRPC module ref being null, which will happen if it's disabled
997d53e5320e016027eb915fb67de96b501752bb EXPERIMENTAL - Comment out the check for the agent already being in transit to prevent avatars being locked into their sim on a failed teleport. May have side effects and must be revisited to fix right.
c75508ec8d236b45c65c80d479ed7c24dd3343ce Fix a type (Suports => Supports). Also put the normal terrain collision check into the physics check patch for now since physics doesn't properly return land for some reason (as tested by Nebadon)
dd6ddcc7a53565cc540def336c5b4bd2307a1d63 Prevent double ground collisions and prefer the physics result if there is one. ODE is known to not see the ground sometimes on raycast so the double test is needed.
8c6984eac140ed48f10ac3f3db533d0c9b1d084a Implement get version RemoteAdmin call
9d2e832b85e35edea8bd177df9de4eb3ee18b004 Null check the response body to make sure we're not crashing the script engine
bfac09849ff4b14f5df4bab4fffdbaea0d3b6a9e bug fix: crash when too many collisions on a ode step
564b513963bd35e072b0a1f760cfc5ac8675f776 * This update is ugly as sin, but it 'fills in the blanks' of your appearance when your inventory items go missing.    This repairs appearance from missing wearables immediately on the V1 appearance pipeline, the second login on Firestorm.  It only replaces the essential body parts that are missing.. hair, skin, eyes, shape...  so if you delete all your wearables, you will rez naked.    Anyway, this is still experimental..   I need another day of playing with this to handle all of the situations.   One thing that I still need to do is try and get the assets..    and if we can't get the assets for some reason, skip and replace that part of the outfit.
1b5d5d70401ef69bf3e9da0bb1e668d4ccd520ce Stop temp-on-rez object from being deleted while an avatar sits on them
f1fbb774b6f08acde0c88618911dd4dc311217ad Reinstate cleaning objects from parcel when avatars sit on them. Instead do it properly for temp-on-rez. Auto-return overrides sitting. Temp does not.
380b017e3295eaf30a4a96c23faed5be78495256 Prevent items being destroyed by rename operations. Renaming of a wearable also sends an asset transaciton but it is empty. So we can't ignore name data when a transaction is present and can't treat every transaction as valid.
e336c50813b0bf1fff463e3d54e13530cb95ff0e Send moving_end event to scripts when keyframed motion ends.
2a558c7346fc5070d98fb96e8495a67d23f04ea7 Change default avatar replacements to be ruth rather than urban male
e83893c8bcb26d0af191df7e19c5059c80896f51 * This Checks the asset of each wearable asynchronously and repairs if it's required.
d1ebb0a8f91ff61138831b51c04e5c14650f938c Change keyframe motion to use a single timer for all objects. This is required to prevent slippage between objects that are meant to move synchronously or keep their relative positions/rotations.
cc1781926b4c49c72977d4ddb16cc583a9ffeb80 * Adds a satisfying angular roll when an avatar is flying and turning.  (General, not physics).  Makes flying not feel as stiff.
bfe0f5d0819577c854a9f814620635dc0e7db1b2 * This adds a bit more to the previous flying roll effect by adding additional roll when pressing page down, and reducing your roll when pressing page up to make it feel more responsive and give the user more visual feedback.
598f891d703593bde4b96472b5d1b1ce6aaf4c74 Move SoubleQueu to Util. Change HTTP inv to prioritize COF. Determine COF for SP
6aa876a83b08390ab057eb012fd2c730010f79d8 Rename Bounciness to Restitution
765b0e4382b1e7e413d33a8f0f7669259f7bf170 Rename "Bounce" to "Restitution" in PhysicsActor as well. It appears these values are not even used.
8008938550f5f60b3233a09ca642ea6a45052704 Actually plumb the new values to physics.
e31bc8dc963ff9bc09f0c2dbd68b8a43fee851d6 Refactor KeyframeMotion to use one timer class per scene
4c7df6a1473e4e0a144e06f6e318251419f64af8 Small fix to sim features module
32c4e1a850fc271808f2e80c79c628ddc82e0206 Add an event and some logic to allow customizing Simulator Features by avatar
4be35df5fa1f1ba364ac45ae8b2585319dfbdbae Fix shape parameters sent for meshes tosupport the full number of faces
13fe3546c31376631ebc557b8d379c157b5b7c37 Correctly remove https:// URLs from the http server.
8c0b9080a4fb013d559966fc8c8175fb16162c2d Fix an issue where the viewer would request the seed cap before there was a handler for it.
ee18db027c67d3ea9b905f4d07bd5a2ec8fdf65f Make sure state machine is reset if crossing is aborted
e0e9118f8137ec95c73fe264f0c3fcf9f7305741 The viewer tries to parse the error message body to LLSD - give it some.
da2b59848461d0f309067762403f9143551bb5ba Make banking no longer break sit rotations. Fix spinning avatars.
698363990b1acc8d700fca3a9c9f834cd35dd486 Try to update inventory items when there is a valid asset - may fix temp textures
adf03ad2e5fc4bfd29b6489ecc789453ba8e45a9 Reinstate uploading temporary textures
2ad72db0ecd834ca7071aa6038f209b64f79b868 Make a viewer sent XML error prettier
34bb2fd015178dd97efb0f6c83f61a079781dcae Make Keyframe motion cross regions again
1ef50fef44e4e4df60c00ed7070ab78e076afffb Experimental - add void return support to modSendCommand
82ac1763fb147a889ee547d844c91102d231a37c Add support for void return type
797bfbfcfaf5485db755ad6a5b19a064210505fd Multiattach, part 1
51de85b503e3994c2759f411779057afbffd0b83 Multiattach, part 2
9ffa08ea6b10d96a906b4896087ac3c2abd1b798 Limit each attachment point to 5 items as per spec
5b37063178d1a44e5db8ca6c8d47a12c011f8012 Spot fix the interpenetration issue. Thanks, Ter.
1dcdea6ac45a17859c962739c080ccb9ab6c6105 Fix case where the string member of a LSL_String in a list is null
455da9dd20dc6a992c7adc1a8fd851ab586392a1 * Ignores VolumeDetect enabled prim in the camera raycast call.    Note: The SceneRaycast call doesn't have a filter option in the interface and physics will use the lower level one for all sorts of goodies so it wouldn't be appropriate to ignore it at the physics layer yet..  though that would be better once the API has filters.
cc504eb0d136d6555ddae990a98592eaf123816a Fix SceneManager to use the new automatic property throughout.
aba66c71122a2ca9a3c2fb807b360e9fff8b9026 Make sharing errors not spew and let the cache retry the files
c341664c1b8ccf3bd7b81795b900b971a15ff318 Phase 1 of implementing a transfer permission. Overwrite libOMV's PermissionMask with our own and add export permissions as well as a new definition for "All" as meaning "all conventional permissions" rather than "all possible permissions"
4bf9c4bbb833f8ecbd0757b333da76ffaea14bc7 Export permission, part two. Setting export perms for textures and clothing works. Setting perms for prims also works but they don't propagate correctly yet. NOT FOR PRODUCTIN USE. Your database will need to be updated before you can use this!
4aa6f2bbba0cdd4baca3bf28458f69b0086b3367 Add the set object owner floater template
6571e7ead276027e5ed86cb1fc9d1b47ddae2e6e Allow callers to set the invoice parameter for GenericMessage
3e818eaeb5b352eeca3c09a602b67c0e99be0be7 Add the enter uuid dialog
51e05dcb5be80bc93061443072fd5587f83052e6 Gods module cleanup
e39156c6569b10d48b0005b271f103387e16f527 Send 503 when throttling textures
3934b779b811cc0c6331127f03212d9bbcdc2ce9 Adding the dynamic menu module which allows registering new menu options in compliant viewers
2093d87e20956b9b6bad34668ae230fdafeeaeda Make the kicked user's avie truly disappear when it's god-kicked.
40036ca05f3a34ef7f0728ed52878068a66bc502 Change EconomyDataRequest signature to use an IClientAPI rather than UUID. This is needed because recent LL viewer codebases call this earlier in login when the client is not yet established in the sim and can't be found by UUID. Sending the reply requires having the IClientAPI.
3fcac2ba7b7aa64a7fbd26e451f49933b0859527 Controller module for dynamic floaters (WIP)
5a4cb539d2e685d604b00419040da4a752e074aa Fix bug where an agent that declined an inventory offer and subsequently emptied their trash would make the item invalid in the giver's inventory
0af1d8fe196e403c066f7fc3dbc9f4b897b4da2c Fix CAPS to work like they should - do not send caps to the viewer if they're not in the requested caps list. The previous wrong behavior caused the debug setting "UseHTTPInventory" to fail on all viewers when turned off. UDB inventory would not be correctly used in that case.
d982d249387adee9faf1dd7452ad03abac4d84b1 Fix the long standing bug of items being delivered to lost and found or trash when takig copy. This bug was recently aggravated through the perms changes required for the export permission.
23324539745848f28308f3de28aa0278b662e1b5 Add RegionManager level and the ability to use literal XML to the dynamic floater module
cbae04ba97e1832f25c514685e6af770c5e58d68 Remove dumb "Region found!" message from map search
3f6071ce3a2a8970419186fa7d5715f2af8b53ae Guard against trying to access terrain heights out of bounds. Clamp to sim.
296b43f597e830c288ed0e56d1a6b78b955a7932 Small adjustments to the floater module
f9daf921f72e9962546fe5cfcc45db3ace8f903c Explicitly zero avatar velocity on sit
799ba5aa7b2b5d82e5e2f622929042b38da3809c * Tweaks the hard cut to apply to collisions of Greater then Normal Z 0.95.   This fits within Ubit's framework of multi-body collisions, just moves the reactive force to the Midboxgeom(actual detection) instead of the bigbox geom(pre detection)
477a5e3a35780809b1807e43f6deed8ede17f14d * This fixes the avatar stuck in objects on login and teleport by gently applying an upward motion when stuck in things on the Z * Comments describe how it filters out good, normal collisions, from 'stuck' collisions..   It's especially sensitive in feetbox collisions since this is where normal collisions happen under usual circumstances.
4cb7ee47f209ffb0c8d8d04eba462c248c4740e0 Let the event queue do lees work - expire every 40s as per Teravus instead of every seconds - whoever put that in....
9ba35c6b7e36a675f8fd3fe1c372ec40a5b0216a Port fix from justicc - decouple pay prices on drag-copied prims
027580935a2e524fb0fed304e519a9e5041f6e32 Reset "Show in search" on parcels cut off other parcels that are in search
0086c3b5fb24f4a25fe2e28f9cedcaa41c70b36c Update the money framework to allow sending the new style linden "serverside is now viewerside" messages regarding currency This will require all money modules to be refactored!
a348c8e44a72bd2de0151fc6db7a229cd8ee86a2 Allow Linden trees to preserve their type when taken into inventory and rezzed again. Allow Linden trees to be sensed by LLSensor as PASSIVE objects.
4e72cf9ee21dd8833af860fa5af4fc91e11018cb *** DANGER TESTING **** changed prims mesh generation hopefully removing spurius faces. CHanged several aspects. Fixed prims inertia that was too low, still using box as model. Increased number of quickstep SOR iterations to 15. Keep it 15 even on heavy load ( will only jump simulation time).
1cf24b70925f206f334fadb0baf20779aa9793f6  make sure friction slip parameters are zero ( or other value ) and not  default cmf
269febc87e1aba24fff09e9fb0d77eee0a73b185 let gravity modifier, friction, restitution and density changes be applied to prim. Only have efect on root prim. Density doesn't get effect imediatly, only on next change of size or shape. density change implies a full body rebuild to be done later, after reducing the  number of sets sop does. Other parameters should work. **** mainly untested ***
4709436a6ca5daecad3f0835fd6c4921df7a5339 retouch prim stopped condition test
70d5c29310492e0481b6df91edefdce729573e2e Stop sending velocity to avoid snap-back
9589a09eda2a08c12dc54a99fb04faa18e5c6de7 Fix multi-wear of alpha and tattoo layers.
bd87eb90d10946bb4e010ed84d9a7577d8158a07 Implement PERMISSION_TELEPORT and the needed checks to make it work. Old auth system still works as well.
e2d4cb870ed4bccb4ee127b079742a67ec1ad752 Unsit seated avatars when an object is deleted
02548bdc16ca5af1d9442bf81cdff6638760fc61 Update HTTP server
18e4496d2dd41acce1b2183c10499ac24a58e573 keyframe: add more locks, change timming stop, added Suspend and resume
c173c2eed52d20916bcafd2b1b6d4a1a24c46105 try to suspend and resume keyframes on copy to inventory to take copy doesn't destroy state
17a902fed44ec3c28ee71dc686faeb00162bad73 Clean up poll service
ed7fe6239cf53a0a8cacb2ef05e93750a9e22d2b add indexes for new visual parameters shape_hover and APPEARANCEMESSAGE_VERSION. For reference only, this aren't used in sim for now
8582b2b992e5d7747b8c4945959bd1c29a29839f Make objects attached from the ground appear in inventory again. Fixes a number of interaction issues causing client crashes.
745a209bf2cf2465717f2d17fd5a506221c63ac5 Explicitly set uploaded mesh object perms
a4a4898a0e136d01aa4d07d47b245c124ba39bf3 Put the "script saved" and "notecard saved" messages back into the bottom right corner.
689969e143dad47fd9c257f9824ec71e3fafc8e6 * This fixes having to select and deselect prim to get keyframemotion to start running when pulled from data storage.
62c277ff9f7a335e0091bba0c891e5b739c656d6 Add a result param to te money module interface
0be80e58133bc049be82201e9778ad74e3675529 Forward the reason to the script
c78cb96c62c0a62499e8af9d0bde725276ce19fe Allow coalesced objects to be rezzed even if they extend past the sim bounds
8e9d6c6c56c7169adfa4b99c328933df4b68107b Fix prim locking to behave like SL
bdc48e3e0f746fb691d99c17bd0e45bb3ca3e493 Make attachment state load work again
598f63e984222a89ded65465674868df452cbeed Make atachment state load work again
01c3be27460fd3f28efd17b8d6606b883350f653 * Fix a null ref that causes a stack unwind when crossing borders.  Less stack unwinding..   the faster it goes. * Tweak XEngine so that it's partially functional again.    It's still not great, but basic things work.
e0399ccaec68889c12e4679b4d62142b49b379df * This fixes the border crossing offsets by storing the final keyframe location in the hijacked variable KeyFrame.AngularVelocity.  When steps in OnTimer <= 0.0, normalize the final position by Constants.RegionSize and move the object there.    The hack here is KeyFrame.AngularVelocity probably isn't the right name for this variable because it's the un-mucked with keyframe position.    When you determine the feasibility of changing the name without affecting the serialization of existing objects in world...   It's simply a name change to KeyFrame.FinalPosition or something proper.
f7378829c3da999fcd200a5d0e6189a563cbda39 Fix the root cause of keyframe motion region crossing offset - UpdateSceneObject was being called twice on each crossing.
823e8b5d19099fcc560cefeec5943b9a19571a37 Add support for simple external CAPS texture services
66715a69a73d78c2da9b68b8776a02195bb2e953 Add two argument constructor to GridInstantMessage
844ae7720e02d01b839986e0ba8fab93f9c93c05 Bring Core Groups up to current version
59290854f24f47ee7cb8b2a242e3f771fa30229b Reinstate SecurePermissionsLoading functionality, default ON
b41ae0f98f85db76b9a412cee29e9bcba5b4d9d9 Harmonize the class name, ID and Name of the default perms module
528fc5358df93ae7a6f9e32f696550d21ef3d08c Fix exception when brokering HG asset ids
ddf67bf929fbc32d8319f777b248642b4da0305a Mono 2.0 fix - call ToArray() explicitly
1c7accf9500250abad243eaeb6f6baadf7644e78 * Fix a null ref that causes a stack unwind when crossing borders.  Less stack unwinding..   the faster it goes. * Tweak XEngine so that it's partially functional again.    It's still not great, but basic things work. (cherry picked from commit 01c3be27460fd3f28efd17b8d6606b883350f653)
120b6948ed873a3af7713b411b956b8cb4c7f516 * This fixes the border crossing offsets by storing the final keyframe location in the hijacked variable KeyFrame.AngularVelocity.  When steps in OnTimer <= 0.0, normalize the final position by Constants.RegionSize and move the object there.    The hack here is KeyFrame.AngularVelocity probably isn't the right name for this variable because it's the un-mucked with keyframe position.    When you determine the feasibility of changing the name without affecting the serialization of existing objects in world...   It's simply a name change to KeyFrame.FinalPosition or something proper. (cherry picked from commit e0399ccaec68889c12e4679b4d62142b49b379df)
ece2d24077cacba677de5cebdd3a9da463306ecd * Fixes cases where Last Attachment Point gets overwritten with 0 when it shouldn't * Fixes cases where Last Attachment Point doesn't get written when it should. * Fixes Null Reference in BaseHttpServer when shutting down, null path provided. * Drop then Wear retains Last Attachment Point
1eecb34e62987f43181bea912464b76eb4c6aa45 Remove the core module extra profile settings support carried in with the latest patches. We don't need it.
321bde8a3afc7cba63e008d8aa2a3adc733031c7 Minor: Add prentheses to make a condition clearer
c0cdc6b74f634da9fc79691a7965b0648cbcf800 Add delete maptile ability to MapImageService - yet untested
17aeec88602509a9628ba3ba06dc2fed6ef4af63 Reinstate the timed region change signal
075cf2baa3eeb43c6a54921cd2a8489b3ca35d37 Remove the spammy "voice not enabled" message some viewers trigger in non voice parcels
a30ad71651cb49720bf8b04e2d651bd28f5b8ea2 Guard against Scene being null in attachments it the wearing avatar is in the process of logging out.
bb841ea9cefb937c548646d366f689ef3bb80c61 Change OfflineMessageModule to support more differentiated return values and allow support for mobile devices and other non-viewer logins
f93dac9239dc71020f143339997b3b7abc15f69d Implement Oren's fix to prevent a privilege escalation with groups
fb321a05736c7ba4516f2f69ec04190b10925df5 Prevent sending Land Properties for unprivileged users
c77cd6adc78164e0e43e6c65d77162e348346241 minor: Remove unused System.Linq reference and use ParcelFlags.None instead of 0 from previous commit cb1f28
5c661baf6c197caef73e6a8fe5a2223d00a2a6ba Allow opening a https port using only http so that nginx can be used for ssl
1d1e444aed5f9eb3a77092f01f1f4d4ed3e18d11 Convert region loading to new format
d97896d39a50cdcbf1d96a9a9382b4dde7b76b53 Differentiate between requests only the owner should be able to do and those that managers can do when setting parcel data
94650c43cdfee1732856da00d64a0984173d6454 Add forgotten file
d5e04374653f7d4dc96367146933afc7a5c1fbab fix Xengine script instance load
748fc66ef10591fb0cf3c82d6838561bf48ac197 reduce avatar hover in basic ode plugin
5b8d1f0719b37ba6dcd92c8fd33a725017b8a19d  refix originalPositions[]
07c0ee1fbf95972f0568e0236eeb26a2c74697b1 Fix taking objects
bef76bf3c59f920a62cd34ae43f3a5327a40b696 Fix duplicate attach message being sent to objects picked up from the ground
dc717303d4a361815e84312ce1c66528b58de2e5 replace old Attachoffset by AttachedPos. Comented out possible merge artifacts
32b060a608d2bdb007f0d1fb65251f1e1fd5f3c5  physics engine cannot change internal positions of linksets, at least not  in teaseupdates
931434de87c7727569f3ff92cf334199bd201583  fix physics sit for physical child prims
79aea3e588c7458cee9ec1ee7a66dac389475e62 physicsSit SendSitResponse also relative to parent prim
a5fcc0c0c0f41ea3cf490e8061f71a6a2afeca02  remove avn hack on sitted avatars positions
d6f56a4f99f19aba06420002d185246dd03ee656  change avatar standup code
5f364dbed5ecc46240c727cdc8103db2d4d2dce3 another change to standup
719880a6ff3a784ddb9db7bb6a646a78c691bad3 make sittarget camera relative to root prim  Please enter the commit message for your changes. Lines starting
c37a88d4f18f3a1ecf08c94bed2a70e6fbb5118b Fix LSL portions of sit positioning
72cead29208aa6103afd5cb3473d021e0551806c Remove extremely spammy error message that isn't an actual error - user ids queried may not exist, since LSL can use this as well, with arbitrary ids
d9797b64784d4c4ec1d1d55c7a7bdaa71bfe3ebe  change ava to ava collisions a bit
5cdd205ee7f3f785d9d6dd6eca1fcfb8e414313b change presence movetotarget avoiding trying to go undergroud or fly when it can walk. ( still needs better code )
0239c7ba1c85fe67ec5f9657c4193228677349ff  avatar collisions fix
243499ea4e10cb90f863199b83cd299afbd46c28  send updates on selected attachments as sl ( warinin if reverted then a  fix is needed elsewhere since the changes are never sent)
3e73e96befad493a2e647567683566dc2b52823f  fix HUD attachment update filter to allow avatar center etc
0e4a9e35c75a466f4b98f1d4aa7d862e98da5e5d bug fix. Child position got broken because first prim i parts array may not be the root prim
5269511339738b465938e5cfd3da12cfa0594e28  dont try to cross with avatars on DIE_AT_EDGE or RETURN_AT_EDGE sog
cf132430ae6d989412cccc0e9c8148798b1382d5  tell scripts about positions changes after they are actually changed
f9fdf26ec37f9f7e0478deb6d9bfe3a3efcbc39e make ResetChildPrimPhysicsPositions only do what it is supposed to do and not what AbsolutePosition does
0331159d2cec44a96ebaadcc427b2dd697605c5e clamp avatar standup position within region
f236b2e5d3f8ba02d3db8ec35d74887723d1ee7b  request.DoHTTPGruntWork(..) is  now identical to our version, so use  those again, getting code closer to os  again
d64a50ac9bc6326cd98f9b1733a2ae4504259ed4  changed locations of m_originRegionID setting to where current core has  them. Changed avatar AbsolutePosition, it still didnt assume m_pos as  relative to root prim. ( forgot to commit before) ( this sit may still  have loose ends, specially around the use of OffsetPosition that is now  relative to root prim and was relative to prim)
237075ce21ddde71e8bba475fc4f37525cfcf098 cleanup a bit presence CheckForBorderCrossing removing dead code
f9ae7ea2e6677c8d7ca7570e771be66de8b98a49  do CompleteMovement with InTransit set as core
f6af5f49966f1a2269ee6ceb5e7694a8e3f67cdd change last commit setting intransit without messing flight
8808549669002c42c62c6ed602f7753571346d56  on sit use root prim camera at and eye if child as neither
9936f13c1ba514206634417fde35cd38e519ebf7 on transfer fail of sited avatars, only do
05d071a4308219fe4e69744418ee8299efdfe1f2 let BlockingQueue timeout work as its suposed to and not wait for ever
ee951f7a1038eee5f0760674b0cffab9a6d0328f EventQueueGetModule: dont reuse queues, we dont know whats there; make pool silently loose requests for unknown avatars, or they will stay active until timeout after close ( possible not a big problem after not reusing queues ? )
86a9710e77b76fb8a37faf9dacd22a0973628d92  change previus code, send a NoEvents response back to http server, even  if we know there is no one there, so that the server finishes handling  it.
fa59cddc28c107e47f8549b3944fa5f14f561926 remove old and dead code that its only making it hard to understand
70890e211a495c2120c801ac68b21fc3dbf51cbf add queue transition code needs review/more testing
4aa55204a29b7424d9eafb594717d2c5394c26ed allow reset default animation to default as core does
b6af41ec1168e2548659fd8dbfaa774bd1c49c20  dont standup avatar on crossing
43cf184603389d188bbbac14e5f14022be658a1e clear script controls on crossing (untested)(possible should be done elsewhere/othe way)
5a7a609683e8d77a8e2eb70573c07f205e1574a1 remove forgotten lines
c3b5a6c2abaa5f508344f75d338fc7ff1be08538 change how sounds work. May be bad.. needs testing
55df2b317c720888f42b9a4ec7d750f3657cecb4 dont send packets twice
f32bd24a2c1f3a6f18982469ce3444587a2c1e30  dont mess with sound gain on stop
3e1d2df261ba4f0b7dec9128adfe93ccccee01ae change parcel overlay bytes adding LocalSound.. changed others also NEEDS checking
6b0521d3c91f4ca6f87734748df553663cbc3e87 fix the mess about exclusive fields and flags on land overlay
181142c5ce533e8829094e7d8633084e2b49f2c7 Change some ORs to assignments as they should be
477b5b5623dd58a6ccc8812223df4bb436d450d1 Add new fields to parcel update
dfa9780c8c09c795bdd0dec6174ee8680c534e47 Send new parcel permissions to activate viewer options - done right this time
0c2537bb2418f3c66fd060b3852e90df43adbd27 Try to plumb the other half
6a0be979748084c78f3a01955a6620d4be79ea3f Correct nomenclature for LLSD messages. LL sure suck
ec5f96b272d6a8bbde4d44657e5868f09e33d2e1 Persist new land fields for access control
5fe1f878372b5490304a2ad7c0a41293ae36aaa0  changes to parcels code (still more to to)
2a2a77240877668222ecff5b7ef994783bc6dd30  mute avatar collision sounds if parcel doesnt allow
17f9f1c247679363321b73ec75aed890eaf1b778  restrict other avatar sounds to parcel flags ( untested )
30f00bfb14cce582382bd37b1e22062af664ec64 make HandlerRegionHandshakeReply processing async and delay it a bit. This delays things like terrain height map sending, giving chance to completemovent to send more priority information. POssible things on this should be on other event trigger when its more apropriate really done.
a5e9429f2bb2276486cc2f1ed2249e14fba90d6a MESS: changes in MakeRootAgent and CompleteMovement reordering things. Added sending of land overlay and parcel information. This in order to only send avatar related information after having its position well defined and on the right parcel. THIS MAY STILL BE BAD :)
0a1e9d731daa9a599c7c18b9777497592aadc235 work on hide avatars
e5f9f064a706d6be40e3da075f89b170aeb0ee1d  filter local chat from avatars or attachment acording to parcel hide (  not fully tested)
cb43dff2dc93bf7704548f0cfc9dfe487d5c5aef remove unnecessary sendparceloverlay
ef1f37cf20b756e8549305f2d405ea8e9bbda9ff handle change of hide avatars flag. Parcel limits edition still need work
e296f25445ef5d0fc8d114aed6241da664c57b34 sitting avatars hidding by their position. This is not as SL that uses avatar sitting on root prim. All cases have good and bad situations, this is simpler. Only SOG position changes triggers checks, rotation alone will not. ( as happens in other cases ) (UNTESTED, as usual )
c11c4c0daa6342decc293ac51171fffdf412f6d3 add a hide check at end of region arrival
b0864a2f0f46db1656951633b6a9da363bf62c6c crossing into a hide parcel may work now. Not nice fix.. need get back to this later
74447d14cda441408419bc90828975cf4b751692  add some filters for NPCs
01981fdf58dfe70c6df5ac514ca67fbd1ad2bc18 dont fire a thread on npc creation keeping the main one just waiting
46da95d1b73ebe4a8fe4f27a3b16f46317a403ef bug hunt:  disable group for npc
35616339f3a57b27601495aaee9599554f0e779d  remove the groups restrictions for npcs since they do nothing usefull
580604c231a77ab25b49dbbb3e209780ad1bfc4e let gods see hidden avatars ( test )
e87f70e277e78fb37100b2750fcb09b3aacb1734 god also read local chat
1a407e2545b4f143b97b1c6ac5c5029a72333442 Stop deleting objects that have status DIE_AT_EDGE set when they cross regions. This was an OpenSim hack to prevent vehicles from trying to cross.
ed4787419774d20110f10eff918f5a304819cb09  several debug msgs, need to be removed asap
ca8b0e6a1d373b55137febaafd2797e59016d5a8 replace debug msgs by others
c2d9a6499ac2655e6d43f528b839d81e14fdb64f  dont get script states for NPCs on deRez
14250c776adb62ced75b18fefa9e43bca3f045bb  missing currentParcelUUID update
b07b0ff555ee0d930e350ba56bcb389543d22e06  missing child login parcel overlay
8cf945544cd993b68329d00832f7c9b74570af28 local chat gods bug fix
6eca2475d4babfcf84aa40a885ff1e65e99a9420 dont assume that all zero folded perms are to ignore ( coerence with old code in avn-current )
c80322f1e69123922d9611b678e91323de97b835  dont change agentItem.BasePermissions where avination-current didn't  change
01780d4dc6b3dc266b8fbf22f779ced5bd002743  put back a check for null foldedperms
3c321e5bb37d0430085c361632fb668824e9b500 dont mess with names and descriptions on coalescence objects. Inventory name can change for inventory purposes only.
e1a5a1f829ad7b82fa8dc5b81248dff45b586f40  apply objectSlamSale to all roots of coalescence objects. replace the  single object condition for renaming
bd3d58dd00ceafab961d684208c10fae20f89dc2 try to make the baked textures cache work
552b4e45e8700cc71bbbea18b5bad167998a74e4 bakemodule didnt like last changes
c3f9c99fb32d15e57b24502b71c79fe028ed3007 DANGER...  changed bakedtextures caching. Assuming grid baking is cache only, reduced number of accesses to it. TESTING
12d8ed2dcdc354d0059b63a2139f544c3c7b30b8 only send to bakedmodule the baked textures :)
1408c9eee7eb8b73b49255f6c7bf81f4a759d01c  reply to cached checks with same serial number
dfa9ba0937f6e2d30e1d541d64533ede4ecb671e minor clean, dont check for cache if we aren't using it..
38e2e5942cfe7d7534038e72d8c2ac9325bd8741 bug on upload new bakes decision
f78894759442e0a9a3f36d33b40e1199eff19a15  make grid baked textures override the ones on appearance. Due to bug  somewhere they are always bad at ValidateBakedTextures entry. ( even if  they where good and on assets cache we whould need to generate the  cacheID hash )
6d372f3d9e4762ec607ce73d3be947dd449ec1fc remove annoying debug msg . still a lot of spam, but to remove later
7486684436583a4d9a1b800833581b26e83b9c0b update the max number of texture faces and wearables to current values. This should be safe now..
5628c0bcd68b032c0d819656d53b5b39bc83d68d Reduce delay time on regin handshake reply to speed up terrain sending. Terrain IS more important than avatar!
4ae0bb7df1774426ffa77898ac062a24bc6234f5 add limites checks on wearables size, revert to max 15 for compatibility/testing
9aa6389b8ba37715e0b68071040d2a9c488515ad  lock set appearence during ValidateBakedTextureCache  there seems to be a  overlap in same cases
ddfb05e57a510ead0dcd5c21e348feafd0215e3a Comment out stupid XEngine-bound message about script vs non-script startup, it's annoyed me for a long time. Comment out periodic stats as well, they've never been useful to us and just cause console spew.
74efe1e393e748d5f9ace32044c705533be64d6a explicitly force a reset to the event on creation  #Please enter the commit message for your changes. Lines starting
dc7b9c1cc328084bf8f730337ae5c44005f935b9 dont do for children what is for growups ( root agents) ( needs check)
2eb1c1c37765a42fd24467f26cf53e7443d5a75b move from RegisterInventoryServiceHandlers to RegisterRegionServiceHandlers what belongs there ( readabilitly only )
52dc27991fa41596bbc4d03cea0e6b534bfe2706 Give extra info on the call stack when SQL errors happen
601c50dc1e2e590a227a7b641be68cbcde6c279d return even zero costs ( prims on other regions )
c84a3c3630fe678d618667ee472a0852f2921f64 also on other case
ebc18a80bf87ca204c5d590bec0b2415f010ff83 OutgoingPacketHandler can not be paced by hits on SendPacket()
c0378d54304b2b6bde4a3c24eb137f664716ae81 actually let delay match throttles as original design
7fcd1068e742d88fbda94ae079e900424807d021 TEST move parcelRegionCross to EntityTransferModule cross so it works on sitting avatars. (may be bad) comented out sending root avatars information to the child that was just a root it should have it all already. Dont turn a sitting avatar physical,  that needs to be a stand at SOG
67a91ee314b3c3bcf0d777057bba405cb33124e8  make sensors detect sitting avatars also by the distance to the root prim  of the object as sl does (as sl avatar needs to be in the arc)
0a9925ff4aff0dbe40b73ded834059373cc04620 validatebaked still not ok
e860dd33fa7a69e25bbab3f720710c9a7c50ed48  remove confusing defonly control
01e381fa33a7bd8ca9141a73f8dca0ff7832aaca Make texture anims work right on singu
036017bba7195d052efa9eb4d289c87cd38515e0 Make texture anims work right on singu
ba33d78af90ca0649ffb5150eadffc185bf224fe  dont do ParcelCrossCheck() on child avatars
2cc8e90bd2079798b4e4538fefeb23ea3f81488e remove a land.SendLandUpdateToClient() since its now done for all cases in completmovement and not only that specific one
a0f26dc6ec2323ffa09070e80564d3dd691408cb  change XMLIrpgGroups attach to events, using the more correct  \addons\Groups\...  model
c7e3e59953d68dd9428188f8a19f055a73bd333b try no send current LookAt, remove redundant incomplete position height check
bf269c871adb13915c510f6471028df2cce657b7  use Vector3.normalize in place of util.GetNormalize
dbbfaf3ac375a8d8f95327c334183e74b9fa70be force AgentUpdate after CompleteAgentMovement to pass by significance test
b9224a70c488ac53726dcf53e18c718bbb9948d6 no need to go from cos into squared sin when just abs of cos is as good
f811efde852e921d6deb82b45b31629bdd04ab11 do the significance test invalidation at MoveAgentToRegion
0760fa3106955147d9a4dc96e5ef81635275c164 process AgentUpdates in order with rest of packets. Only give higher priority to chat
1bd13155e682aed90e27946290b3673938a15b8c  put back baked textures debug msgs at start of validatebaked...
a1cc218f10be109e6cca19f8e39d877243974984 *DANGER*  make baked textures cross and make use of it  * UNTESTED * issue:  alll this seems to be sent back to childs, need to stop that
395903d58fceb98d467daa49aaa277f54ea3f230 *DANGER* dont send baked textures assets to Neighbours. Possible we could send a lot less
ab4df26309dee8b973a38e43c975ba6e573701d5  only try external baked texture module on login
ca28062722cfa6f4a6221930ad4e988ae1ebeea6 dont mess with Throttles in code also used to send to main regions. Use full parameters on appearance cloning so its clear we want it all
d64fb216d2ef3180d1531034d74d4b01e616333b  try external bakedModule when local cache is invalid  and not just at login
8c657e48377213e7ee66c05a4047085cee6084ea add a estimator of client ping time, and painfully make it visible in show connections console command
a46d6004dfdc353678271e36aafff5eaafd3fd91 reduce ping filter time constant
538a95ff1e93c6266bb2c269e9f92a5cb7dce10e in show connections  show also if it is a childagent connection
0ae8fed4c20f53921193b7b8f0b5b2f4ab1b61b3  reduce ping cliping lower limit
f798f046862e6130bf8afa9eab3e76f43683fc5f add a extra delay in EnableChildAgents between CreateAgent() return and telling client to connect, to account for potencial async tasks that need to finish before the client knocks at the door. Empirical value used
b4a71261678f6a91027d0e25ee506a2ff2e45a77 remove the delay on child creation on Neighbour since its amout in not predictable.
117d563fd4142f2fbfadad591315ac2c4a88bfcf  remove ban check from create caps. That needs to be done on caller  (scene.NewUserConnection()) acording to cases, and with minimal calls to  external grid services.
1314a02a95c062e45f3526252a8bc8c1d022ba7d adjust createAgent delay on childs creation. Beeing bad, it should be high enougth to reasonable account for grid and region lag spikes
4d770082d5dbae95e090c13b12e2c0aad22d8916 let failed crossing say something abotu reason
a3e45a45bcd796a0ebfaff9a682e08df469d052a refix hide on crossings
3e6f49f3be27f5918c4d6322c1882b8267bd4855 do CrossAttachmentsIntoNewRegion for old versions in the right place
72a6bca033f95fa00c9fb21e0a7086f7c3d23f99 cleanup a bit
447fd0850ae3e5e4165561185dca8e5f99904e75 remove duplication of textures, wearables and attachments on crossings. receiver checks old method if it doesnt get packed appeareace
0720c201b2e5fce2b0432f675125e89fab26fd8f on teleports dont send baked textures assets in CreateClient, they will do on the update sent next
7d967c37f41c850393a6dd6b80942b2528e4e7d8 *test*  just send default appearance ( something along path doesnt like null there )
1edaf29149c767a2742b44d69308edb2e2d64428 NextAnimationSequenceNumber be a udpserver variable with random start
dc178959c5c4e29890e09056e5528e9bf311fe5f change how avatar data, appearance and animations are sent, specially the order
21b3980d2b47addfcefa28dff3b8b2b010258233 send avatar Height to children, use it in region tp height check
f6642a1cc88db4d021a5f6ed8e983622bb598003 minor low resolution debug timming
f8b8cf3d8f6c5454967ce1707a007383e3fc5a42 more detailed timing on completmovement
ff518e7cbbb9f810db4bb9374b98390bd5fb3f11 make webutilmore verbose on PUT for avatar updates. Reduce LargeTime debug level to 500ms from 3000ms
722b3a652318ac26e837e2f042b966ee35f6993c make EnableChildAgent async from caller
8d11b96cd989e5e0ddf2a204b1150cca5a5db1a6 *DANGER*  rearange EnableChildAgents() so that hopefully it does it job better, like not telling clients to log on regions where they are already child
31a2c07e833cab6ca2f14e493fd1b96e776097c2  put bake bakes, plus a missing change forcing animations to pass by  scenepresence
f8e4805d98dc464b703beb21b5896b62a9efded2 NOT GOOD.  Changed hide code on crossing/tp. Send needed avatar and attachments kills, visible so we can see what is going on, to try to improve later (this are always needed, hidding just made issues more visible )
96de2a2fd2feed899d19fabc077a1bd3f7cc3fc8  reduce the kills sent, hide attachments kills on origin
4f7acc4c2c70cf07ad1ce7f4c304ba5edea98105 Expect a missing directory, the asset cache is shared. Prevent spew if two nodes run cleanup at the same time.
83e545df934fc93698b53f9e1ec9621157e93c39 *DANGER* *HACKS*  on reusing child presences: partA  send kills to viewers, partB keep using same localID (as before)
d31f361e8900aebb27f220bf0120dec5eb14c78a moved hacks to scene presence completemovement, possible only needed there?
ffcc1d7fa2735e478b5d020950aa7152e6da2713 undo the hack.. its useless
e77fafe12d622ba7ce251b1c686fc6fb5fd9579a *test* send attachments in sync, resend avatar at end
4c46ebdbf501733e1b9d7e23943da095c4f60bce  fix a missed blocking of sending updates the the new attach points above  hud indexes
9914e371af90da86c47fe1f57ecfd578cd8e1169 minor changes to GetPriorityByBestAvatarResponsiveness code
42a58101cf21a52d6a0cdb9068c102fac6fe6e63 HACK  force GetPriorityByBestAvatarResponsiveness  ignoring configuration
1c9af8727d73f64fdf50f6ec9a95dc4b9b77f0cd send the avatar data after sending attachments, by the same Entity updates path
8f0d35e59a77ec44c7ee55296a02882b424b469f fix the encoding of rotation in updates, not just using the next field to override w bytes. ( specially having it commented )
b0253362c7f93543b50943f71485a3b3d9bcf2f2  remove the silly sendTerseUpdates. I was fooled by wingridproxy not  decoding updates correctly
919aef157385c694b598439e3a50a2fe7a4f9e98 send zero velocity again on avatar full update or its ugly
d16f7df673def43dfe922689a8c301ffe034ecaa  also send attachment pre-kills on crossings
b21b6532b07a7a5b50e62de2f9b074c768a14e74 sending attachment kills before putting them back doesnt cover all cases and seems heavy for viewers
16cf3967b4b2929e20f13a5d9ae91dc0e7ac03ef  Reserve a extra localID for a presence ( it will be localID + 1 )
542118adf1791075bfb904d805a2c29cf303237e remove from use the UpdatesResend on resending udp packets. Just resend the UDP packet. Also just loose packets we tried to send 6 times already (ll says 3) A viewer may just beeing ignoring them, or then the link is just dead.
88587b4e73b240693bd03172d52c4f13b5f47868  reserve updates priority queue 2 for attachments, send them by it on  BestAvatarResp scheme. Attachments cannot be sent on imediate queues,  since they will block everything. Changed distance to priority math,  keeping identical result, shifted to start at queue 3.
ea1c232f92549d0282532779169ebf4b1811d0c4  revert droping udp packet resends after 6 retries, keep resending.
5bf145a3977a55c474106bbe2a6c107dd9457f0d add a direct sendpartfullUpdate to send a full object update to a part, optionally overriding its parentID. check what it does to attachments
1aa335078a15b176215df963980fdb1141494324 sop SendFullUpdate() goes by presence if it is a attachment
8fd836c29921fdf7c52d7ca99b9c88dd87f8a3c7  back to sending attachment sog kills in place of the hack. This is the  official way of doing it
1a7efc2c64ac70b4ea77a370964c7a3df2c283e2 Change the map tile system to be multi-grid hosting compatible
39e052982baebb60801984965d8865886f20931d Fix a null ref that will cause an exception if a grid region doesnt' specify a URI.
1fc5dadc604daebd4aeaf6954ac64f45fdfc7a2f Add an admin message to refesh a region's map tile. Will be used to periodically rebuild the world map to clean out unused tiles.
63d1916f511fdbbec8bc111f4bf80b3e4e0bc267 Remove entities from updates queues on kill. Do it sync so enqueues after the kill work
d55041d9349c6d846fc32c01ea28083f40fd4263  on updates, send rotations using livomv Quaternion.toBytes() again
06b6238d007123d23f394f38b44f0aced997269e send avatar kills after attachments, send otherattachments before rest of sog ( updates will mess this again but well... )
f4a6be86546b3bfeefbdbade33f2faabdd080c1f clean sendKill a bit, remove a IsChild  that is set too early in a calling path
094d8686e597e573dd799e319f1bb3d3397bf38a  put back the kills on tp where they belong
b1f14ad62f23d4cdb44ec529704d53e6eef7eb55 back to just kills
c24601bc6a9be5ab84a8c7b4600382ef9f0c895e change enconding of attachment updates NameValue and State fields
3ee6144d0ca1d35d6660b006b89fc883e1a2bfda  even less kills on tps
92b0b27caff9f73f619e1df32a430706b53f6782  dont append acks to a resend packet
620443f85840aab0f2ddc4a88656a166cc148b69  on TPs to nearby regions, only send kills if needed by parcel privacy
07ee101a057c9b5dee27c4248ce15dd8bfaae380  bug fix. Was not deleting attachments if on public parcel
1e888d61caf80c3ac5748fb3550dd8137818f4cd  enqueue also if m_nextPackets[category] is not null. This is really the  top element of a category queue, equivalente to using a queue.peek() if  avaiable
73cdafd6c9530b9484875c4939558b451b656660 dont mess throotles values sent to child presences. Some cleanup
b871029a30d47c0e9f91510ee392fd8ac8793533  dont create a cadu that is not used. Add a root region global position
38fc1cc4452a29fe552efcfbda95cb0eabb0e082  try to make child presence know its root region. Incomplete, some paths dont send the information.
ade4bf69b173958fb8b8309760cee9b87cfe2927  if we send wearables with ThrottleOutPacketType.HighPriority, then we  should send other avatarinformation with same priority on same Task category ( plus cleanup )
ff4df688ba548aa6050bcec232b98bd5a4ac4ffd  send all presences terseupdates in same batch
5a2d4fd47f64a656b36fd428473715d9f764729b  add some functions for estimation of number of bytes that can be send in a category in specified time
9839904ebe82f9c7a2084d7d7cf4e5399c679ce5 try to make sense of throttle rate limits
986863a0cd9cf79111865cee2729aa6edd7a8ffa try to reduce insane high data rate udp bursts. This needs testing on a region with a lot of contents. Should not affect much average rates.
438798202fc1f578864a2796cb8a66b3199a77e0  replace the tick()  by a limit on the maximum number of tokens that can be  acumulated ( variable named BurtRate, not exactly a rate...)
7351d92a76ac24edce848fe7410e920f17962101  add method to get a category throttle rate
18de5c8a2da2577246485f8df100e1e155a30d56 make use of it in GetMeshModule, and meshs are Assets not Task itens, reduce MeshModule impact on udp rate
50433e089b548d3e9233b897568b7def489323fb *needs testing, not that good*  change throttles math using floats and not int64, etc. Limite brust bytes to the total rate client requested times a look ahead estimation time, Avoid queues starvation with updates waiting...
6611e75a2beba8d28aed4e1ea56135da491328c0 void time change between gettime calls
0514679b15d12d9481a11637c9f0d43d90cfd94d  reduce MIN_CALLBACK_MS guard time. A value too high introduces a extra  throttle and makes more packets to be sent in bursts and not in steady  state flow.
25bc349ec9f4d161b67e42aa126d907200638f10  near region check on tp  needs to be a full current view check.  sp.KnownRegions is unreliable for this.
cf1d58d164cc536f13c1d9ab2b1aeac98e802003  do not send objectproprieties on sop.SetGroup(). I many cases this will  arrive before creating the object in viewer with respective full update
2d352e6348a54716664af5dd8b5ca0bfd33a5743 *NEEDS more testing*  on attachment drop:  fix adding prims to physics engine, remove disturbing phantom flag. On attach: fix removing prims from physics engine, delete any keyframeMotion, remove physical flag. This is  executed in all attachs possible only need on attach from the scene (?),  but its where original code removed only root part from physics engine
25b4e268a3cb48e3b9c85dfe7887bb1fbbdb0a1c  change attachment drop, to make object Phanton. THis is not as SL, but  rez position is automatic and object interpenetrations will  happen including with the avatar, with the usual ugly effects.
93143ba0123cab8a3e92b93aa6dee371c1e39b8b  on drop send full update on root prim, terse on others ( as sl ). Fix  count down of number of physicial prims on attach, if removing them
8e15d4ad57de6f2a0c900968ef778fba7cdced63 limit number of prims on physical objects. Not all cases covered still
51697944b62954ee94dd4da50dd37847535bdcb3  dont send fullObjectUpdate on deselect
e775e1a31751aa2264e0687cea6ba3a2c3d74ae0 make PERMISSION_OVERRIDE_ANIMATIONS implicit for attachments
17154fbffa06e9a9c969d57fd39c04caccc9427d set default LinksetPhysPrims to 0 so max number of prims for physical object is disabled
5376d0a97bb367c354d96b0bd7a78a2ae6225280 Also check standard anim names
18023169e79584cd3ddb4f544f9d485edc9e1b85 Actually do the overriding
aa84ad369caf922534e85b5d2da12d716d6696f6 Add some forgotten calls
136749c651daeb017089274890c1fa3ddd7dc0eb drop attachments with original physical proprieties
b732ee8d2744306f2cea4494637f3c5b208df48f  dont force Phantom on attachments, breaking no mod objects if wear by  mistake
f4efa25820a9195a95968a589a9e439f21bd072b  remove  messing with KeyframeMotion on attach
683f2cc892d453635ec12f34fd0c8a21bad00926  only cancel attchment needed update type on sending sheduled updates.  This is wrong but its as original worked
002a2deaf9e5003075756d91cfaa95763ca60aea add full delete  if uuid iz zero and state is ALL
2d2823f1deb833a3d60ac6f4eb49f04c6cb7bdd2 Add some case magic and send an anim pack when an override is set
87a4abac5085f7554699375eaf3d4b6cc621318a Plumb the rest of the serverside AO
9d815e2d2ab01cd69a568d90c44029cef808f85f  on SetAnimationOverride do a UpdateMovementAnimations();
e37fd5e716a44a57290d87239d52b2b62c0dae4a  force update of movement animation
4842806ea8c60a967904f4dfee08426f6c53df3f  look for animation on part inventory before default animations, so  user can use same name. Search directly on default animations using  uppercase.
13cb6ef6ef8618f56e4c7a7609bee97ab5fea25a  remove the check animState == anim for same reasons
724d174a77f152c02dfbf61eb324b5799fd42626 it its a default ( internal ) animation  return its name in lower case
0caa59b286dd9716da821fb32c23c8d63ff53729 Fix a nullref that can hit Vivox voice
f66b58cf00d4dcbd9d11030809bf9766330966f2 *TEST* add movement states SIT and SITGROUND. ScenePresence on SIT, SITGROUND or STAND, sets directly the state, and desired sitAnimation for default sits
df8eae1957141bff721a40eeb07b14584fea473f  handle AO sit ground case
ffe5ede55086e8e680b770481604defd4125b398 taskInventory request: give each transfer a diferent filename, Add more agressive lock
42b2248960b9b8e539f551093ed2241ce8d3b68d If a client's SceneAgent is null, that client is not fully logged in or crashed while logging out. Don't reuse it, create a new one.
8ab5f2ce849276dbc1fb92c288fb06fed1123f31 When CloseAgnt is called with an agent id that doesn't have a presence, check for stray clients and clean them up instead of failing.
d43d3df724b62d0bf2765f25794e83dacd6c60c1 Reinstate closing the client if CloseAgen returns false. This was part of the last Ubit patch.
8014ce7f1aaec0c418248e2e24a65c3cff0b3d27 Fix a nullref in a debug message. If we have no SceneAgent, we can't output data from it.
affcdcce8b2bd59f3c7f83e38adb9e1246f7d00f  try to send fly state on tps
1953a0f4e02f939f11879e826f99dd53bc9efce9 Dont add to physics in a child update. It is missing several checks like sit. makeroot should to it
f25476164949bb774ce784ab7894e5f84d4c6b41 turn off Nangle on users of ServivePointManager like webrequests
df389dceb8b9430049c3bedf3632b4df2eb91e15 add some _response.close. RestClient still looks bad. It should be a proper IDisposable object.
f35f90bd7289598d6209d6b1de6222aff600dff5  dont give a ring to each asset request, just one to rule them all, i mean  thread not ring
242bb425f37ebe258d2df46babc4e4553a4ad33e fix positions on same frames transitions
9c552212a983c7e076c53340af9f47584d641aff exclude npcs from baked cache
4002cd96a52eaefa94e1fe032c90826b5210bb9a When sending http requests, close the response stream instead of waiting for the finalizer to do it, if it ever does.
640f3f30745f77d411698739543d0eea82c44468 A stab at brute force fixing the locking - one, make m_itemLock volatile, two, reset the lock even if the write lock is not apparently held.
51ec2d83ac6a609ce6757af2b04fcd1e9cfd769d  remove redundant code
adda696cd09426c4d59c2850cd6ae3bab52fbf6d  protect getting the item
f95bb533719bd80cfecb5f82e735230a0317bbc6 remove LockItemsForRead(false) without previus call with true
d1ccc6d5cc6488939b8f35d1c84a9c6d5d675b76  release lock a bit sooner when not needed,  add a try on more complex db  store call
a70ed79c392ea25b4476401c7250402745fa0287 compile fix
e25849e1c46c9db61d5a44e3a696fdf7a934892b  remove redundant lock
bcaf202e34ab058a049c921e1279793d61eef5ea  update scenegraph  group find by part information in sog link, so script link functions do update that also.
fe3c1b9e98d9100a6ae04f077644e0c3790f6b4d  send to world or backup, after setting finding information
b7fca5bcac4e26ec6381e6fc7d085149e8cbc869 same in a few more spots
ea4a526095c7797e3863f540abb8d439dac3f9d3  a few more changes on link/unlink
0bfba122f0b9ea036d18020c64110d041ff56151 When a ghosted avatar is removed, also remove any remaining CAPS
c82e456345103f6a9b1a0f8bf32caf7ffd96f7b5 debug show stack trace
79e47eb60e304fba1bdf04b57d374a843c250ef8  some changes in link/unlink code, bypassing complex variables set methods
309cfeff88e9b348c9170ecd1818df68a1835681 If an agent is logging in, rather than teleporting, make sure all known circuits for that agent are closed.
a6b27a7aa45bbc0ae76ce166c425ab21ff936dac Add a link number field to ColliderArgs
6d2cdd31fe2bc330485cc519133e6d38562255ba  populate collision lists with LinkNumber, and detected structure in  Xengine
d96fe6eaf55974f01d430d560d457c8faa51c9a6 replace a lock on a unkown origin object with a lock on a well defined one.
4206c1248f13ad24f3ebd03988a296fe1d8fe635  same thing on another lock(acd)
1491ba3500bc954a496296f62d619c75c3942971  change melanies patch, reusing caps if circuit and caps path is the same.  Do the aditional cleanup, if the path did change
68ea1f7776e5a3457dd995fb80cc10e77b122dad TEST  do createAgent sync, forcing grid services and other regions to wait for it to complet.  This is not that good, but maybe needed
46bf6d1640c451ee47839bb637d983bb1aefb804 add stack trace debug message
c9079360b9b44443a9394f6ee5fbff741e7ccced  coment out stack trace at newUserConnection, add log msh at createAgent
df773ee8c37d3d6c9de32d76cc0632298b30e93b  make CreateAgent sync for logins, async for other cases
18cc33e2c55539596363a0233bc680034bfacef6  add animationset to upload assets, for now no cost
f51779bb05b29558e3908ad9931ed61ddc61f390  add also the name animset until its clear the name liru will use
57166878b54ca1495e244a2a1ef791129b42d70f  fix animation asset name to "animatn", use "animset" for the new  animationSet
3a42ea52792438b44c6ddbd17eaad93c32263bbb Extend upload verification to all upload paths
2e6fd6536b9359dbd7802c5db0bfe092644f838d Add the AnimationSet skel
546537c056ddc132a85b4bec774994a60aebbc5d Rename = too generic
e37637587a1d23179442c3aa80e7461c5451ad8f Add a sample use for the validation
8c687726242193098cb170976e520449b295982c bug fix: add missing attach to region heartbeat event to update animations
09e05d48b9cb45c7211145bf325dc3ab144a03a1  refuse to do a inventory link if provided asset type is not a link or  folderlink
cce31b66386270e70e833ffe4fcc2906176e31ad  add centerlized AnimationSet item permitions setting
3e2242b4c43171f4576249d48fbb8667c8d1f169  change animset permitions to reflect no transfer nature
5f57b55dc97eb943af4c0429a68f074b490fffd7  use central animationset permitions define
3ea76e3131203f6a553d5a540d5d28aa5ca3f74a Make changes to AnimationSet to allow indexing by names rather than indices. Add some debugging output and prepare for parsing an ascii-based format.
dbc0dfa606b7a344e1b7daf3653c360656f9b319 Also fetch and store old asset for animation sets
3052a5388954592861e0a55681844115485b6ae7  change avatar physics and motion control. Still not that good :(
1b2e2a86a3e54ef9437697f7460924f64d986b7c  remove check of other prim top height on steps climb code
2af7205813b2171b5da92c4e17e9a575ac049087 keep same animation if in transit
f117a86c87f0868cb6ddbc29f341a3a75290c2a0  fix musicURL change being sent back with wrong snap_selection, and not  sent to other avatars.
c704b079d8973ea491a9013b08bb8ace3979cd93  persist script changes to mediaURL and musicURL ( heavy thing )
b9be9097aab3fdb2b4a1f3373d253012f56814f0  fix a incomplet landing handling case
49bf83ecb834ee7fccbc705d319d036d9f153583 do global position X and Y with double precision in autopilot, so corrected viewers do work
4c8819a14363d33b11b4168c1291b74a1bc930ee  removed useless unreal inworld movement vector estimation. Do animation state using movement control flags only, on avatar frame of reference. This will hold  valid until the up direction is allowed to be diferent from the world one.
6d1f1103f3f2cfd6e123e8b7c42ff7561109bc50 clean up coments, use a even faster XY move request detection
c66e4eeb7d2d22a965650b425fdfbd3bbd317d2f Also store names of assets in the AnimationSet
94f42cef90a8d5732f4bf9e033ae5e9f5508ae7e  added a missing angularVelocity.Zero on sitting, removed odd camera based  movement vectors, plus little other things
44a42efa4b9e3263226e469f361a798b3b12ed8a try to help steps climb a bit compensating the bounce reduction
c3a1d6b5ef2e889f53ff3b0c1b6b1002d6f9f6b8  reduce some avatar engine strenght
c0a75fcc038c50047e7fe3739f7b53d0e1310b03  fix targetOmega resend on deselect on the right place, can't be at sop  but packethandlers
1a6ef2d60e4aff73e614ef45a0040c45316707f3  check for avatar skeleton data on meshs headers on cost estimation. Dont  let a model have more than one mesh with skeleton, for testing create a  mesh inventory item, for this meshs. Add also option to read a avatar  collider replacement. This information still needs to be saved somewhere  so it can be checked on attachment, etc, without parsing the mesh asset again.
cc71dd9a278ffe79668336db11fb768ce881fd18  dont let test mesh go to meshes inventory folder that is not displayed by  viewers
c3e88b7b3810aace6e2260526d8f74df88d2cead changed skeleton, do parse the mesh on upload to check skeleton. Sooner or later this parsing needs to validate the model cost also.
39cfd823032ec83096cf3755566901f73a993fdc add simulator features AvatarSkeleton and AnimationSet report
10d3d0c81de69106cd0a4f4a6d4f94310f595f43  try to reduce avatar bounce on falls. Not all possible side effects  checked, specially on portals
9a3df6445e82453964e0604b91ad08499406a2e2  move AnimationSet and AvatarSkeleton to OpenSimExtras
8558e97a44048e2d15c58e6d994c317d58154642  tune poll smartThreadpool use and give it a name
6794508f8cd631315a2bbae68a0dcae6a9cd7845 reduce minimum number of smartpool threads and name it
a301bad8ad047f4acf122d5b47be8d81c371c3c3 on util thread pool reduce the min number of threads, increase the maximum and increase the idle time before release to OS
c19183932e8daae7a178ae034985365c7af2bcb6 Set connection limit to 20 for all servers.
0ecc41753467ee1115ef4fd2a5a7a1afccadc8b0 Allow 20 outbound connections per endpoint for the services
33ec07332069de24b0442c7d1795580bd0669449  revert to async send, since past experience showed sync didn't work when  on mono
bfb51857472ac89abfb7b6dbf1704764c0d1edff lso remove caps with "PUT" http method
14259b5f995da0b87190d873d1e5dc7a94606445 Fix an obscure permissions exploit. Taking items from a friend's prim could possibly result in a privilege escalation
e99fea339823af6e903c6f44f39faa28016a39c1  send correct caps seed on CreateAgent to a nearby region
2bea66ed27d86ddd7f34ee1e7d0292ae4f1c5644  send motion control state in update to childs. Reset CollisionPlane on  makechild
f9588730cf1c130b0171377f182aabe7e42e101a  debug makeroot timing
b7708b9d1f9cee1c10283d3178eabc2ce0c8a81a  change child agents creation/notification. As before this assumes that  sending regions close out of view connections.
159246f88cf5ceb7b2991d87f585d7cf2cd84c91  fix SW direction diagonal crossing
fadc5661c9207c8d78816337842bf0e6aa24e6fc  change position in new region estimation. Reduce border jitter margin
f44c29effbd0d14427f288470aee028e9e09d6e3  try to fix propagation of seeds to all relevante regions
afa9b4a002f0cc929d60e1770535eefcdefe3a43  Assume childreen don't need to know caps seeds
59413adceecd7f6c9132f03b436b7a0b5cabb443 do agent crossing async, including QUERYACCESS ( need to check vehicles for this also ), so it doesn't stop heartbeat
b1ccf3f11088437840ee6b8aaa5cf5bb245d9013 make sure we return false if catch() is triggered on crossing
31c036c04405d04aac5da19ca45fb2cb73d43dd7 refuse crossings if logins disabled Please enter the commit message for your changes. Lines starting
382df37f807837d4fa9a38db4b47f5603325ed60 remove some Xengine errors on scripted object delete
fd79f75ba6766e1edc196a73dd05fc5f806f82b2  TEST****  wingridproxy detection at grid login. Untested possible not  very reliable. Adds some load even on region servers because of code at  BaseHttpServer.
4571e5bc3e284c916d1ae4dd6429b80a8028b8e0  try to make SOG crossings full async. Simplify some borders checking....
d2b049b7ad7c32f0cecef35cc828afdb5e24c353  check new region size on added code for varsize till its fully suported
21242205d1551b0d87712cabcfaa572f32d3dcc6 add more temporary fixes for regionSize zero
4cbc13b52fcd6082012a36a71a53ddf981726c65  don't send pack baked texture assets into updates.
16608ffb01e5eeda3f2122c35d288148c9bed8ca  don't backup in transit SOGs
d9d58a7b33d07779c2034ec3a2978d716111f7c6  some code reorder/minor changes
639f128d2cace3a8efd10ffe9b9eba4d85ee7b1e some cleanup, localID coerence fix..
139044fc79844b455574fd0be7baa1bab9bf78d9  keep intransit flag even if deleted, dont set sog position if in transit
6600282fe99fc1a3c7ff7b80f8aedbac8fe69015  another try to prevent double crossing
cfc8de096b969633775763051a7d9681b6f2ff77  remove lock that did nothing,  DEBUG disable TriggerOnSceneObjectPreSave
b43ce909aa1bf8be0136b3b7325c9be84939db32 Debug...  ( restored TriggerOnSceneObjectPreSave)
b07ea475bf0bce2bcd60d7444245e185af2e5740  delete keyframes on temporary backup group
bc4d0179b31a3c8778477f97d618ba779638f3f0 remove debug message
736490dcb60047e6060c13c990f13dc0c1bf0ea6  dont send baked textures assets, but send cache information
c46c3a27aeee2bd26ed0cfbcdc9d73a29603f479  do consider skirt baked texture on validation
f39962430cc61fe9897c951af72b8736e13a391f  fix parcel proprieties update sending
e4d84d8ff6595d124485921e36d62508660c996f  try to make a avatar usesable if its siting part didn't cross, or crossed  back. This situation points to that sitted avatars should be sent in same  http connection that crosses the object
afa246695131a578853e78b4b6ad55ff08fc81cc Fix baked textures for regions without external Xbakes adding rebake requests. Those may also be trigger if for same reason one is missing even with Xbakes. Later we can let this regions send the assets on teleports, changing how those are serialized
7723b1bcd37a0da340373d854b9a5b620c8e6de5 bug fix and don't send to xbakes if requesting rebakes
d0dfa721f2b906771ee9dacfe834909cd27e96fc change last commit, need to send to Xbakes or changes will not be detected
3afd64f2f77a1460bb03ee1d4a43fea67e8e5005 Fix a script load issue
27b70c3fce43ff07d5253554d8b8c5b7b5e87702 Fix a potential nullref in Vivox
54ab9e7d4dd04042cb36b292c3896d20f3df8060  set udp SocketOptionName.ReuseAddress to false, to not allow two regions  to bind to same port, as seems to be possible at least with mono 3.2.8,  same as patch just pushed to core by justin. This is not necessary on  windows, possible a bug on some mono versions.
ba8e1efb434e9584972c56b9706752bb82a80057 sadly revert to resend terseUpdates enqueuing them back into entityupdates queue. Viewers fail to handle correctly out of order updates with ugly visible effects. Make sure these packets don't include acks so they aren't lost.
f6ae8534be0587ad79acbb642f5d79e2597972ab  only close child agents on sucess of V1 tp not at start
37a5eab0f5eb51204a3d6bc0bbaa40a2b9afc989  BUG FIX prevent references to null scene (as happens on mesh uploads)
a6ffcbb7f9466ff9b254d8a814010415c1829d5f  always write physicsShapeType on sop serialization since default value  can't be guessed in some cases
b5e43a4b90c601f1236349af6619db4188e35be0 BUG fix :  fix a very silly bug  uint in place of ulong :(
ead78764abfe3d91f79b55ec200bd0d5e8ca2151  allow drawdistance to change between 32 and MaxDrawDistance, configurable  value default to 256, so should have no effect. Next steps needed: reduce  client udp Throttles with distance, update childreen connections with  significat movement and view range changes, Make disconnect be delayed in time, make disconnects be receiving region action not sender on region changes. Allow distance less than 256 to only connect to visible regions, even none. Make this be relative to camera and not agent position or region centers as it is now.
caddabb5c4f62767305a589e9d818ae3457a8030  scale ChildAgentThrottles with distance (internal to child server and not  root as was done before )
c5dcc0d8c147040b4913a7f9d3f5aff9fd065b8d try to preserve permitions on object returns
6d2e924f248941e34919b62fe383415d7e255370 Call the bake module each time we see a new attachment to see if the attachment needs textures
46424a4a77cb5f88cd2342d05ebab2f0d51eac72 Add a new baked texure module methid to support baked texturing mesh avatars
36ecad98a1c04e09ceff17ce6850a45d38f9c95f Only send the actual bakes to the bakes module
785a2cc729a9935a6a68a33ce2b7df107f40e918 Remove JustinCCs UDP patch - it is harmful to Avination's grid management
64deb6ae6fdf586bcd2e940d3cbf3ee54367dc83 Second part of invisible base avatar option
9be30aa9b781124bd110b4f9046ae0de08f0c146 Call the bake module each time we see a new attachment to see if the attachment needs textures
f4d462eb5d970ccfc6213a9b915dd6c8c518ca9c Add a new baked texure module methid to support baked texturing mesh avatars
bec456c2a529ca0b9ca7fd59e8110e5d5b27c126 Remove the Invisible stuff and add more baked caching. Refactor selection of textures to save to Bakes module.
a1c7304a62a4a42d68a3f7a4de1770689a3b6b4c Increase wearablecache size to 32
b4a91f5dde928154675da227ae70444bdc12a8bc  return bbox and offsetHeight to RezObject
7bcb68d7c496cdf2979918a12cb9dc4929bfcdc3  some steps to rez center or root of prim inventory object at requested  position ( does nothing diferent still )
bb5ab05482c2eb3b8d6c0ae41f54866f41105033  fix rez position being for root or center for a single object case
6bebb9206cc0ec966f75ab52c76c66b4546d730f  fix stopMoveToTarget in attachments case ( similar to core fix)
80118ac0575ad6816f65ed7436ec4e0b384f231d Remove braindead "fix" that messed up intersim scripted giving.
6a849e8cdfaa881cea18d10bcffc89bbe4414f74 Add an XmlRpc method to get a region's root agent count. This is intended to let us restart grid regions when the last agent leaves.
99668a63e44c0cea2de2123a56c9425aa579e7e7 fix axis locking Amotor
fed566b8d3bb480ec89615e011934c10023a4dad Abbreviate the stats by removing unneeded and redundant elements. Human readability is overrated. Also add a (hardcoded) password.
7caff514812d585a52f4832b4976cb272b2750b5 Make the maptile uploader in remote admin fire and forget so the controlling host gets a timely reply.
cf402812b74f02ca54435c81512db541e5cf13bd Fix content type checking to confirm to newer core versions
b5ac2eb1e1806a826d1c63608641cd7892d4e888 Allow setting the size of the wearables array from config, for core compatibility
9f18e3ba80a6469b7ff03c7cca595a0a3b999592 Varregion: first cut at removing Border class checks for region crossings. Added Scene.PositionIsInCurrentRegion(pos) to sense when new position needs some crossing work. Many changes made to EntityTransferModule to accomodate new crossing sense logic.
97ff01a0c2d19100aa90484ccf9e17b16903af71 Taking a reference to the value collection is not thread safe. Change this to create a shallow copy instead and then iterate it's values to avoid the "out of sync" error.
5cb8127e8745d6d89f9b748fecefbeb8a43da60e Make log output of remote admin's restart region call reflect restart cancellations properly.
a2676388f4f5976bf27f2d9ec5fc1170db9e7c62 Make the scripted dialogs and restart message appear in the top right corner again. Viewers have been busy making these notifications all into toasts but we believe there are message that are important enough to make the user acknowledge them.
65c0c4be7863a25719e6e404b0d5a002829f8caf Allow re-setting the region restart timer. Also move restart notifications to upper right corner again.
752901c5f4d8f7d4c19839d9b053dfded2205f5b Make attachment rezzing async again for NPC. Doing that sync causes a deadlock with the script thread.
4b066d373bebcaf89292e7aed0f6fbcff8325421 Comment spammy XMLRPC router message - we don't need to know every time a script does something that wil fail anyway.
d74d74c9102e1be159c9683c8982384f68e5fb6b varregion: restore checkAgentAccessToRegion routine in EntityTransferModule.
bedafb8fae9898ef0c5fc6470236ee7244e616a9 varregion: refactor use of 'double heightmap[,]' into references to new class TerrainData and push the implementation from Scene into the database readers and writers.
08c72a8dc1e54114559521a6c2952905ecf6f105 varregion: remove use of Constants.RegionSize is various places. More use of the Util routines for conversion of region handles into addresses.
c5a7bf6601dfde518a008d45b4e4a8dc8de698bf varregion: add varregion and TerrainData use in LLClientView. Add sending multiple parcel patches and sending patches by avatar view distance.
07dead7dcb8b0f2a27a50748e4a460d9669903fc varregion: any conversions of use of Constants.RegionSize converted into Util.cs routines to convert region coords to and from world coords or handles.
df14b40e88e658a2adb50d45c941fb016a2952eb varregion: update LandManagementModule and LandObject for variable sized regions.
6081ae355456f8b7c361a9d4676376429518b0bf varregion: update MapImageModule and ShadedMapTimeRenderer for variable sized regions.
c0ad5ee81da3d24153bfc9769759ac1981d604ea varregion: update MapImageServiceModule to upload multiple map tiles for large regions.
9766dc1f81521684a892fea60c87514183cc6d42 Add WhiteCore's LL Json functions
7aa171e49f991718ffac9a4749982f130ff7c285 Maybe reduce incidence of ghost avatars
1fb2f0296fdaff56745daa1c1e8096cd8e25462b Track selected objects per client
2cac56340a079fad8a16736778b6ebef78fb6d56 try to serialize http requests from same connection, so they are processed in order. ( next commits will be about necessary keepAlive changes needed)
05d72f77ff38585817dead9b4a812ff97a001dce do keepalive on mesh and texture GET. Dont use reusecontext any where. setting of keepalive is wrong, it should follow the requested one ( or always as http1.1) only deny if needed (errors). KeepAlive may increase stress on number of avaiable file descritors.
48ef22f62e07c0b9e6d23ee758a4800d05cfb231 change pollService stop() to send 503 error and no keepalive. ( untested )
c61aee12d4cb1037d531c01f60ee5e9a5063af09 Fix adding a scalar to the end of a list
fd82a0a0b79b9c0a817b887e7577e1094135dcd6 add a Retry-After response header to the 503 sent when we are 2 busy to do the request. just 503 could mean server down (?)
0af2fafddf36009ffe470da106dc6d0ceb3ced10  add missing regionExtent setup and Scene physicsscene configuration ( not  exactly as core)
2e15ed80cd642c33314cfd890cf06e0024c24102 fixes on warp3D
abeb2ec4b30357366314c844ae9609431652e05d ubitode varsize ( Mega disabled till better checks )
601914ecd807d9e36c0d9898562e730155a6051e find sending of initial terrain using PushTerrain as os core
9a0040d67c5af84defc6f40733bd0dd6a09450d6  put back entities remove from updates on SendKillObject.
e312a0bc902f11f42faecce275d52dc388a1debb  make it compatible with avn, no point making avn compatible with it
379362facfbc8c50660d546520d4ea78257d04ae make basic ode work with var regions for contribution back to CORE. ( avn partial compatibility code needs to be reverted). Cant fully test.
63f13b901a1a34ff7ab049ebf6c5e758d28bdb0e ubitode a bit more friendly for megas (still disabled)
512c892d83786d44704706da86f97d887e4e445c  send regions size on map blocks
6555bbffaa9cc76851beca53c11833e00eae9ef3  remove the noise part on the PinHeadIsland. why to want something that  does not compress well on island?
4bb55cad67ee5028ef83cb7932d5cdc8dd07d077 dont use SendTerrainUpdatesByViewDistance option, code executes as true. the option will have other use
17082da0daedf375d2965170d72a60919d8b0a53 "uglyfy" GetModifiedPatchesInViewDistance. Also make it use camera or avatar position
e3d82ad706db04d295a549543380b71b00848f7f delay terrain sending if land queue is 2 busy
5b03a04fb0faa4d5db6f1200e7ad52d9bb147116 fix worldMapModule
d22d46ee96f7ba0e15e4bc96581ffd316f4797d5 update MapSearchModule
5da99790241a38d63d7b4f765bb8ad4b4b024546 Warp3D map now seems to work
a916ef570e8d5e01f263896fc5d913cd5725dbcb  fix mySQL ( ignoring other dbs )
7f0201ffcaf6191ad25eac9288609e2cfa5c4e80  fix region range compare
ca536716915cbda60856f9db0e2d8307e24b337b add missing culture format on lslvector toString
f4719cfe1b7b7938f5319fb37d219c93bb857984  fix db region search by a position, for varregions ( ignoring other that  mysql for now )
c3e5519bf3b35310d18170c2dac4ebbea728bdac  fix db region find by range for varregions ( ignoring others than Mysql)
018d855f2840988163519ca941a373c77997c689  turn off KeepAlive
cbc569a1e0cd26b991bed27245f07946cdbec4b7  rename ImapTileModule as IMAPImageUploadModule to match core
1c752296bfc25ca709117ad1c557aff2b6097ffb  change internal representation of terrain from int to ushort. This will  suporte height from 0 to 655.53m that includes SL limits ( still need to  add code to trap eventual negative values from dbs or user input)
50d73873db5a466a640e7d21efb8f32a3dd20df0  let mysql be happy with a NULL heighmap ( yeap i made several )
64d05bab0fe9e12038309275a677e68518fb9b15  terrain stored as ushorts with gzip compression
244f0c6352a920b8bba5e13fadda49cb5b368e06  change terrain internal representation to float. ushort work with legal  sl terrain, but may break existent terrain and that may cost a lot more  than the cost of memory
ef3deffeeb0664443f7bef6cc7f2f6844355364b  remove rest of ushort test code
22f573a0bed4c7b0d9aa84ba38e966f0be802f5d update raw32 file reader to core one. Warning only suports square regions
73124f22cc5974596ddf6bcedb9a1d251ec880cc change teleport version number to v0.3, without actually adding the checks for 0.7 sims, etc that we don't have. Also still not using the homeURL added in core.
ce883e9b436a0d63cfe1d5c81f83477a266e727e add more of the v03 checks and homeURL. Sending side only for now
e2cfc732939a1ccd686a310ef49995c24afe9e3c NEVER EVER SEND TERRAIN PATCHS AS UNRELIABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this costed me hours :P
c7ddb790a7b97115874f74a055e1d0c192eb8ef2 change osd encoding of region size
c7f148ee6410700a11bbf1439e1fd5788dc70f51 minor clear. Use isTainted in is read clear form
b82b16c954a0f3921efbdcfe7d7eb378f71e96be  take taints check terrain out of Onframe event and add a new event for it. Slow it down to 1/4 heartbeat rate (once every 363ms aprox)
030c866b34e80daa685bda4b571a0e7d39a70ffc rename revert map as baked map, bc thats what it is
d1b4e0dd6a2f5df161508e7fa12589cb054c70ae  fix terrain bake for revert. just good enought fix
195dd054de40d92fc51df751a9af996b8c0f886d  make terrain undo non op, it is broken and can't be global but per agent
f9efa23d5e0534068dbfb4058cc318588dfbb1e6  remove the rest of #justEditedTerrain, it was sending patchs non  conforming to protocol, and no longer in agreement with how patchs are  schedule to send
bd4ec5f26c8cc038e5155d6913e5a4601f724271  restrict terrain PaintBrushes to the requested area
c967ecf0c7a4e895ef9626dbb44f9801fb5d57d1  also limit terrain flood effects ( like on pait change this should have  no visible impact, just cpu saving)
efc062b0ccfc0c1bbe305d7ce26b0521b53f1d74 send land parcels overlay  in cat Land not Task, or avatar freezes
8a8acc41bbf9214a58c00931fe2859e2b8c8a7f2 stop sending parcel overlays on parcels crossings since SL seems to have stop sending also
f2259d37e20bf4e654954b6caf78cf7776a17abd  review gridservice module. Not merged os code for varsize, since that  should be handle at db level
46054d4f0258c8df91c2e0f081af2ea87375b515 review ServiceBase for var
f31f9002de555d8277a6d4cc008bba4069e7cadc  change default scopeID to UUID.Zero
b114a04ed4f06afbdf673c28374e6e3cb9065096  fix NeighborRegions code
207dd6da482719b688dc43b78e455cd3c14276e5  fix some effects ranges
bd11311845c15a4a8741c6da8243d54940b37d40  improve object crossings
ecfd442c9bd7cbcfbe076855abd11e8565e4665c  cache in memory water texture
0edffae7e42c0705303e015036fa85687508ecf0 more on tps and crossings
0900f9dd7fb0d586427b84261787d3db504e19f6  fix slow moving physical objects moving without sending updates
4905c74ddffba50bb3e576c69fdc71c64cfcc3b8 start sending terrain patchs in completmovement where we know its position. Also reset camera to position on makeroot
31a50a73cbd80829f75c293087472b4ce9d6abc8 dont change camera on crossings
cdaed113872f0615a0d2864cc54064a4432054c6  at last we can login and see objects ( friends is dead and disable in  scenepresence)
2f9a018bc8d6fbcc07387c08bef330df8e9e69da make addavatar more friendly between plugins
1434cb88fd60eb47a73e0b5f91e5e38c296c81a8 a bit better addAvatar() call chain
ac4b2b2f50d03bf94e63902961d91604734395fb normalise physics plugins to return fps as (simulated time / requested simulation time). improved a bit old ode simulations per call math
f0c865555beb7fb079280fb7a177a0fcd677b373 add a GetTimeStampMS method, this returns a time stamp in miliSeconds with the resolution avaiable for StopWatchs. Value in double since it can be large (as machine uptime in high resolution ticks)
08f9c54554cec756c2bffad69d2303e227667c17 use GetTimeStampMS to increase heartbeat and stats timing resolution. some rearrange on stat code ( MOSES special ones still out )
a54e0339efb3a4e2b3d7c7eb9e4929554fa77615 remove a forgotten 1000.9 factor on physics fps
ce1c5de793e95134a0844e69e175dd0da4e6ceee bug fix on ode spaces and allow more of them on large regions
9aaaf705f52fb4fbbad526d40ed74eba71152e1c actually reduce max number of ode spaces
2130984befaabda9b264c96e8db44594206818e3 a few changes to stats. Array order coerent on users. give up on moses stats for now, since SimExtraStatsCollector cant reach SimStatsReport etc
4b1ecc90fcb1e577d1f02f40fac1e53c66c63496 fix modifing m_threads on a foreach scanning it
0ddcc55166961d6e10b0250fc521c0663fedd250 let extra stats travel side by side with viewers ones... try to fix damm array indexes all over the place
94d13c6d226e3ca7e9f0d99da7b5cfb7d1436ce4 dont store/upload map asset for large regions, ( needs testing)
3a0137cb45f87f19946dbfb531266539a881d56c fix odd drawdistance control initialization
d9fafd9603771bbe92f4a8305ea7554b618c8cb2 fix the missing initialization of the folish ProcessUnackedSends option
7276a89ddd818c4bd0611345e8af1813f2843184 recover opensim m_sendTerrainUpdatesByViewDistance. if false do as opensim (slower since it depended on sending terrain as TASK). if true send by view range and also all terrain at arrival
2a84ef861a4c9a9ebf93780f9f352426584adbb0 improve old ODE prim region borders
e5367d822be9b05e74c859afe2d2956a3e95aa33 Merge of ubitworkvarnew with opensim/master as of 20150905. This integrates the OpenSim refactoring to make physics, etc into modules. AVN physics hasn't been moved to new location. Does not compile yet.
29d78f7e3a730d650feb365db1c4ccc4267837b0  add script events per sec stat, using the time report code, but ignoring the time for nowwq
4dd17c4117ea413fb0c4418511956cb3abfe258c More 'everything is a module' merging. Have most of UbitOde converted. There are compile errors in OpenSimBase as the new modules stuff is not all there. Removed ChOdePlugin as it's connection to OdePlugin was tangled.
e26d0ee40ac904e57a52e4b4e51f1a120f4184d1 Make sure the chat module doesn't deactivate just because the section heading is missing
9a919bac3ff4dc2c27fe9146781421e704e00fb6  demote ConvexDecompositionDotNet to a simple dll, i had made it a region module
8571736ff31ad46e46e2a6ebf342aecbe686ea36  split Module from its scene, so if not enabled there is no scene memory allocation. All physics modules need this ( if not others)
e1a8125b4fadc76baba73712843aee57edd2936f  found core hack to fix modules interdependencies RegionLoaded is not that obvius
b93412972eb992b31864dd03e4dda2b235f2244e revert SynchronousRestObjectRequester timeout to miliseconds, and fix where it was wrong set in seconds
daf8a4d01dfaedda789cbb31ed63708af8500164 fix lost sending of initial terrain to child agents
7841628313c4d976508cc5853da54f83b6e23512  change to avn fecthinventory and webfecth..  code
410ae96d044f234f35a0824d934d72e77155d62f  put back diva's cache with her recent fix but also avoid duplicated InventoryService.UpdateItem call in case of m_uploadState is complete. In that case CompleteItemUpload will do it
8621abf2b7dd124df053c93ac9c02a954393d330  send a reply on UpdateInventoryItem with the transactionID viewer sent. Protocol seems to have also a callbackID on this, apparently ignored by viewers ( as possible the transactionID )
118aff520efba90bc9f8c767beaf5378a92b1939  try to better merge avn and os fetchinventory and fetchinvdescendents
280780d3bc6bb81540043cf804d9e3294151e290  let regionCache really find a varregion by a position
064aade4c15d2cbc14fc9968ea4434d25b480be6 remove a silly and not necessary List i added
e9a56d5e194b9b80f8adf5d1ce5d9ab3f5f7bfdd rename Ubit physics modules
caf298cda3d3b45b27fe3dd8d6c0313d46691a71 add entries the the ini.example files for ubODE
672f7468f77e54c49ae39ca7516b9d2acbe08cc7 change the names also on the assembyInfo files
f24414c063261d279490a73510af413da6d05d7b Remove the last proprietary copyright headers, insert BSD ones.
9d1515efdbd8d7b515e4e550fe047ba03ca3f91d Make regions tolerant to newer regions with more werables. Also, bump the interface version to 8
783aff97230d077f0d6fd42c22896a6a04b21294 Bump Interface Version to 8
82105ba81d0cd6b866454402a8b064ecc7ebd514 Change the actual versions allowed to connect, which is different from the interface major version
                                             Changes version of ClientProtocolVersionMin and ClientProtocolVersionMax.
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