The tables below contain links to scripts you can download and use with GIMP. I did not create any of the scripts on this page. Most of the scripts were found while wandering around the Internet, or as the result of a search, and which I found were interesting and/or useful effects to have. Some of the scripts which appear here are due to users who appeared on the main #gimp IRC channel asking for help in getting a script to run.

In the tables below you will find the original name of the script, the name of the original author (where known) and a link to their script site, and links to updated versions of the script.

The numbers inside brackets (ie. '2.0' and '2.2') are links to a script and also provide an indication of with which version of GIMP a given script can be used.

The scripts I created are on a separate page.

Logo Scripts

Script name Author/Site GIMP version
MissingText.scm Cameron Gregory 2.2
basic3-logo.scm Jaroslav Benkovsky 2.0
dracula.scm Zach Beane 2.0
fierysteel.scm Urpo Lankinen 2.2
granitebutton.scm Urpo Lankinen 2.0
graniteslab.scm Urpo Lankinen 2.0
neon-sign.scm Mike Oliphant 2.0
oldstone.scm Jens Lautenbacher 2.0
roughtext.scm Urpo Lankinen 2.0
shadowy.scm Terry McKay 2.0
side-bar.scm Mike Oliphant Coming soon...
wax-text-logo.scm Jaroslav Benkovsky Coming soon...
woodenletters.scm Urpo Lankinen 2.0

Other Scripts

Script name Author/Site GIMP version
bookburn.scm Urpo Lankinen Coming soon...
glow.scm Adrian Likins 2.0
layer-effects_en.scm Iccii 2.0
layer-styles_en.scm Iccii 2.0
layergrid.scm Elias 2.4
matrix.scm Marin Laetitia 2.2
pencil-sketch.scm Jeff Trefftzs 2.0
plasma-tile.scm Adrian Likins 2.0
wax-seal.scm Jaroslav Benkovsky 2.0 2.2 2.4
webotine.scm Jason Austin 2.2