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OQP Contest Logger

The OQP Contest Logger is a set of programs I originally wrote specifically for use during the Ontario QSO Party contest held yearly near the end of April. The programs may be used by radio listeners (SWL's) as well as by amateur radio operators.

I have tried to make the programs as simple to use as possible. The OQP Contest Logger web pages provide most of the information needed to get started using the program. Other details can usually be worked out through a little experimentation.

Even with the information I have provided on the web pages about the programs there are still some aspects of them, and some common issues, that crop up from time to time. Now that the programs have proven stable, and I am using a web hosting service with the features and disk space needed to run a wiki, I decided it is time for me to start work on the creation documentation for the program that is more complete than the current web pagess.

The list of planned topics is complete, for now. I may think of some extra topics to cover while working on certain sections of the documentation and will add them as I go. The next task is to start laying down the framework for the documentation (ie. creating separate pages for some topics) and pull in text from the current web pages.

Planned Topics

Important References